Apple prepping up 7.85-inch iPads?

So Apple is gearing up for a 7.85-inch iPad launch next year, eh? This is not the first time we’re hearing such ‘rumors’ and it definitely won’t be the last. Back in September of last year, rumors began circulating that Apple is working on a smaller 7-inch iPad to compete with RIM’s BlackBerry Playbook launch back then. … Continue reading “Apple prepping up 7.85-inch iPads?”

Apple's Christmas plans? To convince you to get an iPad! (video)

With Christmas just around the corner, the folks at Apple have just one mission on their mind: to sell you an iPad. Apple”s iconic brick and mortar stores have been decked with what appear to be huge iPads in store windows that show everyone what just a real iPad can do. And trust me, watching … Continue reading “Apple's Christmas plans? To convince you to get an iPad! (video)”

Apple updates US Store with Black Friday deals

Apple’s US online store is back up again and features plenty of deals to ponder over this Black Friday. There are discounts available for iPads, iPods, Macs, and several other products. So lets get started: Apple is offering a huge discount on the Macs, cutting off as much as $101 from its regular price. The … Continue reading “Apple updates US Store with Black Friday deals”

TJ Maxx selling Apple iPads for $399

TJ Maxx selling Apple iPads for $399. It seems like TJ Maxx is trying to sell maximum iPads before the Black Friday begins. $399 means that the Apple iPod Touch 64 GB and the Apple iPad 16gb will be the same price. Isn’t is great. Also the iPad is now 200$ cheaper than the iPhone … Continue reading “TJ Maxx selling Apple iPads for $399”

Apple looking to offload Refurbished iPads at discounted rates

Apple have finally put on sale their factory-refurbished WiFi iPads with each model getting a $50 discount from the original price of a new one. It has all the features you’d want – runs on Apple A4 1GHz processor, displays a 9.7″ 1024×768 LCD touchscreen display, connects at 802.11a/n wireless, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, accelerometer, … Continue reading “Apple looking to offload Refurbished iPads at discounted rates”

Key Stats from WWDC 2010

As expected, the next gen iPhone (iPhone 4) hogged all the limelight in Apple’s WWDC event. But apart from Steve Jobs and iPhone 4, there were other interesting things that were noteworthy. Here are a few key stats from Steve Jobs’ keynote at the WWDC 2010: General Stats 5,200 attendees 57 countries at this sold … Continue reading “Key Stats from WWDC 2010”

Mid-Air Entertainment: iPad for $10. Anyone Interested?

Off to a long journey to another country? Ah no worries, the iPad will help pass the time sweetly….What? Don’t own an iPad? Now what? Hmm…how about lending one from the airlines itself? Yes, you read the right! Quantas subsidiary Jetstar has announced it is launching a trial iPad rental service on its planes. The … Continue reading “Mid-Air Entertainment: iPad for $10. Anyone Interested?”

Apple offloads two million iPads in less than two months

Here’s another milestone for Apple: 2 million iPads sold since it’s launch on April 3rd. Apple cannot do anything wrong here. They have overtaken Microsoft as the biggest tech firm in the world just a week ago, had launched the iPad internationally a couple of days back, and now this. Although it must be said … Continue reading “Apple offloads two million iPads in less than two months”

Apple Shocker: WiFi iPads with NO WiFi

Comments like “Not spending $500 on something I cant even use. Its going back tomorrow” are already doing the rounds in Apple’s forum. Just a day after the Apple iPad reached consumers, the complaints are already soaring in. The main reason attracting consumer anger: a very weak, and sometimes even NO, WiFi signal detected by … Continue reading “Apple Shocker: WiFi iPads with NO WiFi”

Apple iPad: $20 discount if you are a student

Apple Education Store has come up with a new campaign which brings $20 off on iPads if you pre-order one of the multi-packs (Pack of 10 iPads) from the Apple Education Store in US. Apple education discount is a great way for teachers and staff of K-12 schools, and the students, lecturers and staff of college and universities … Continue reading “Apple iPad: $20 discount if you are a student”