Apple TV iOS apps get native full-screen 720p resolution treatment [UPDATE: VIDEO]

Here’s wishing all our readers a very very happy and a prosperous new year. May 2012 give you what 2011 couldn’t! Yesterday we told you about two developers taking it to themselves to bring iOS applications to the Apple TV in a native experience, showcasing a video where they managed to get apps running side-by-side. … Continue reading “Apple TV iOS apps get native full-screen 720p resolution treatment [UPDATE: VIDEO]”

Adidas website hacked

News is coming in that Adidas website has been hacked. The German sportswear and equipment maker has taken its website content offline after suffering a ‘sophisticated and criminal’ cyber attack. The company couldn’t confirm whether consumers’ data had been impacted, but nevertheless it took down the affected sites to be on the safer side and investigate into the matter. … Continue reading “Adidas website hacked”

Sony hacked again; We plead for change

Yes. Sony’s been hacked again. We’ve been so used to it now that its beginning to get a bit boring and tiresome. We seriously plead for a refreshing change. Please. NakedSecurity reports that Sony Music Japan has been hacked using SQL injection techniques, though thankfully the compromised databases do not contain any kind of sensitive information — … Continue reading “Sony hacked again; We plead for change”

The PlayStation Network (PSN) fiasco cost Sony a third of their revenue (Infographic)

We’ve previously covered the whole PlayStation Network (PSN) fiasco in depth in the past so we won’t go into minute details here again. If you’d like to read through it again, just hit the following links: Contains links from this site (Firstain) as well as another site (Technorati) Resumption of Sony’s Online Services Delayed Further; … Continue reading “The PlayStation Network (PSN) fiasco cost Sony a third of their revenue (Infographic)”

PlayStation Network (PSN) down again, ‘not’ hacked it seems

It seems that Sony’s revival party has been cut short after the company went offline again with their PlayStation Network (PSN). The only difference this time, it seems, is that the network hasn’t been hacked again, but is suffering from another major issue. Previously, if you legitimately forgot your password and wanted to reset it, … Continue reading “PlayStation Network (PSN) down again, ‘not’ hacked it seems”

BREAKING: PlayStation Network (PSN) is online again (for developers)

Good News: Sony’s ailing and bruised PlayStation Network (PSN) is back up and running.  Spoiler: No not for you, but only for the developers. After a hat-trick of attacks on Sony’s PlayStation Network, Qriocity and Sony Entertainment Online services, the company looked in troubled waters but this move, though only internal for now, is a … Continue reading “BREAKING: PlayStation Network (PSN) is online again (for developers)”

itunes Store Hacked

The Apple’s multimedia store has been hacked as per the latest news. Several people have reported frauds upto $200. This is a great shock. For the first time apple iTunes store has been hacked. All i suggest is do not buy any apps,games,movies,music or anything from the itunes store and also inform the bank(of the … Continue reading “itunes Store Hacked”


The iPad has been hacked and the Cydia and Blackra1n installed has been installed on it. Geohot has the iPad booting in verbose mode, it would seem from this tweet. For those of you following along at home… Keys for the 3.2 iPad firmware iBoot.k48ap.RELEASE.img3 KEY: 1E3A1CA2F45D15452B16B9FE0A2C214A0AF897F09EE269F8E5967FC74B1022AC IV: 36E1BCD042AC193F7305C8E6077D3DF7 018-7226-009.dmg KEY: 31E7ECD9C364414205A8FA0092CC80C0D67EAE40E75FFA27B37048C42335A106 IV: 9C051576DDD94F48C324CF7AC3197FE1 And … Continue reading “iPad HACKED”


Intel’s latest financial filing with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) reveals that the company was a major target in a sophisticated hacking attack in January, a risk not previously cited in the company’s quarterly filings. “One recent and sophisticated incident occurred in January 2010 around the same time as the recently publicized security incident … Continue reading “Intel HACKED!”