Infographic: Humans and Laptops

Living in a tech-glorified world we’re enjoying right now, it is really not that hard to imagine what we could have done with a single laptop… way back in the past. Just imagine, you could use your laptop’s “magic” to establish yourself as a deity! I mean just think.. what could the Roman empire have done with computers?¬†What great moments in history do you think could have benefited from access to computers? Humans and Laptops.. Dell thinks:

Apple’s got cash, we’ve got imagination

So, Apple has become the most valuable public company in the world, worth more than $400 billion now with over$100 billion in cash reserves. Wow! That is some crazy money we’re talking about. How crazy? Let’s have a look: (via MBA Online)

Just wow! The way Apple is going right now, they sure are going to make much more than that. Heck, they can even relocate to another planet and design it like their flagship stores. Err.. okay, this seems over the moon a bit but there are plenty of crazy things Apple can actually do with its crazy money. Some of them include: (via Joy of Tech)


We have come a long way since the first iPhone was launched back in 2007 to what we have today in 2011. If you keep the phones side by side now, you’ll notice a significant difference between the two – both in hardware and software. In light of this ever growing popularity of one of the best smartphones in the world today, if not the best already, some hard working people over at a Dutch firm have managed to put together the entire evolution of Apple’s iPhone in a well made infographic, embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

INFOGRAPHIC: 35 years of Apple Inc. products




Apple has been ruling our technological purchases since 1976, ever since they launched their first product. Since then, Apple has grown to become a beast of a company, providing us gadgets since the last 35 years that has made life much easier for us. In remembrance of that, Mashable has shared an infographic of all the gadgets Apple has released over the last 35 years, titled the “Apple Tree”…

An artistic look at iPhone 4S/5

With rumors concerning the next iPhone (4S/5) heating up, Infographic Labs have come out with a rumor roundup of their own, adding an “artistic” touch to it. All of their assumptions seem perfect apart from iCloud integration which we think will have 100% possibility. What are your thoughts? (Click image for larger view)