iPhone SJ opens up a bit more, takes the world by storm (video)

A little over a week ago we highlighted ADR Studios” founder Antonio De Rosa”s new iPhone concept design which he emphatically called the iPhone SJ. There were some awesome designing skills implemented by De Rosa in the concept, which featured a total capacitive glass screen on a slavishly light polycarbonate body and included a 10 megapixel camera and an A6 chip – which Apple is rumored to use in the next iPhone and iPad. The phone was designed so well that it received an overwhelming response which prompted De Rosa to further detail the iPhone SJ with some new photos and a short video, highlighting the features of the phone. De Rosa said:

The concept of the iPhone SJ has been welcomed in an amazing and unexpected BBB has nothing to report concerning Defensive what is defensive driving School’s advertising at this time. way by the Web. We want to celebrate all this by releasing more images and details of the concept together with a small video.





(Click image for larger view)

While it is easy to criticize Apple for not making an iPhone based on any of the drool-worthy concepts / mockups we”ve seen, we must not forget the difficulty Sir Jonathon Ive and his design team must be facing in actually coming up with something like the iPhone SJ, filled with all the features and services we”ve been enjoying currently. Imagination is one thing and implementation another. And besides, Apple”s current iPhones aren”t that bad, are they?

Adobe takes Photoshop to new heights with ‘Unblur’ feature (video)

Adobe has demoed a new feature for Photoshop at the company’s MAX 2011 event called Unblur which could end the problem of blurred photos forever. The demo invited gasps of amazement from a crowd that witnessed a blurred photo, retouched and perfected in a matter of seconds.

Advanced algorithms calculate the movements of the camera at the time the image was taken, enabling the user to ‘fix’ the image by unblurring it – saving what would ordinarily be a disappointing, dud image.

Adobe, at present, has no release date planned for the launch of this awesome new feature but once it does, it is sure to receive an immaculate response.

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Exclusive images from Apple’s iPhone announcement

Apple’s mega event is currently going on in Cupertino in their own backyard and we have a few pictures to share. Hop past the break for the inside scoop. Continue reading “Exclusive images from Apple’s iPhone announcement”

Apple decorating iPad 2 event’s venue; Waiting for March 2…

As we already know, Apple will unveil the 2nd generation iPad on March 2, and judging by the images below, they will be using the same theme as they did for the original iPad’s launch. Yes, Apple has started work on decorating the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco, the venue for Apple’s iPad 2 event, and are going for a design which is pretty similar to last year’s iPad event.

P.S. Before you see the images, the latest rumor is that the iPad 2 will only be a ‘slight’ upgrade from the current iPad, with a complete refresh expected at the end of the year. So basically it means Apple will come out with 2 iPads this calendar year – iPad 1.5 and iPad 2? Makes sense? Naaa! Anyone else wanna buy this rumor?

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Toshiba presents the world’s first 3D TV WITHOUT Glasses

Now this is interesting: a TV without glasses! Japanese electronics giant, Toshiba is preparing the world’s first of a kind 3D television which does not have glasses. There are 3 models of the television – all of which will be unveiled “before Christmas”, costing “several thousand dollars”.

The company has developed a new system that emits a number of rays of light with various angles from the screen so that viewers can see stereoscopic images without glasses. People can enjoy images in three dimensions from various positions and suffer less stress.

Toshiba, as always, refused to reveal anything with a “no comments” reply.

The Magic of Photoshop: 10 images you wish were real

Adobe Photoshop is the most widely used photo editing software. With an easy-to-use, user-friendly interface and a host of editing options, it truly is the best. And when one creates images like these (see below), there’s no arguing Photoshop is the tool for your artistic soul.

The new look Google search page

Google search just keeps on getting better and better. From Google to iGoogle and to the more recent advanced search results for human names, Google has come a long way in making a user’s search experience more relevant, useful and fun through personalization. And yesterday, their new feature added more bling (pun unintended) to your personalized search experience.

As the new feature goes, you can now further personalize your Google page by adding your favorite photos and images to the background of your Google page. You can choose a photo from your computer, your own Picasa Web Album or a public gallery hosted by Picasa which includes a selection of beautiful photos.

By deciding the look and the feel of the home page yourself, Google.com is now literally yours to customize. And in case you grow tired of all this bling, you can easily revert back to the classic Google page.

From the Official Google Blog: We are beginning to roll out this new feature to users in the U.S. over the next few days, so if you don’t see a link in the lower left-hand corner of Google.com now, check back soon. For those of you outside of the U.S., you can expect to see this new feature in the coming days as we roll it out internationally to offer similar, consistent experiences globally.

And if you’ve customized your look with a fun personal photo we’d love to see what your new homepage looks like. Tweet a picture of your page with the hashtag #myGooglepage and share it with us!

We hope you enjoy this fun new feature and that it makes Google search more your own.

Posted by Marissa Mayer, VP Search Products & User Experience

† Twin Video

† Twin Video
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