Infographic: Humans and Laptops

Living in a tech-glorified world we’re enjoying right now, it is really not that hard to imagine what we could have done with a single laptop… way back in the past. Just imagine, you could use your laptop’s “magic” to establish yourself as a deity! I mean just think.. what could the Roman empire have … Continue reading “Infographic: Humans and Laptops”

Apple’s got cash, we’ve got imagination

So, Apple has become the most valuable public company in the world, worth more than $400 billion now with over$100 billion in cash reserves. Wow! That is some crazy money we’re talking about. How crazy? Let’s have a look: (via MBA Online) Just wow! The way Apple is going right now, they sure are going … Continue reading “Apple’s got cash, we’ve got imagination”


We have come a long way since the first iPhone was launched back in 2007 to what we have today in 2011. If you keep the phones side by side now, you’ll notice a significant difference between the two – both in hardware and software. In light of this ever growing popularity of one of … Continue reading “iPhonevolution”

INFOGRAPHIC: 35 years of Apple Inc. products

      Apple has been ruling our technological purchases since 1976, ever since they launched their first product. Since then, Apple has grown to become a beast of a company, providing us gadgets since the last 35 years that has made life much easier for us. In remembrance of that, Mashable has shared an … Continue reading “INFOGRAPHIC: 35 years of Apple Inc. products”

An artistic look at iPhone 4S/5

With rumors concerning the next iPhone (4S/5) heating up, Infographic Labs have come out with a rumor roundup of their own, adding an “artistic” touch to it. All of their assumptions seem perfect apart from iCloud integration which we think will have 100% possibility. What are your thoughts? (Click image for larger view)