Metro-style Xbox 360 Dashboard 2011 Update leaks (video)

Microsoft’s new Metro-style Xbox 360 Dashboard 2011 Update, which was demoed earlier this year at E3, has been caught being browsed through in a leaked video (below) posted on YouTube by a user named ivazques71. In the video, the user goes through almost all of the next Xbox Dashboard’s menus to show us how it is shaping for release later this year.

Microsoft’s upgrade this year is based on Metro: a simple, clean and modern design language developed by the Redmond giant which is currently used in Windows Phone 7 and is slowly being introduced to other major products like Windows 8, Xbox 360 and the company’s suite of services under the Windows Live brand.

According to the video, the new Xbox Experience is expected to roll out on November 15th. But if past updates are anything to go by, it is due to come out some time this month itself. We have a keen eye on proceedings in Redmond.

Microsoft demonstrates Windows 8 tablet concept

Microsoft demoed an early version of its next-generation Windows 8 operating system running on a concept tablet at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference presentation held last week. The company briefly showed off the mysterious tablet, which touted a user interface that looks very similar to the Redmond giant’s mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7, however immediately squashing claims of a Windows Phone 7-running tablet with an announcement from Windows Phone boss Andy Lees who feels that a tablet should be able to do everything a PC could, which is why WP7 won’t be considered.

The company’s main aim, now, is to build Windows 8 in such a way that it works flawlessly on both desktop computers as well as tablets, thus combining desktop capabilities with a UI that is truly touch-friendly.

What do you think of Windows 8 and Microsoft‘s upcoming tablets?

Hacked! China warns Google to back off or bear the brunt

In a classic case of Whodunit, China has warned Google to stay within their limits or suffer, after Google, who noticed quite a few gmail accounts being hacked, accused China of the unholy act. The Asian giant denied indulging into any act of hacking and suggested Google is playing a risky game by blaming them, which can spark serious political unrest between the two countries (USA and China). An overseas edition of the People’s Daily, the leading newspaper of China’s ruling Communist Party, went on to label Google as a “political tool vilifying the Chinese government,” and also claimed that Google is “deliberately pandering to negative Western perceptions of China, strongly hinting that the hacking attacks were the work of the Chinese government.”

Few tidbits…

“Google’s accusations aimed at China are spurious, have ulterior motives, and bear malign intentions”

“Google should not become overly embroiled in international political struggle, playing the role of a tool for political contention”

“For when the international winds shift direction, it may become sacrificed to politics and will be spurned by the marketplace”

So who actually hacked those gmail accounts is not yet known, and also unknown is how China will actually hurt Google’s business, but one thing’s for sure, this warning cannot be taken likely as things could get really ugly here.

Source: Reuters

Google versus Apple just gets bigger and better!

Such is the war raging between these two giants that there is no need for anyone to explain what this is all about. And in the last few years, the battle has just picked up. The ultimate aim: to get one better over the other and to rule the rest!

Day two of the Google I/O event saw the search engine giant unveil the Google TV and boy is it some match for the Apple TV or what. “Smart” and easy-to-use, Google TV is something which you just cannot hate, irrespective of whether you belong to the Apple camp or Google camp. And the fact that Apple TV has slightly been forgotten by many due to Apple’s negligence to monitor it’s growth, Google TV is all set to become the next most-wanted product that will give users everything they want.

Google’s plan of combining internet with television viewing, without the need of anything extra like set-top-boxes,etc. will only make Apple to revamp their product and help revive Apple TV. All in all, it is the consumers who will benefit. Catch the video below to see how good Google TV actually is!

Apple Shocker: WiFi iPads with NO WiFi

Comments like “Not spending $500 on something I cant even use. Its going back tomorrow” are already doing the rounds in Apple’s forum.

Just a day after the Apple iPad reached consumers, the complaints are already soaring in. The main reason attracting consumer anger: a very weak, and sometimes even NO, WiFi signal detected by the iPad.

So, on one hand Apple is celebrating selling 3,00,000 iPads on the first day, on the other hand it is facing some serious consumer ire.

