Gmail for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch gets major update

Google has begun rolling out a major update for its Gmail client for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with a host of new features up its sleeve. First up, users can now set a custom signature for messages. This is one feature which had huge demand all around. Next comes the ability to set up a vacation responder to make things easier for you when you are out holidaying. Both of these new features will be available via the gear icon at the top of the app’s new menu.

The update also includes support for nested labels and the usual “bug fixes and UI improvements”.

Also, a new Scribbles feature allows you to open a canvas, draw a picture or sketch with multiple colors, brush sizes and line elements, and attach it to a message within Gmail. Scribbles is now available in both the Gmail iOS app and Gmail mobile web app.

Another notable and highly requested change is a new notification sound on iOS 5, making it easier to tell when you’ve received an email

That’s quite a lot of features packed in a single update. But it doesn’t end here. Google’s mentioned in their blog post that they are continuing to work on some of the most requested features from users including multiple login support, banner notifications, and a “send as” feature to allow you to send mails from multiple accounts within the app.

You can download this awesome Gmail app for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) from iTunes.

Developer creates Siri proxy server, says do what you want to do [NO JAILBREAK REQUIRED] (video)

We’ve seen iPhone 4S’ signature feature Siri being ported to older iPhones like 3GS and 4, and we’ve also seen Siri make its way to the iPad 2 and iPod Touch, but now, thanks to developer/hacker @plamoni, Apple’s automated personal assistant might just find its way everywhere.

What exactly the guy has done is this: he created his own proxy server on his computer and made Siri interact with this server instead of Apple’s servers ( He just set up a DNS server on his network and forwarded requests made to Apple’s servers to his own proxy server in his computer. With this, developers can now create custom Siri handlers for different actions with only their imagination being their limit. One such basic example is shown by the developer in a video where he sets and checks the status of a WiFi thermostat:

From the developer’s project page at Github: doesn’t require the iPhone to be jailbroken. My iPhone 4S is not jailbroken. The only action I needed to take on my iPhone was to install my fake Root CA. Which you can do without jailbreaking. Everything else is done outside of the phone, so it requires no jailbreaking or code to be placed on the phone itself.

This hack just shows the potential power of Siri, and the fact that Apple hasn’t even opened it up to third-party developers yet is just proven to be even more criminal. We want to be able to fly our RC helicopters using voice, damnit!

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch get native Gmail application. Finally.

Google has finally released a native Gmail application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, just as we reported yesterday. The app, which is available for devices running iOS 4+, allows you to:

  • Receive notification badges for new messages
  • Read your mail with threaded conversations
  • Organize your mail by archiving, labeling, starring, deleting, and reporting spam
  • Keep track of important messages with priority inbox
  • Auto-complete contact names as you type
  • Send and receive attachments
  • Search through all your mail

Says Google:

We’ve created a new Gmail app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. We’ve combined your favorite features from the Gmail mobile web app and iOS into one app so you can be more productive on the go. It’s designed to be fast, efficient and take full advantage of the touchscreen and notification capabilities of your device. And it’s one more reason to switch to Gmail.

A full-fledged, feature-rich native Gmail experience was indeed missing on iOS. Thankfully, not any more.

iPhone Screenshot 2


Siri ported to iPhone 4, iPod Touch [Jailbreak tweak] (video)

Remember, developer Steven Troughton-Smith in association with 9to5mac was trying to port the iPhone 4S’ most attractive addition, Siri to the iPhone 4? He has now successfully completed the port, details of which are below. Continue reading “Siri ported to iPhone 4, iPod Touch [Jailbreak tweak] (video)”

Apple Announces New iPod Touch, available from October 12

Apart from the Nano, Apple has updated the Touch as well, giving users a host of new products today.


  • 8GB – $199
  • 32GB – $299
  • 64GB – $399

Please note there is no 16GB update

The new iPod Touch will be available from October 12.

Park your Volkswagen with an iPhone with Valeo’s Park4U, be cool

Auto-part and equipment supplier Valeo demonstrated a cool variation of their automatic Park4U system at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt yesterday, showing how we can park a Volkswagen using their system.

Equipped with only the ability to brake and accelerate, CNET explains a “Valeo representative stood outside the car, a Volkswagen Sharan, and parked it merely by using an iPhone app.”

Recently, Bentley too incorporated a few Apple gadgets in their car — 2 iPads, 1 Mac Mini and an iPod Touch. In the past, too, Apple products have honored car functioning of major manufacturers. Seeing the trend, it won’t be long before every car comes equipped with Apple gadgets like iPad and iPhone built-in to enhance functionality and driving experience.

