The future is gaming: How new gamers are affecting society

The growth of technology and computer science made the video games part of the society. The effects of their presence are negative and positive. But it is definitely certain that the video gaming industry is growing and improving. But how the video games are affecting on the society? Are the video games more and more … Continue reading “The future is gaming: How new gamers are affecting society”

EA releases latest iteration of FIFA Street (video)

Electronics Arts has released the latest iteration of its hugely popular football sim FIFA Street, bringing joy to many soccer fanatics all around. The game, allowing gamers to get street smart and enact their real-life rink-football skills on the big screen, has been one of the most eagerly awaited football games this year after EA’s FIFA … Continue reading “EA releases latest iteration of FIFA Street (video)”

Sony Playstation phone gets a preview in China

We have already told you a lot about the sony playstation phone and we also showed you a playstation phone in action but today we shall give you a much in-depth detail about the phone. Sony over the years had been great in the gaming sector especially with awesome controls that every game lover wanted … Continue reading “Sony Playstation phone gets a preview in China”

Will The Gaming revolution Begin in The Mac?

Until now to be frank gaming has been poor on the Mac and a lot of gamers have shifted from Mac to Windows for gaming. I don’t really know the reason why Developers and Gaming Companies have not yet invested in making games for the Mac. Maybe they did not find it profit oriented or … Continue reading “Will The Gaming revolution Begin in The Mac?”

Razer giving away free Power Gaming Suite

Razer, celebrating reaching 1,33,337 fans on its Facebook page, is giving away the best you can get: The Ultimate Razer Power Gaming Suite – components of which will be totally decided by YOU. In order to win the over-$500-worth kit, all you have to do is fill up a form which takes about a minute … Continue reading “Razer giving away free Power Gaming Suite”

Apple iPhone – the money making machine

Apple’s iPhone is not just a phone. Its a money making machine too. “iPhone has been huge for us” claims PopCap CEO, Dave Roberts whose games have been a major hit with iPhone users and has yielded him millions of dollars. “I continue to be amazed at how much business we do on the iPhone” … Continue reading “Apple iPhone – the money making machine”

XBox360 launches in India

Here is some really good news for the gamers out there in India: Microsoft have launched a sleeker and smaller variant of the XBox360 in the country, priced slightly under 22k. The console boasts of 250GB of memory and is totally WiFi enabled. It comes with a Wireless Controller, a headset (for Xbox Live) and a … Continue reading “XBox360 launches in India”

Zynga and Yahoo together in a new contract

Zynga’s new contract with Yahoo proves 1 thing which is simply states Zynga aims to spread it games much further than the social network-facebook. Though the Zynga games like farmville and Mafia Wars have become one of the most exciting topics on facebook Zynga is trying to capture the online gaming market from all over … Continue reading “Zynga and Yahoo together in a new contract”

Exclusive from Firstain: iPad released!!!!

Apple Event Live Blog: The lights are dimming. The show should start soon! 🙂 Steve is out!!!! Its got it all!!!!!! Browsing the web is much easier!: iTunes Redefined!!! Check out the video streaming! Gaming takes a new level!!! Key Features See web pages as they were meant to be seen — one whole page … Continue reading “Exclusive from Firstain: iPad released!!!!”