Developers hack Apple TV to run iOS apps side-by-side (video)

In an era where anything and everything is subject to hacking, especially if it’s an Apple device, a couple of developers — one of them previously responsible for porting iPhone 4S’ exclusive personal assistant Siri to older iPhones — have hacked an Apple TV to run iOS apps side-by-side.

Developer Steven Troughton-Smith, with help from another developer named TheMudKip, has added iOS application functionality to the Apple TV. The tweaking is still in its early stages, but the concept of running applications was at least proven. To run iOS apps on the Apple TV, the software that powers the app launcher, the iOS Springboard, had to be rewritten. And while in the process of rewriting the springboard, another new feature was discovered: Side-by-side apps.

This side-by-side concept was actually first demonstrated back in WWDC 2011 on an iPad, but is much more powerful and important on a device like an Apple TV. For instance, you can use different chat applications for different services simultaneously. That’s what you call multitasking with style!

By the way, did you hear Siri abusing a 12yr old kid, asking him to “shut the f*** up” ?

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Developer uses Siri to start car (video)

Siri - Vehicle Start

Some very interesting things have been happening lately surrounding Apple’s automated voice control system Siri. After a developer called platoni intercepted Siri’s interaction with its server at Apple and redirected it to his own proxy server, another developer has taken it a step further and used Siri to start his car.

The “Siri Proxy” plugin I wrote handles interaction with a php script that runs on my web server. The php script, which I developed months ago for personal use, allows me to send commands to my car which has a Viper SmartStart module installed.

Current commands accepted are: “Vehicle Arm”, “Vehicle Disarm”, “Vehicle Start”, “Vehicle Stop”, “Vehicle Pop Trunk”, and “Vehicle Panic”.

With technically advanced folk beginning to get the hang of Siri’s secret side, stunts like these will be a common thing in the very near future. In this respect, we feel it would be a better option for Apple to allow official third-party access to Siri and have the last laugh.

Hit the source link for more on this ‘stunt’.

Adidas website hacked

News is coming in that Adidas website has been hacked. The German sportswear and equipment maker has taken its website content offline after suffering a ‘sophisticated and criminal’ cyber attack. The company couldn’t confirm whether consumers’ data had been impacted, but nevertheless it took down the affected sites to be on the safer side and investigate into the matter.

“Nothing is more important to us than the privacy and security of our consumers’ personal data,” the company said in the statement. “We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time,” it added.

Well, we hope there isn’t much loss to the company and to the users whose data is there with the company.

Top 30 Cydia tweaks of 2011 for iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad (video)

While you may be the one who likes to follow the rules, the folks on the other side of the fence aka the rule-breakers aka the jailbreakers are having some fun too, exploiting what Apple doesn’t want you to exploit. To show you how much they are having, a kid from somewhere-on-earth does a pretty good 15 minute demo of what Cydia can do to your device.

Would you jailbreak your device after watching this video?

How To: Bring back the old Facebook chat system

We’ve been receiving unhealthy reviews of the new Facebook Chat a la Sidebar system ever since Mark Zuckerberg’s men launched the feature in their ‘Something Awesome’ event last month. Many users complained that the sidebar occupied a large chunk of their page, squeezing the other bits around to fit in. This looked ugly and caused trouble, especially when playing games like FarmVille. Hence, unanimously, all the people who have written in to us said they would be glad if they could get back the old Facebook Chat system and asked if we could help them. The answer is: YES!

While there isn’t a smooth fix to Facebook‘s new fugly integration, after thorough research we did find a couple of workarounds to help settle the issue for the time being.

The first workaround is very simple and requires no kind of external installations or anything. All you would require is a simple link which you can open in a new window or tab, bringing the good old Facebook chat box and the same functionality back which Facebook-ers have been enjoying for years. Just visit while you are signed in to Facebook and enjoy. Super simple.

The second workaround is actually for a certain category of users — Chrome-ians. If Google’s browser is your daily decoder, then you can install a Facebook Chat extension called Fix the New Facebook Chat that basically keeps the same styling as the new sidebar, but hides all the offline contacts.

