BREAKING: Vodafone sells 5yr old Hutch Sim Cards with Vodafone Stickers in India

This is shocking: Vodafone is selling 5 year old sim cards in Mumbai, India, that were made by previous company Hutchison Essar. Hutch was acquired by Orange few years ago, which was then taken over by Vodafone some time back.

It all happened when co-author Aman Milwani went to a local Vodafone store to inquire about the micro sim cards that Vodafone has started selling in India (Airtel was the first to start them). The store employee presented a tampered sim card and went to attend a call. On taking a closer look, what he found was really shocking. The sim card was old with rough edges, and appeared to have some repairing done. From the edges, the outer cover was coming out. When Aman tried to slightly remove it more, slowly, he discovered there was the Hutch logo underneath and then he realized that Vodafone is selling 5 year old sim cards (Hutch had been taken over 5 years ago) with a Vodafone sticker on top.

Aman then put the sim card in his iPad and, to his shock, the sim detected the line as Hutch.

This is really a surprising news for us. We never expected a big company like Vodafone to still use such cheap methods. The least we expect from them is to at least make new sim cards and micro sim cards for customers.

On a side note, what we got is a micro sim card, and Hutch was taken over 5 years ago. Does this mean micro sim cards came to India 5 years ago? Did Apple consider the Indian market to launch their iPhone that time? I guess these questions will remain unanswered forever.

What are your views on this?