White iPod Touch

White iPod Touch

As is the trend with almost all of Apple’s leaked products, this white beauty, too, has been spotted in a restaurant — a Chinese noodle eatery, raising the debate on its legitimacy. We have no more leads as of now but we’re definitely on the hunt to get to the root of it. Till then, check out this video below:

via MICGadget

Top 30 Cydia tweaks of 2011 for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad (video)

While you may be the one who likes to follow the rules, the folks on the other side of the fence aka the rule-breakers aka the jailbreakers are having some fun too, exploiting what Apple doesn’t want you to exploit. To show you how much they are having, a kid from somewhere-on-earth does a pretty good 15 minute demo of what Cydia can do to your device.

Would you jailbreak your device after watching this video?

Apple releases iOS 4.3.5

Apple has released iOS 4.3.5 with security patches that resolve some sort of a “security issue” prevalent from the previous update. The update comes just 10 days after Apple released iOS 4.3.4, which was later jailbroken.

You can download iOS 4.3.5 for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch from here:

iOS Firmware

device current version date found
AppleTV(2G) (AppleTV2,1) 4.2.2 (8F305) 05/11/2011 16:06:01
iPad (iPad1,1) 4.3.5 (8L1) 07/25/2011 13:31:01
iPad2,1 (iPad2,1) 4.3.5 (8L1) 07/25/2011 13:31:01
iPad2,2 (iPad2,2) 4.3.5 (8L1) 07/25/2011 13:31:01
iPad2,3 (iPad2,3) 4.3.5 (8L1) 07/25/2011 13:31:01
iPhone (iPhone1,1) 3.1.3 (7E18) 04/08/2010 21:05:48
iPhone3G (iPhone1,2) 4.2 (8C148) 11/22/2010 13:08:57
iPhone3GS (iPhone2,1) 4.3.5 (8L1) 07/25/2011 13:31:01
iPhone4 (iPhone3,1) 4.3.5 (8L1) 07/25/2011 13:31:01
iPhone4(vz) (iPhone3,3) 4.2.10 (8E600) 07/25/2011 13:31:01
iPodTouch(2G) (iPod2,1) 4.2 (8C148) 11/22/2010 13:08:57
iPodTouch(3G) (iPod3,1) 4.3.5 (8L1) 07/25/2011 13:31:01
iPodTouch(4G) (iPod4,1) 4.3.5 (8L1) 07/25/2011 13:31:01
last updated: 07/25/2011 13:38:01 EDT

From Apple’s KB:

This document describes the security content of iOS 4.3.5, which can be downloaded and installed using iTunes.

For the protection of our customers, Apple does not disclose, discuss, or confirm security issues until a full investigation has occurred and any necessary patches or releases are available. To learn more about Apple Product Security, see the Apple Product Security website.

For information about the Apple Product Security PGP Key, see “How to use the Apple Product Security PGP Key.”

Where possible, CVE IDs are used to reference the vulnerabilities for further information.

To learn about other Security Updates, see “Apple Security Updates“.

Products Affected

iPad, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPhone 4, iPod touch (4th generation), iPhone 3GS, Product Security

iOS 4.3.5 Software Update

  • Data SecurityAvailable for: iOS 3.0 through 4.3.4 for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 (GSM), iOS 3.1 through 4.3.4 for iPod touch (3rd generation) and later, iOS 3.2 through 4.3.4 for iPadImpact: An attacker with a privileged network position may capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLSDescription: A certificate chain validation issue existed in the handling of X.509 certificates. An attacker with a privileged network position may capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS. Other attacks involving X.509 certificate validation may also be possible. This issue is addressed through improved validation of X.509 certificate chains.


    CVE-2011-0228 : Gregor Kopf of Recurity Labs on behalf of BSI, and Paul Kehrer of Trustwave’s SpiderLabs

Photoshoped: Next-Gen 3G Equipped iPod Touch

With rumors surrounding the arrival of the next iPhone heating up, there was enough room for some iPod Touch speculations to do the rounds. Reports are beginning to take shape that the next iPod Touch coming out of Cupertino will be 3G equipped. And when there are rumors, there has to be some kind of a concept design or a mock up to add flair to such discussions.

The folks at iDB (iPhone Download Blog) got down to work and came up with the above concept. As you can see, the design is pretty much similar to the current iPod Touch, but has a new black strip on the back and a “3G” identifier in the menu bar. From the horse’s mouth:

We took this concept to Photoshop, and we came up with the iPod Touch 3G. It looks exactly like the current iPod Touch, but has a black strip on the back. It also says “3G” in the menu bar. Along with that, it also features an integrated SIM card, as the next iPhone is rumored to have…

A 3G-equipped iPod Touch would make perfect sense given the current rumors of two iPhones. The reports suggest that Apple will come out with two different variations of their popular smartphone — one a cheaper model to cater to the low-end user groups and compete with Android (iPhone 4S), and the other a full-fledged device with all the features (iPhone 5) — and with the next iPod Touch being capable of 3G, Apple could really kill two birds with one stone, if you could see what i mean.