iPad 2 lighter than iPad 4 retina display

Apple has always been known making its products thinner and lighter with every single update but it seems that this is not the case with the new iPad with retina display.


The iPad 4 wifi only version weights approx 50 grams more than the iPad 2.
What can be the reason for this ? What do you think ?
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iPhone 5: the mother of all upgrades (video)

With the iPhone 4S quickly losing its ‘newness’ and the new iPad too getting older by the day, Apple fanboys the world over are yearning for a new toy to play with. A new iPhone. And with that, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster agreed and said the new device will be the mother of all hardware upgrades. You think so? Check out this video below:

“We think one of the big features of iPhone 5 is going to be LTE… when iPhone 4S came out it was obviously the same form factor… this is going to be a big hardware upgrade… this is going to be the year of the hardware… the mother of all upgrades”

The next iPhone is slated for a June release in Apple’s annual WWDC, but if the latest rumors are to be believed, then it’ll see the light of the day only in October.

Apple shaves off $100 from iPad 2s, 16GB WiFi now for $399, WiFi + 3G for $529

Following the arrival of the new iPad, Apple has reduced the price of the iPad 2, shaving off $100 from the 16GB WiFi only and WiFi+3G variations. This means the 16GB WiFi iPad 2 now retails for $399, whereas the 16GB WiFi+3G iPad 2 is selling for $529. The price drops will presumably take effect immediately, because  pre-orders for the new iPad have already begun. If you missed Apple’s big event, you can get all the details summed up here and here.

iPad 3 price structure leaked

With less than 60 hours to go for Apple’s mega event where they will be unveiling the iPad 3, the most important question plaguing the minds of one and all is the price structure of the tablet — has Apple raised the price? Well, if you like surprises, you’d rather press ctrl+w. Others can read on..

According to some recent rumors, Apple was alleged to be thinking of raising the price of the next iPad by around $70 to $80. It was also rumored that Apple will go for an 8GB iPad this time around instead of the 64GB, with the 16- and32-gigs iPads retaining fort. But quashing all these rumors comes a totally believable ‘leaked’ screenshot of the next-gen iPad’s price structure, confirming there’s no change at all in the storage capacity and price structure of the iPad 3 as compared to that of the iPad 2. Even better, some countries with currencies doing better than the US dollar should expect to see marginal drops in prices. Way to go Apple!

iPad 3 sporting 8 megapixel camera pictured, authenticity questioned [EXCLUSIVE PIC]

We are ever so near to the launch of the next iPad by Apple and we have news surrounding its features and looks coming in thick and fast. Up today is what is purported to be the iPad 3, sporting an 8 megapixel camera and stacked alongside the iPad 1 and 2.

Noticed the bigger camera lens and increased tapering around it? The picture comes from Apple Daily, with the print version (below) provided by Apple.Pro

While the pictures do seem legitimate, we cannot really authenticate the claims of the publication. Also, previous reports have suggested a 5-8 megapixel camera for the next iPad so that claim isn’t overboard as well. But hey, it’s Apple we’re talking about. The puzzle can’t be solved so easily so early, right?

Absinthe A5: The untethered jailbreak solution for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 we were yearning for

It is finally here! An untethered jailbreak solution for those on Apple’s new A5 chip, more specifically iPhone 4S and iPad 2 users, is finally out now and is called Absinthe A5. The tool is available to us as a result of combined efforts from the Chronic Dev Team, Pod2g and iPhone Dev Team, and jailbreaks any iPhone 4S or iPad 2 running on iOS 5 or iOS 5.0.1 without the need to tether it to your computer every time you reboot.

Currently, Absinthe is available to download only for Mac users, though those on Windows or Linux wont have to wait much longer. Just a matter of time..

Meanwhile, those on a Mac can go ahead and download Absinthe and jailbreak their iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0, 5.0.1 (9A405 and 9A406) or iPad 2 WiFi/GSM/CDMA running iOS 5.0.1.

Video: Apple airs new iPad 2 commercial – “Love”

Apple has released a new iPad 2 commercial titled Love which has now gone on air. In the ad, Apple demonstrates how the device is used by people in their day-to-day activities, such as editing videos through iMovie, mixing and editing music, designing, etc. In short, the holidays are coming and Apple wants to prove to you why buying the iPad 2 will be a wise call, fending off competition from cheaper alternatives like Amazon’s Nook and Fire, and the various Android tablets out there. Love.

Developer creates Siri proxy server, says do what you want to do [NO JAILBREAK REQUIRED] (video)

We’ve seen iPhone 4S’ signature feature Siri being ported to older iPhones like 3GS and 4, and we’ve also seen Siri make its way to the iPad 2 and iPod Touch, but now, thanks to developer/hacker @plamoni, Apple’s automated personal assistant might just find its way everywhere.

What exactly the guy has done is this: he created his own proxy server on his computer and made Siri interact with this server instead of Apple’s servers (guzzoni.apple.com). He just set up a DNS server on his network and forwarded requests made to Apple’s servers to his own proxy server in his computer. With this, developers can now create custom Siri handlers for different actions with only their imagination being their limit. One such basic example is shown by the developer in a video where he sets and checks the status of a WiFi thermostat:

From the developer’s project page at Github:

..it doesn’t require the iPhone to be jailbroken. My iPhone 4S is not jailbroken. The only action I needed to take on my iPhone was to install my fake Root CA. Which you can do without jailbreaking. Everything else is done outside of the phone, so it requires no jailbreaking or code to be placed on the phone itself.

