The future is gaming: How new gamers are affecting society

The growth of technology and computer science made the video games part of the society. The effects of their presence are negative and positive. But it is definitely certain that the video gaming industry is growing and improving.

But how the video games are affecting on the society? Are the video games more and more consistent today? Well, certainly they are. Children and adults are including the video games in their lives every day, it is becoming like a routine. Here you will read about the positive and negative impact of the video games on the society.

What are the positive effects?

• Better coordination of the eyes

– It is commonly known that those people who are playing video games have better coordination of their eyes. They are becoming more skilled within time since they are practicing their eyes for longer period.

– Also it is known that the players can stimulate their body movements better and can become better. For example if a tennis player tends to play video games, he/she will have better coordination of the hands while playing.

– The virtual reality stimulation games are often used to train drivers and pilots. Such games help the pilots and the drivers to get used to the environment and get practice before going in the real world.

– The coordination and concentration of the eye is increased and people can learn without engaging someone’s life.

• Better training of the brain

– Some of the video games are designed with a purpose to give better training to the brain. “Players enjoy playing these types of games since they are asked to solve the game or to complete some challenge that requires increased activity of the brain, or a lot of thinking,” says Matthew Joyce who is a cognitive psychologist and works at Game Period.

– Players get great satisfaction at the end after they finish playing since they know that they solved something and learnt something new.

– People can learn more from the games than the classical learning.

• Better strategy and thinking skills

– Players often develop their strategy and thinking skills while playing some war games or strategy games that require a lot of thinking and making strategies in order to win. Instead of just playing with the character in the video game, the players needs to use the character to achieve success.

– The management games are also good video games since people think to plan and think throughout the game. The football games are often of this type.

– These games can help the players to think better and to become more adaptable. Since they are making decisions that would affect the real world, they need to think.

What are the negative effects?

• Isolation from the society

– The gamers are often isolated from the society since they spend a lot of their time playing games. This might result negatively on their social skills.

– Players usually say that they do not see the things that way since they have a lot of online friends and even they appreciate those friends than those they know in person. But since this is a virtual world they shouldn’t feel that much comfortable with the online friends because not everyone can be trusted.

– Sometimes the players spend 7-8 hours every day playing video games. The negative effects of this might be also back pain, headache, and much more.

• Negative effects in the education

– The excess playing of video games can result in some issues in the education and the learning process.

– Since the players spend a lot of time in front of the computer, they can lose the will for studying and be occupied only with the games. Some of the students do not even attend their classes from the excessive playing. Some of them even drop years at college or get stuck in big debts.

– The lack of sleep also affects the education.

• Cost issues

– The cost issues are another problem of the gamer. Due to the need to have all newly released games in their drawers, the gamers usually spend a lot of money in getting them.

– The gaming industry is very expensive, so the games are not cheap at all.

– The Internet, electricity, hardware costs are also among the expenses.

The future impact of the games

– Since we know that the video games are becoming more popular in the society, it is considered that the gaming industry will become more present in the lives of the people in the next 20 years.

– Since the tools used in the games are of a high technology, the people can learn a lot from the games before they actually start using their skills in the real environment.