iPad Air 2 price in India

Apple unveiled the iPad Air 2 at its event which was held on October 16,2014. Price of the iPad Air in India: WIFI 16 GB iPad Air 2: Rs. 35,900 64 GB iPad Air 2: Rs. 42,900 128 GB iPad Air 2: Rs. 49,900 WIFI + CELLULAR 16 GB iPad Air 2: Rs. 45,900 64 … Continue reading “iPad Air 2 price in India”

Apple iPad Air price in India!

The Apple iPad Air prices in India are as follows – iPad Air (Wi-Fi) 16 GB – Rs 35,900 32 GB – Rs 42,900 64 GB – Rs 49,900 128 GB – Rs 56,900 iPad Air (Wi-Fi + Cellular – 4G) 16 GB – Rs 44,900 32 GB – Rs 51,900 64 GB – Rs … Continue reading “Apple iPad Air price in India!”

A Sneak Peak into iPad 5..

iPad 4 hit the market much sooner than people expected. This has led many experts to believe that iPad 5 will also hit the market in the near future this year. According to leak information, Apple has made decision to launch iPad soon due to information that Microsoft’s new Surface Tablet is going to grab … Continue reading “A Sneak Peak into iPad 5..”

Better specs and a lighter iPad Mini expected this year

If the latest rumors are to be believed Apple is gearing up for an upgraded iPad mini this year. There would not be much of a change except for improvements in the specs and a little loss of weight. However, to the sadness of many the next iPad Mini is not expected to have a … Continue reading “Better specs and a lighter iPad Mini expected this year”

Apple offers cash back on iPad Mini in India

Apple has been promoting its products vigorously in India since the launch of the iPhone 5. Apple has been providing buy back offers on the iPhone 4 and cash back offers on all iPhone’s in India. Also Apple has been providing interest free emi payment schemes. It seems that after a tremendous response from the Indian public … Continue reading “Apple offers cash back on iPad Mini in India”

iPad Mini: Features and Functions – A Quick Overlook

iPad Mini, as its name says, is a miniature form of iPad or more precisely miniature tablet computer that is designed and developed by Apple Inc. The reduced screen and lighter size make it different from its previous version; that is iPad 2; however, it has almost similar internal specifications as its previous release. Mini … Continue reading “iPad Mini: Features and Functions – A Quick Overlook”

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs iPad Mini

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy Note 8 and it seems like Samsung wants to compete directly with the iPad Mini. Let us look how they compare head to head. The above comparison is in terms of specs but consumers nowadays buy gadgets for the overall experience and I strongly feel that is where Apple kills everyone. The iPad … Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs iPad Mini”

Kindle Fire HD vs The new iPad (video)

Amazon has released a new TV commercial for its Kindle Fire HD, taking on the mighty retina display iPad from Apple. Here’s a dekko: Our newest commercial shows iPad with Retina Display and Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ side-by-side. Both have large, stunning HD screens. In fact, you may not be able to tell the difference… … Continue reading “Kindle Fire HD vs The new iPad (video)”

iPad Mini Officially sold out in India

It has not been long since Apple launched the iPad Mini in India but its already sold out. This is ironical considering the fact the half of Indian people lives below poverty line. Apple has some magic in their products that lure people. The excellent design by Sir Jonny Ive is one the most important … Continue reading “iPad Mini Officially sold out in India”

iPad 2 lighter than iPad 4 retina display

Apple has always been known making its products thinner and lighter with every single update but it seems that this is not the case with the new iPad with retina display. The iPad 4 wifi only version weights approx 50 grams more than the iPad 2. What can be the reason for this ? What … Continue reading “iPad 2 lighter than iPad 4 retina display”

iPad mini coming to India on December 12?

Vijay Sales and Ebay.in have started to take pre-orders for the iPad Mini already and the shipping date is given as 12 December so it seems that the iPad Mini will be coming to India on the December 12. This year Apple is showing great love to Indian Apple fans it seems. The iPhone came … Continue reading “iPad mini coming to India on December 12?”