According to the complaints doing the rounds all over the internet (and even on Apple’s support forums), the iPad’s WiFi connectivity is not up to the mark. It is either showing a very weak signal or no signal at all. And what is more worrying for Apple is that other devices are doing pretty fine in that range in the consumer’s place.

Having this issue with my iPad as well. It’s dropping down to one bar in a part of the house the most other devices, including my MBP (Mac Book Pro) and my iPhone, get full service” said one of the unhappy lot.

Apple has neither released any statement regarding this fault as yet,  nor has it offered any solution.

To sum up, with already much ado about no flash on the iPad, this WiFi issue will certainly not help Apple’s cause to win over the anti-iPad group. In fact, they might even risk losing their current users. All’s not well for the Cupertino giant at the moment. We’ll keep you updated as things break out.

City ‘renamed’ Google to lure Google

An American city, Topeka, has renamed itself “Google” for a month, as it bids for the chance to host the search engine’s new high-speed broadband network.

The city, the capital of Kansas, will unofficially be known as “Google, Kansas – the capital city of fibre optics” during March.

Officials in the town, which has a population of 1,25,000, came up with the idea for “just a bit of fun” to help boost its chances of taking part in the trial of the search giant’s new broadband service.

Google last month announced it was to build the experimental, ultra high-speed broadband network across America. It said the trial would provide up to 5,00,000 people with high speed broadband at speeds of up to one gigabit per second — 200 times faster than the average UK speed of 5 mb/s.

The service will be an extension of Google’s existing fibre network, which links its various data centres around the US. Cities near these centres will be asked to nominate themselves to take part in the trial.

As a result a frenzy of ideas have been put forward including from thousands of Americans across the country, Google said.

More than 200 groups on Facebook are pushing different cities and counties for Google’s broadband plan.

One ideas submitted included a group in Baltimore launching a Web site that uses Google mapping to plot the location of more than 1,000 residents and gives their reasons for wanting the service.

Other cities in pursuit include Cincinnati, Portland (Oregon), Grand Rapids (Michigan), Rochester (New York), Baton Rouge (Louisiana).

But it seemed to date the most original appeared to be the Kansas capital.

William Bunten, the 79 year-old mayor, said the city’s population, particularly the young, had embraced the idea.

One Facebook group set up the town’s youth is Bring Google’s Fiber Experiment to Topeka which has attracted almost 14,500 members.

The idea, which came from one of the local activists, was backed by the city council at a meeting earlier this month.

On the council’s website, a statement says: “The City of Topeka welcomes the opportunity to participate in this unique technological experiment, if selected as Google trial community, to benefit our citizens in providing all opportunities to access Internet Technologies.”

Mr Bunten, who has held office since 2005, said the idea was “just fun”.

“We’re having a good time of it,” he said.

“There’s a lot of good things that are going on in our city.

“It’s just a little different, and will probably bring some attention.”

Google said the move was part of its “hope to make a meaningful contribution to the shared goal of delivering faster and better Internet for everyone”.

“People are hungry for faster speeds and improved Internet access,” said Dan Martin, a Google spokesman, said.

The deadline to meet Google’s request for bid information is at the end of March.

The selected communities will be announced later this year.

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Intel’s latest financial filing with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) reveals that the company was a major target in a sophisticated hacking attack in January, a risk not previously cited in the company’s quarterly filings.

“One recent and sophisticated incident occurred in January 2010 around the same time as the recently publicized security incident reported by Google,” the company states in its Form 10-K Annual Report. “We seek to detect and investigate these security incidents and to prevent their recurrence, but in some cases we might be unaware of an incident or its magnitude and effects.”

Such attacks, the company says, “are sometimes successful.”

The chip-making giant says that it regularly faces attempts to penetrate its systems, which may represent industrial espionage or efforts to harm the company.

Intel, however, made no comments about the impact of the successful attacks.

It’s not clear how alarmed organizations should be by such attacks, given that Intel’s acknowledgment comes as a matter of regulatory compliance.

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