This hack just shows the potential power of Siri, and the fact that Apple hasn’t even opened it up to third-party developers yet is just proven to be even more criminal. We want to be able to fly our RC helicopters using voice, damnit!

Siri ported to iPhone 4, iPod Touch [Jailbreak tweak] (video)

Remember, developer Steven Troughton-Smith in association with 9to5mac was trying to port the iPhone 4S’ most attractive addition, Siri to the iPhone 4? He has now successfully completed the port, details of which are below. Continue reading “Siri ported to iPhone 4, iPod Touch [Jailbreak tweak] (video)”

iPad 2 Jailbreak on iOS 5 still months away

Following a progress report of sorts of the iPhone 4S on the jailbreak scene, renowned iPhone hacker and a member of the Dev-Team, MuscleNerd has some good news for iPad 2 owners as well, explaining that the iOS 5 jailbreak on iPad 2 has gone down well but, just like the 4S, there’s still a lot of work to be done on this front. Via Twitter:

Here’s a short video of current JB working on iPad2: youtu.be/oJVGl1eRW2A (Just like iPhone4S, lots of hurdles remain, no ETAs)

(For completeness (& post-verification this is real), here’s the iPad2 iOS5 ioreg dump musclenerd.com/ioreg_ipad2.txt .. 4S is earlier in timeline)

And just like in the case of the 4S, he’s provided proof in the form of a screenshot…

…and additionally a video too:

The Benefits of Owning a Tablet

As technology evolves so do our options. Not only do we have the ability to leave our desktop and use our computers anywhere, but now we even have options for our portable computing. Enter the tablet – a piece of computing technology that has taken off faster and more afford-ably than the laptop did. What you may be wondering though is whether or not there are benefits to owning a tablet over a laptop or PC. Actually, there are several benefits tablet owners receive.

Ultimate Portability

It’s true that laptops have gotten smaller and lighter over the years, especially thanks to the introduction of netbooks, but nothing outdoes the size and weight of a tablet. The iPad 2, one of the most popular tablets on the market, weighs less than one and half pounds. Not only does the small weight and size make tablets comfortable to use, but you’ll have no trouble at all carrying a tablet on your journeys. Tablets fit easily into a purse, backpack or even your coat pocket.

Longer Battery Life

One of the drawbacks to laptops is that while you can take them with you, the battery life is often limited to 4-6 hours. With a tablet, you can expect to see batteries last as long as 12 hours. Of course, the exact time you get from the battery will depend on the brightness you use as well as what you’re doing with the tablet. Obviously, watching movies will use more of the battery than typing a document or surfing the internet.

The Perfect All-In-One Concept

Last, but certainly not least, the tablet offers an all-in-one experience. You don’t need a portable DVD player to watch movies or an MP3 player to listen to movies. You don’t even need an ereader and you certainly don’t need a laptop. When you own a tablet computer, you have everything you need in the palm of your hand. You can watch movies, listen to music, read your favorite books and even go online and update your Facebook status. In other words, a tablet can save you hundreds of dollars.

It’s easy to say that tablet computers are a welcome addition to our technologically advanced world. The portability, longer battery life and ability to do everything you need are all wonderful reasons to choose a tablet instead of a laptop or PC. Throw in the fact that you’ll save money buying a tablet and it’s a win/win situation.

About the Author: Collin has more than 10 years of experience in the field of communications and technology. She enjoys comparing and using tablets, eReaders, Samsung phones, iPads, and any other new device she can get her hands on.

Siri for iPad 2

Apple’s new intelligent, and heavily narrow-minded, voice control system Siri, available with the iPhone 4S, has won over quite a few fans it seems. Apple introduced this personal assistant with the iPhone 4S launch in its Let’s Talk iPhone event held on October 4 and since then it has become so popular that people with older iDevices want to have it as well. This prompted a certain Steve Troughton-Smith to port Siri to the iPhone 4 (though without much success at the moment). Now, another developer Sonny Dickson is trying to port Siri to the iPad 2.

As you all already know, Siri  is a personal assistant that allows you to perform a variety of tasks on your iPhone 4S, such as setting alarms/reminders/calendar events, texting/emailing/calling someone, asking for definitions, directions and much more – using your voice alone. So understandably everyone wants to have a piece of it. But its not as easy as it sounds. Its almost impossible.

The reason why Siri wouldn’t work smoothly on the iPhone 4 (above) is because Apple servers do not accept Siri voice input to be processed if it is coming from any device except the iPhone 4S. This rendered Siri on the iPhone 4 without accepting any input. And we assume same will the case be with the iPad 2 port Mr. Dickson is working. If true, then we can only hope that there’s a workaround in place for this very soon.

Also, it must be noted that  jailbreak developer MuscleNerd has stated that porting Siri over to older, unsupported devices isn’t possible without resorting to piracy. I am not clear on how porting Siri to these devices would involve piracy, but these developers know what they are doing so we’ll have to take their word for it.

Settings > General > Siri

Via Sonny Dickson Twitter

Would you like to have Siri in your older iDevice?