Out of frustration of the new Facebook Chat System, you know – the one that shows offline contacts jumbled up awkwardly with online and Idle contacts – I decided to create an extension to hide all the offline contacts to have a simplified interface which will show only Online and Idle contacts side-by-side, similar to the old interface, with the added bonus of the new search function and multi-person chat function!

What this extension does is that it shows you only the online contacts in your list, thus fulfilling your purpose of hiding the offline contacts and making it easier for you.

To sum up, both the workarounds accomplish the same goal, that is, to make life easier for you on the world’s largest social network, without having to do something difficult on your side. Both the tricks are easy to perform and can be done in a matter of seconds!

So, which workaround do you prefer: the link one or the Chrome extension one?

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iPad, Kinect come together for three-dimensional Augmented Reality (video)

Microsoft’s Kinect was one of the most wonderful things to have come out of the world of technology. Many wonderful things have been done in the past with the Redmond company’s magical gadget, with one of my own favorites being controlling a PC with hand gestures and, of course, turning Google’s Gmail Motion April Fool prank into reality. As it stands, Kinect is also the best-selling and most-hacked motion controller in the world today. But it was surprising to see it’s meeting with the iPad was delayed till now.

The folks at LAAN labs have finally hooked up the Kinect to the iPad with an outstanding application, indulging the devices in clever scenarios. In their example, a Kinect is used to capture 3D data of its surroundings which is then being wirelessly fed to an iPad 2 and enhanced in gorgeous augmented reality on the tablet, courtesy of the String Augmented Reality SDK for iOS. Zzzup! Isn’t it awesome? Check it out for yourself:

via Engadget

Hacked! China warns Google to back off or bear the brunt

In a classic case of Whodunit, China has warned Google to stay within their limits or suffer, after Google, who noticed quite a few gmail accounts being hacked, accused China of the unholy act. The Asian giant denied indulging into any act of hacking and suggested Google is playing a risky game by blaming them, which can spark serious political unrest between the two countries (USA and China). An overseas edition of the People’s Daily, the leading newspaper of China’s ruling Communist Party, went on to label Google as a “political tool vilifying the Chinese government,” and also claimed that Google is “deliberately pandering to negative Western perceptions of China, strongly hinting that the hacking attacks were the work of the Chinese government.”

Few tidbits…

“Google’s accusations aimed at China are spurious, have ulterior motives, and bear malign intentions”

“Google should not become overly embroiled in international political struggle, playing the role of a tool for political contention”

“For when the international winds shift direction, it may become sacrificed to politics and will be spurned by the marketplace”

So who actually hacked those gmail accounts is not yet known, and also unknown is how China will actually hurt Google’s business, but one thing’s for sure, this warning cannot be taken likely as things could get really ugly here.

Source: Reuters

PlayStation Network (PSN) down again, ‘not’ hacked it seems

It seems that Sony’s revival party has been cut short after the company went offline again with their PlayStation Network (PSN). The only difference this time, it seems, is that the network hasn’t been hacked again, but is suffering from another major issue.

Previously, if you legitimately forgot your password and wanted to reset it, all you had to do was type in your e-mail address and date of birth, then choose a delightfully cunning new password. Sounds good? NOW, the problem is that if you were a PSN member before the hack then both your e-mail address and your date of birth (plus a lot of other frightening stuff) is known to the hackers. So, whoever has the millions of rows of data that were exposed could, in theory, re-exploit any account.

Sony was made aware of the issue and those pages are now offline again, which should make the Japanese government feel just a little big smug.


Sony’s PlayStation Network, Qriocity and Sony Online Entertainment services went down after an attack on them by a group of hackers, accused to be ‘Anonymous’.

The networks then suffered two more attacks, completing a hat-trick.

This prompted Sony to write a letter to its publishers and developers to explain the situation clearly (hit link to see full exclusive letter)

Shortly after that, the PSN was online again, though only for the developers (Internal link).

Then within no time, Sony began phased restoration of the PSN, slowly giving access to users all over the world.

