iOS & Android Game Controllers: New direction in mobile gaming

Samsung GamePad Courtesy: 9to5google

Logitech and Samsung, two of the biggest tech giants in terms of innovative hardware have come up with a completely new genre of devices. The former has brought in a mobile gaming controller for iOS powered Apple iPhones and latter has devised a smartphone gamepad along with mobile console app. Here are some of the features and what’s in store with both the device.

Starting with Samsung’s GamePad, it is made for enhancing the gaming experience on the popular Galaxy smartphones. The phones with screen size of 4-6.3’’ can easily be connected to this gamepad which can also be connected to TV via  HDMI cable for experiencing your mobile game on the big screen. This gamepad connects to smartphones and tablets, running Android 4.3 or higher, via Bluetooth. The lucky few devices that made in the list of compatible devices include Galaxy series S4, S3 and Note 3 and Note 2 from Note series.

Currently there are almost 35 compatible games and Samsung has launched it in select European markets with a promise of many more compatible games in 2014. The tech giant will be releasing it in India in January ’14 with a price tag of Rs. 4999.

Moving on to Apple’s MFi game controller frameworks that were released at the WWDC in June, Logitech Powershell comes with specified form-fitted controller. The iPhone 5, 5S and iPod touch can slide easily in the controller and be connected with a lightning connector. A 1500 mAh battery, 120gm weight and a rubberized grip that covers the whole controller takes gaming on your Apple device to a whole new level.

There are few drawbacks with the Logitech controller like crammed buttons, which loosely sit in the space, protruding. This might result in accidental press of buttons sometimes. Apart from this it leaves open spaces for accessing your device’s volume controls and camera. All in all it is something new for the game lovers and worth a try. Logitech is coming up with a list of games that are compatible with the game controller and we can expect Apple to come up with a section of games in the App Store which will be compatible with it.

The $100 price tag makes Logitech controller an attractive option for iOS users just like Samsung’s  GamePad is for Android ones.

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