iBooks Author gets a competitor-Inkling Habitat

Apple reinvented the textbook with iBooks 2 but to create books publishers had to use iBooks Author. iBooks author was a great mac app which was easy to use and really productive. Only a few days later iBooks Author has a competitor-Inkling Habitat. Complete details about the Inkling Habitat are available here. Publishers can also … Continue reading “iBooks Author gets a competitor-Inkling Habitat”

Apple reinvents textbooks with iBooks 2

As expected, Apple’s “education announcement” in today’s event gave us – and certainly several students – something to cheer about with the introduction of a new category in the iBookstore called “textbooks”. And this, in fact, is iBooks 2! With iBooks 2 you can display books with videosĀ as well as other interactive content, though the … Continue reading “Apple reinvents textbooks with iBooks 2”