Leaked: T-Mobile HTC HD7 – a monster of a phone!

Let me guarantee this for you: HTC’s latest offering (HD7) is so cool that comparing it with the ‘disastrous’ HD2 is an insult to the newbie.

The HD7 is a complete upgrade from HD2, built in a sleek new body, affording new hardware and design. And the new-ness doesn’t end there: it comes loaded with upgraded 576MB of RAM and 16GB of on-board storage (Handy!). The only shades of HD2 that you get is the same 4.3 inch ginormous 800×480 screen and 5-megapixel camera.

Though, at present, we cannot confirm anything more than this but we’d sure like to see the HD7 making use of T-Mobile’s 4G speed. Now that would be a huge selling point!

So here’s a question: If the HTC HD7 takes advantage of T-Mobile’s 4G speed, will you prefer it over Apple’s iPhone? And if it doesn’t get 4G, will you still exchange your iPhone for the HD7?

512MB RAM for iPhone 4, no Doughnut for iPhone 3GS and iPad

The iPhone 4 seems to be on a RAMpage here! Okay, i know its lame, but not the fact that Apple iPhone 4 will come in with 512MB of RAM – double than that which the iPhone 3GS ans the iPad have got. This means Apple’s iPhone 4 is now head-to-head with rivals Nexus One, EVO 4G and HTC HD2 (HD2 still ahead with 576MB RAM).

Key Stats

  • The Original iPhone (2G/EDGE) and iPhone 3G had 128MB RAM.
  • Apple went more competitive by doubling the RAM to 256MB for iPhone 3GS and iPad.
  • Now Apple is going for the kill with 512MB RAM for iPhone 4.

  • News Credit: Mac Rumors
  • Image Credit: Mac Stories

Google versus Apple: Who wins THIS time?

According to Google, their Android 2.2 (Froyo) is the fastest Web Browser.

According to Steve Jobs, it is slow as hell.

So, who is right? Let’s prove it!

From Pocket Now:

According to Google, the web browser in Froyo beats every other mobile browser available right now. That’s a lofty claim, and in this video, we put Froyo up against Safari on the iPhone and Opera Mobile 10 on the HD2. The results? You’ll have to view the video to find out!

So is it clear now? Or you don’t want to be too critical and give everyone a fair chance? Hmm.. okay then, how about one last chance.

In the first video, the flash was turned ‘On’. In the next video, Flash 10.1 Beta is installed, but kept to select “on-demand” in the Enable Plug-ins menu setting in the web browser. This way, Flash can be accessed when needed, but by default, it will ask you if you want to load Flash elements.

Credits: Pocket Now

So who according to you wins this battle? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Sup Sup Supersonic to the rescue!

Sup Sup Supersonic to the rescue!
No we are not talking about any super hero. Nor is it the name of a new comic. Then what is it?
It is a new WiMAX-enabled smartphone with Android. Yes ‘Supersonic’ is it’s name & with the buzz from the Nexus One starting to wane, it could well turn out to be a front runner to be crowned the next iPhone killer.
Sprint (as it is known) will be carrying an WiMAX/Android version of the jaw-dropping HTC HD2.  The biggest (only?) complaint about the HD2 is that it runs Windows Mobile 6.5, though HTC’s Sense makes an effort at making it usable.
It could also turn out to be the world’s first 4G phone.
Quoting Engadget:
We know 2010’s just begun, but between all this noise and the promise of a legitimate 4G radio on board, let’s be real — we’re already looking at a very, very early contender for smartphone of the year.
OK, so this new Sprint phone is unlikely to be an iPhone killer.  But maybe the Dell Mini 5 could be.  It has a SIM slot and 5-inch touch screen and can make calls.