Apple shows India some love, drops iMac and Mac Mini prices by 15%

Good news for Apple Fan Boys in India! Apple seems to have suddenly developed a soft corner for the second most populated country in the world. The company had always abandoned the Asian giants since it first launched the iPhone back in 2007. Since then, the Indians have been waiting for Apple products to arrive in India but to no avail. Apple kept ignoring the land of customs and cultures. But now, all of a sudden, things are starting to look brighter in this part of the sub-continent.

Previously, Apple used to launch products in India after 8-10 months of their U.S. launch, thereby attracting the wrath of the Indian consumers who felt Apple was using India as a dumping ground for old products. But now, Apple launched the iPad 2 in India after just 3 months of its U.S. launch. And guess what, they went out of stock within a few hours!

As if this wasn’t enough to suggest that Apple have started valuing India, the Cupertino giant has now slashed iMac and Mac Mini prices in India by a noticeable 15%! Following are the new prices, as mentioned by Apple Store India:

Strong rumors are also floating around that Apple is planning to launch factory unlocked iPhone 4’s in India this month end and that Airtel have already started pre-registrations. Guess Apple is eyeing India as a new major source of revenue. The Indians, of course, aren’t complaining and wouldn’t mind getting the goodies.

P.S. To know why India never featured in Apple’s marketing list, read this brilliant article on Technorati: Decoding Apple’s Marketing Strategy

Barack Obama: American students lagging behind their counterparts from Bangalore (India)

Work harder than kids in Bangalore in order to beat them, is US President Barack Obama’s latest message to American students.

The President stressed on the fact that students in Bangalore are racing ahead. Academicians in the city agree but say Indians on the whole are wired to work hard compared to Americans.

“At a time when other countries are competing with us like never before, when students around the world in Beijing, China, or Bangalore, India, are working harder than ever, and doing better than ever, your success in school is not just going to determine your success, it’s going to determine America’s success in the 21st century,” Obama had reportedly said.

MN Sreehari, who teaches civil engineering at post-graduate level at RV College of Engineering, said, “Generally, Indians are very sincere and hardworking while Americans enjoy their days off and do better when they work in teams.

Indians, on the other hand, do better individually.” He added, “But Indians working abroad are doing better in life, I worry about outsourcing becoming a bigger problem.”

Shweta Sastri, executive director, Canadian International School, said, “I think hard work is ingrained into our mentality.

Indians, on the whole, face more competition unlike American kids. I believe that it is more about the mindset.”

Professor Thimappah, a psychologist and former VC of Bangalore University, said, “It is gratifying to know President Obama thinks that, but I believe it’s a little more than hard work.

Americans have more money, when they need something they just call for it. So they are intellectually lazy.”

US President Barack Obama with students after his second annual Back-to-School speech in Pennsylvania on September 14.

Sunil Chhetri signs for MLS club Kansas City

Sunil Chhetri has agreed a deal in principle to sign with American Major League Soccer club Kansas City Wizards, subject to a medical and visa formalities on Wednesday, thereby  becoming only the third Indian footballer to play overseas.

India coach Bob Houghton expects the ace striker to do well in his first season, and pave way for other Indians.

Houghton said at a sports seminar yesterday, “I think he will be successful. He is a good player so it shouldn’t be difficult for him to fit in. Some players might have a problem in changing from one environment to another. But, he is a likable fellow. I really hope he does well. He has worked hard for it.”

Houghton felt Chhetri’s success could be a ticket for other Indian players to go abroad as well. He said: “If Chhetri has a great season then a lot of Indians could be playing in the MLS as they are free. Normally, you have to pay a lot of money. If he scores goals, he will be worth a lot of money. Then they would be racing back saying let’s get some more Indian boys.”

On the flip-side, the Englishman was quick to point out that he would be missing the charismatic striker’s presence in the national side as they prepare for the AFC Asia Cup.

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