Apple cuts iPhone 4S price in India

The iPhone 5s and 5C are releasing on November 1 in India starting at a whooping Rs.41,900 and Rs.53,500 for the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5s respectively.

However, for those who love the older version of the iPhone i.e. the iPhone 4S there is some good news out there.

Apple has cut the price of iPhone 4S by Rs. 7000 and the iPhone 4S is now available for Rs.31,500.

The iPhone 4 (no more sold in the US) is now available at Rs.21000 for the 8GB model and Rs.25000 for the 16GB model.


Rumor: iPhone 5S coming to India before November 1

Apple sold 9 million units of iPhone’s in the first week – (Thanks China). This time Apple seems to be showing some love to India.

According to Aptronix, a brand new Apple reseller in Juhu, Mumbai, the iPhone 5S is most likely to come out before Diwali.

The reason here is simple and obvious. iPhone in India is a prestige possession and people spend big bucks in India only during festive season. Diwali is India’s biggest festival. Apple would not want to lose out on this opportunity.

According to other rumors, Apple is all set to open up 100 stores in stores in 2 tire and 3 tire cities in the next 6-9 months to cater to the wealthy people in those cities.

Pricing, however is not yet known. If tech pandits are to be believed the iPhone 5S would cost Rs.50000+ but according to our sources(do not wished to be named) the iPhone 5S would come out at the same rate the iPhone 5 came out in India (Rs.1000 – 2000 difference might be there but will not cross Rs.50000). The iPhone 5C is expected to cost around Rs. 39000.


Aircel to launch iPhone 4 in India soon!

Yes,you have read it right,its Aircel this time.For the first time Aircel will come out with iPhone in India.Earlier models of iPhone were bought to India by Vodafone and Airtel but this time around there is no news as yet from them.

Though there is no news yet from other network providers it is rumored that Airtel will also get the iPhone 4 to India while Vodafone will take a step back this time around.

Way back in February we told you that iPhone 4 will launch in India soon and finally after three months Homeshop18 started to sell iPhone 4 in India.

To the delight of all Apple and iPhone 4 fans, Aircel too now is coming with an iPhone 4 very very soon(They have already started advertising the iPhone 4 in newspapers and on their official website)

Lets wait and watch whether Aircel will makes any sales keeping in mind the rumors of a brand new iPhone 4S/iPhone 5 or will Aircel also have iPhone 4’s sold out just like the iPad 2’s were sold out on the first day.