Apple outs Beatles ‘Covers’ TV ad, free enhanced iBook Yellow Submarine

The late Steve Jobs absolutely loved The Beatles. He let the world know he was a big fan of theirs. Today, his company has released a new iTunes TV ad for The Beatles titled ‘Covers’ and an enhanced iBook version of The Beatles Yellow Submarine. Fittingly, in the credits at the top it said ‘For Steve’.

How to make your own Apple iBook?

How to make your own Apple iBook? That is the question in the minds of many people. Today we are going to answer it. 1. Make your book in a word document 2.Go to and download the converter. It is used to convert to iBook format, EPUB. 3.You need to have a Mac with at … Continue reading “How to make your own Apple iBook?”

Apple iPad- What we like and what we dont

After the all awaited launch of the apple ipad, its here now and shall be available for order by march and April depending upon the country you live in . The Apple Ipad. What is it? Its a revolutionary device created by apple which is a transition between the apple ipod touch and the macbook. You would … Continue reading “Apple iPad- What we like and what we dont”