Sony teases its S1 and S2 tablets (video)

Sony has come out with the first teaser video in a series of five of its S1 and S2 tablets, which are due for a release later this year in September. The video (below) shows the S1 and S2 in a lighter vein, without spilling out too much info, but does manage to get your … Continue reading “Sony teases its S1 and S2 tablets (video)”

Dell Streak 10 to get Honeycomb, MeeGo a no-no

There was cause for concern lately, with many people thinking Dell will just kick in an aging smartphone-specific OS for their Dell Streak 10 tablet. But the fears didn’t last long as Dell confirmed the Streak 10 will run Android’s latest offering – Honeycomb. It was also interesting to note an executive’s statement that the … Continue reading “Dell Streak 10 to get Honeycomb, MeeGo a no-no”

Honeycomb-Android for tablets at CES

CES is bringing up some awesome gadgets like always and the most expected one is finally out. The Honeycomb tablet. Earlier we told you that Google Android’s Andy Rubin showed an Android Honeycomb Motorola Tablet at the DIVE INTO MORE interview. Very soon we also told you about the new CES motorola ad which clearly … Continue reading “Honeycomb-Android for tablets at CES”