Today, the PSN is down again, though this time it doesn’t seem it’s been hacked.

Will Sony be able to come out of this mess with flying colors? When?

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BREAKING: PlayStation Network (PSN) is online again (for developers)

Good News: Sony’s ailing and bruised PlayStation Network (PSN) is back up and running.  Spoiler: No not for you, but only for the developers.

After a hat-trick of attacks on Sony’s PlayStation Network, Qriocity and Sony Entertainment Online services, the company looked in troubled waters but this move, though only internal for now, is a positive sign indeed.

Japanese firm Sony previously tried to get back up quickly and resume services for everyone again, but kept stumbling. With more than 3 weeks of inactivity, developers and publishers started to voice their concern as they were beginning to make huge loses. This prompted Sony to write a letter to them, explaining the entire situation. The letter, though informative, failed to assure them of the future or whether any kind of compensation will be given for this inactivity. This, obviously, wasn’t digested properly.

But do hell with all this negative talk, for today the PlayStation Network is online again! The company has started the services internally, meaning, for now, only developers can access their accounts. For us? Well, it’ll still take time. Sony’s set itself a May-end deadline.

The news of Sony’s internal resumption comes from a reader (named Kagari) of a gaming industry forum NEOGAF. According to him, the resumption in internal activities is for testing purposes but will be opened to everyone very soon.

Okay, so this was mentioned in the old thread by a QA tester and since then I have had other developers confirm to me that this is the case. The internal PSN developer network is online again, at least it seems for some, although things are still a bit shaky at the moment such as lack of new account sign up.

Looks like the full network, at least the online play/account part of it, will be back soon.

Sony currently has a user-base of 77 million-plus users, but how many will continue to stay with them only time will tell…

Will you stick with Sony despite all this drama or you are happy to jump the ship to Microsoft and Xbox?

Amazon App Store is US only — Hacked — Amazon App Store is global NOW!

Amazon’s Android App Store, which works only for people in the U.S, has now been hacked to work from anywhere and for everyone.

Quickly re-visiting the happenings, it was back in October last year when we first told you that Amazon is building its own App Store for Android devices. Then came the announcement that you can buy Apps from the Amazon App Store even though you don’t have an Android device. Finally, about 10 days ago, we told you the Amazon App Store is launching on the 22nd of March.

With less than a week of its existence, the Amazon App Store, which started as U.S only, has now been hacked to work from any and every part of the world! So lets proceed towards the ‘hack’…

P.S. If you’re not the types who likes to work around the things, then there’s a candy for you too: users can download one paid app for free! EVERYDAY!

Like what you read? Lets step up a bit then. This ain’t for the feint-hearted…


The Amazon App Store Application from (you can get it from here)


  • Create a dummy email id
  • Go to Amazon and create an account using this email id
  • Now go to Fake Name Generator and generate a fake person in the U.S
  • Enter the fake name, address, phone number and credit card number that you generated in the Amazon account information
  • Download the Amazon app for Android from the link provided
  • Open the Amazon Application on your Android device
  • Sign in using the details you just entered to create the fake Amazon id
  • That’s it, you’re done! You can now browse and download the daily free paid application!
Note: You will not be able to download paid applications, apart from the one you are allowed to download for free. But with a paid app given away for free EVERYDAY, who needs to spend money explicitly, anyway? 😉

Hack your scores in Game Center! (video demo)

The hacker community seems to have upped the ante and are trying to hack almost everything that comes their way, with Apple’s Game Center being their latest victim.

HackCenter is a new hack that lets you inflate your score, in any game, to how much ever you want, and then send the inflated score to Game Center. The hack will soon be available on the Cydia store.

In the video below the developer demonstrates how to use HackCenter to inflate the scores of a game called Fruit Ninja:

Enable AirPlay on ALL Apps (Hack)

When it comes to hacking your iDevice, you look further than Cydia. A developer called Zone-MR has developed a hack which enables AirPlay in ALL applications, including Apple’s browser Safari.

This is big because it means Apple could easily (and will most likely) enable it in future versions of the iOS.

You can download the hack from here: