Futuristic Gadgets for the New You

Technological advancement knows no bounds. There is no limit to the human imagination and everyday innovators and inventors come up with new offerings that continue to baffle and amaze us. The future of technology is here and now and it looks even brighter with new steps being taken in innovation every day.

Here are a few innovative gadgets that truly will redefine your life and you can use to usher in the future into your life:

LightMate Emergency LED Flash Light

This is not just an ordinary flash light. The Satechi LightMate is a very practical gadget meeting various requirements. It has a bright, plastic LED making it safe and long lasting. The light can be switched to different modes like Strobe, SOS, bright, medium and dim according to what suits you. It also comes with a portable power bank with a 2200 mAh battery and a USB charging port to allow you to charge your phone or devices on the go, in an emergency or in the face of light failure. It is water proof and has a high durability making it less prone to break and comes with an inbuilt steel glass breaker as well. This is truly one gadget that will serve all your needs!

Divoom Voombox

This is a unique portable and wireless speaker that is great for outdoor music and recreation purposes. You can easily connect your device to the speaker through Bluetooth and its quality will blow you away. The audio quality is state of the art and even water resistant in case you’re tempted to take it to your next summer pool party. Bring the roof down with this incredible device that is well worth your money.

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Logitech Harmony Home Control

We’ve all been through the headache of having to handle way too many remote controls for various appliances scattered around the house. This is one cool gadget that works as a universal remote control offering you to use your smartphone as a remote too. It works with your entertainment system and other devices too like an inbuilt thermostat around the house. It is compatible with over 27,000 devices which include satellite boxes, TV, Apple TV, Sonos, Xbox and many more devices to give you a one stop control of the world around you.

Nespresso Pixie

This is an amazing coffee maker giving a twist to your regular coffee maker. It makes espresso coffee using espresso pods ensuring you get the perfect coffee every time. It comes with a folding drip tray for bigger cups and it can brew coffee within 30 seconds. It can detect the water level giving you an indication and also has an auto power-off. It comes with a 24 ounce water tank making it easy for you to make large helpings of coffee for those heavy mornings when everyone is demanding their morning fix.

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TrackR StickR

We’ve all been through the frustration of losing everyday objects like keys, smartphones and wallets and it can be even more frustrating of trying to remember where we kept them. This is a great gadget that solves all your issues. It is a coin sized device which you can attach to any item. You can simply access the lost items through your smartphone app which will guide you to your lost items through a beeping sound. The app can also guide you even if the phone is on silent mode and is compatible with both Android and iOS. You never have to worry about losing any item again.

Get these amazing, futuristic gadgets that will make life’s everyday functioning quite smooth. Technology is slowly taking over and the future looks even more promising with the present so good!