Get Slow-Mo for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C

The iPhone 5s has an amazing new feature i.e. the slow-mo feature which lets you take videos at 120 FPS and then play it at a quarter of the speed. Unfortunately this feature is not available on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C but do not get disappointed because there is a solution. The SlowCam app … Continue reading “Get Slow-Mo for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C”

Apple Event September 10, iPhone 5S?

According to the latest rumours Apple is set to announce a media event on September 10,2013. It must be quite obvious to all our readers that this media event is related to the next generation iPhone. But what is  the next generation iPhone? Let us go through all that we know about the next generation … Continue reading “Apple Event September 10, iPhone 5S?”

Is India becoming an Important Market for Apple iPhone ?

After the launch of the iPhone 5 Apple has shown a lot of love for India. The launch of the iTunes Store, Apple TV is just one part of the love. The iPhone 5 also came to India pretty soon compared to previous models and so did the iPad Mini. NOW, Apple is running extremely high dosage … Continue reading “Is India becoming an Important Market for Apple iPhone ?”

12 Best Jailbreak Tweaks for your iPhone

Since its release in 2007, the iPhone has created a whole new ecosystem of its own which has, as some like to call it “changed the game” in the field of smartphones. Each generation of iOS has produced more stable devices adding many rich features and needed enhancements. That being said, many still believe that … Continue reading “12 Best Jailbreak Tweaks for your iPhone”

iPhone 5 32GB and 64GB Shortages in India

The iPhone is an amazing product, a phone that most people desire and admire but there’s one thing people do not like about the iPhone 5 here in India. i.e. its high price. But ironically after the initial shortage of iPhone’s when they first launched on 2nd November, a whole lot of iPhone 5 16GB’s … Continue reading “iPhone 5 32GB and 64GB Shortages in India”

How To: Repair an iPhone 4S at Home – Tearing down the Phone

With the iPhone 5 in the market, the company called back the iPhone 3Gs and all who wanted the iOS 6 based, 8GB iPhone 4 free in replacement, could go for it. I went for it yes. It was a good offer. The iPhone 4S covers were cheaper too, as the iPhone 3G or the … Continue reading “How To: Repair an iPhone 4S at Home – Tearing down the Phone”

High Five for iPhone Five!

Do you have the Latest in iPhone Technology? Over 5 million iPhones have been sold since the iPhone 5 was released on September 12, 2012. The new iPhone has a wide metal body, but is less than a third of an inch thick, and light as a feather, weighing in at just 3.95 oz. On … Continue reading “High Five for iPhone Five!”

Breaking: iPhone 5 coming to India in October 2012

Some good news for Apple lovers in India. The iPhone 5 is officially coming to India on 28/29 October 2012. The price of the iPhone 5 will be approximately Rs.46,500 for the 16GB model. Apple has also already reduced the price of the iPhone 4S 16GB to Rs. 41,400 from Rs. 44,500. The 8GB iPhone … Continue reading “Breaking: iPhone 5 coming to India in October 2012”

Buy iPhone 5 in India right now

The iPhone 5 might have not yet launched in India but you can get one in India right away. Obviously you have to pay a premium price. is selling the iPhone 5 for Rs.80,490.00(16 gb model) and they guarantee delivery within 2 business days. Obviously the price is almost double but then if you want … Continue reading “Buy iPhone 5 in India right now”

Apple officially announce iPhone 5

Apple has finally unveiled its latest and greatest iPhone ever, the iPhone 5, whose spec-sheet goes hand-in-hand with the rumors we’ve heard. It shows an improvisation over the 4S with a complete glass and aluminium exterior, even shedding a few ounces to stand 18% thinner (just 7.6mm!) and 20% lighter (just 112grams!) than its predecessor. The display, too, … Continue reading “Apple officially announce iPhone 5”

What to expect from Apple today?

Today is 12th September and its time for the Apple event. After a lot of waiting, rumors, leaks finally its time for the Apple event in about 1 hour’s time. Lets look at what we expect from Apple today. 1.iPhone 5 The iPhone is the smartphone that the whole world has been waiting for eagerly … Continue reading “What to expect from Apple today?”