Apple’s iPhone 6 event tomorrow!

The largest tech company in the world is all set to have unveil it’s best lineup in 25 years. Apple is going to unveil the next generation iPhone/s tomorrow. Surprisingly thats not what people are excited about. The world is waiting to see THE iWatch.

The next generation wearable from Apple will define its future in the wearable market. The expectations of the people are at the top of the mountain. The big question is whether Apple will be able to live up to these high expectations .

Apple is all set to unveil two new models of the iPhone. A 4.7 inch iPhone and a 5.5 inch iPhone.

Tomorrow will be the first time after Steve Jobs death that Apple will release a product in a brand new category.

The iWatch is expected to be highly fashionable and come in 2 sizes – 1.3 inches and 1.5 inches. Apart from having a lot of fitness and health sensors the iWatch is expected to work with home automation systems too. This new wonder from Apple is expected to put you down by $400.