Official: iPhone 5s price = Rs.53,500 and iPhone 5C price = Rs.41900

Apple earlier announced that the iPhone 5s would come to India on November 1 but price was a mystery. Finally there is a solution to the mystery. The prices are out. iPhone 5s 16 GB: Rs. 53,500 iPhone 5s 32 GB: Rs. 62,500 iPhone 5s 16 GB: Rs. 71,500 iPhone 5C 16 GB: Rs. 41,900 … Continue reading “Official: iPhone 5s price = Rs.53,500 and iPhone 5C price = Rs.41900”

Rumor: iPhone 5S coming to India before November 1

Apple sold 9 million units of iPhone’s in the first week – (Thanks China). This time Apple seems to be showing some love to India. According to Aptronix, a brand new Apple reseller in Juhu, Mumbai, the iPhone 5S is most likely to come out before Diwali. The reason here is simple and obvious. iPhone … Continue reading “Rumor: iPhone 5S coming to India before November 1”

Apple Event Liveblog

(Keep refreshing for updates…) Apple’s event has just begun and Tim Cook is on stage… Tim is talking about the iTunes Festival (5th year now!).. “We can’t wait to see Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry and so many others.” “We wanted everyone to join this experience, so we’re livestreaming these concerts to over 100 countries.” … Continue reading “Apple Event Liveblog”

Apple Event September 10, iPhone 5S?

According to the latest rumours Apple is set to announce a media event on September 10,2013. It must be quite obvious to all our readers that this media event is related to the next generation iPhone. But what is ┬áthe next generation iPhone? Let us go through all that we know about the next generation … Continue reading “Apple Event September 10, iPhone 5S?”