Infinity Blade II and Where’s my water go free on the app store

Premium games on the App store like Infinity Blade II and Where’s my water have gone free on the app store.

The reason is yet unknown. While some speculate the promotional offer is to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the app store while others say it is just a normal promotion.

What ever the case may be, just go and download them for FREE. ENJOY playing Infinity Blade II and Where’s my water.

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$15 or free bumper: iPhone 4 ‘Antennagate’ reaches climax

Hello doooey! Remember the ‘antennagate‘ fiasco which gripped the tech industry with the launch of the iPhone 4 back in 2010? Yup,  the same “you’re holding it the wrong way” phone drama that catapulted into being one of the most talked about and unwanted issue of all times. Though Apple tried their best in negating this issue with several head-to-head comparisons with other smartphones, it still couldn’t prevent a lawsuit being filed against it which alleged that “the case and antenna design led to a substantial degradation in signal quality and dropped calls when the phone is used in a normal and foreseeable fashion by users“. Apple, in all honesty, couldn’t defend its stance and had to agree to settle the issue by giving all iPhone 4 owners (US only) either a $15 compensation or one of the company’s squeaky bumper cases. Those qualified can redeem the compensation from either side of Apple’s email alerts regarding the same.

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Christmas Special: Three awesome paid iPhone apps available for free

First of all, we at Firstain would like to wish all of you wonderful people a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. May you have a blessed 2012!

Talking of Xmas, we all like gifts. And usually around this time of the year we get gifts aplenty, from Santa [ 😉 ] or otherwise. Sometimes, we even get some paid iPhone apps for free.

What we have today are three awesome and hugely popular iPhone apps which are otherwise available for money, but free for some time. The apps in question are:

WhatsApp Messenger: The best third-party free instant-messaging app out there which caters to the iPhone, Android, Nokia and BlackBerry platforms alike. A must have for socializing people. Will you be second time lucky?

Usual price: $0.99. Christmas special: free. >> Download






LogMeIn: Hugely regarded as one of the best remote desktop applications, the $30 (usual price) app has gone free and there’s no reason why you should not get it. Get it?

Usual price: $30. Christmas special: free. >> Download




Jetpack Joyride: One of the best iOS games of the year, Jetpack Joyride is loved worldwide and is available for absolutely nothing this Xmas. Once bitten, twice shy?

Usual price: $0.99. Christmas special: free. >> Download

Holiday Deals: 100+ top Android apps available for FREE [Limited period offer]

This is one of the big reasons why everyone loves the holiday season: because of the gifts and discounts everyone get. Today, an Android Market alternative and one of the most popular sources of third-party apps, GetJar, is giving away more than a hundred top paid Android apps for free. Some of the freebies include Beautiful Widgets, Unlock with WiFi, BeWeather Pro, Smart Office, Tapatalk, Paper Camera, Alarm Clock Xtreme, Backbreaker, Smart Office and games like Fruit Ninja HD (exclusive to Tegra-based devices), Age of Zombies, Samurai 2: Vengeance, and many more. It sure is one hell of a deal to miss out on.

We don’t know how long this offer is valid up to but usually these sort of deals are almost always for a limited time period only so get downloading while you can.

You can download the apps from here: GetJar Gold Apps For Free [Official Website]

Via Redmond Pie

Free iOS games by EA today!

By now you might know that EA offers a few ios games free everyday.The games are free only for 24 hours so they should be grabbed as soon as possible.

Today EA is giving away 3 ios games for free.The free games are-

1.Asphalt 6

2.The Sims freeplay

3.Monopoly here and now-The World Edition.

These games can be found here


Domino’s launches new iPad app, allows you to design your pizza virtually then order it really (video)

Famous pizza outlet Domino’s has launched a fun and interactive new iPad app – Domino’s Pizza Hero – which lets customers design their own pizza virtually on their iPad and then order it in real life at just the press of a button. The app also has a game aspect to it, leaving you to compete against the clock and against each other on the leaderboards to create the best pizza. Once you’re done designing your pizza, you can order it using the “Make an Order” option on app which sends the order to your closest Domino’s outlet. A Domino’s rep did say, however, that there are limitations to what you can order — for instance you couldn’t order a pizza shaped like an Apple logo, even though that’d be really cool. Nonetheless, its a fantastic initiative from Domino’s to market themselves.

You can download the Domino’s Pizza Hero app for free from the App Store.

Galaxy S II beats iPhone 4S in free fall (video)

We mean the drop test.

The iPhone 4′s design was heavily criticized over the use of chemically strengthened glass for its enclosure. The pundits typically highlight a zero percent probability of the device landing on the “right” side in an unfortunate event of slipping out of your sweaty hands onto the pavement. Whichever way you look at it, both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S have questionable droppability compared to other handsets using chassis engineered around the usual metal + plastic + glass combo.

The guys behind SquareTrade took Apple’s latest offering and Samsung’s greatest ever device for an airborne ride to see which one survives a waist high and shoulder high drop. The result wasn’t surprising:

Apple‘s iPhone 4S was (literally) crushed by Samsung‘s Galaxy S II (being light weight helps!) in this drop test.

Via 9to5mac

Samsung Galaxy Note gets launch date

Remember Samsung’s mini tablet / large smartphone they unveiled at the IFA show in Berlin last month which goes by the name of Galaxy Note? It has apparently been given a launch date — November 17.

Korean gadget maker Samsung had announced the device last month, which looks like either a monster smartphone or a mini tablet as it fits in between these two categories with a 5.3 inch Super AMOLED display with 800×1280 resolution.

The Galaxy Note will run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread (with an update expected to available pretty soon for it) and packs a punch with a 1.4GHz dual-core processor and HSPA+. It will also have two cameras — an 8MP camera on the back and a 2MP webcam on the front, a ‘Smart Pen’ stylus for control and on-screen scribbling, and 16GB of onboard storage that can be expanded via the microSD card slot. It will be 9.65mm thick and weigh 178g and is rumored to cost as much as £600 SIM free.

Simon Stanford, MD of mobile for Samsung UK and Ireland said, “The Galaxy Note is a great example of Samsung’s passion for innovation by bringing to market a brand new category of mobile products. It is our fastest handset to date and brings together all the benefits of our award-winning smartphone technology and services.”

We’ll be eagerly waiting for this “new category” device to launch.

Breaking: Whatsapp Messenger for iPhone free for a limited period

Breaking: Whatsapp Messenger for iPhone free for a limited period

Go and download the Whatsapp Messenger for iPhone free here

Enjoy your free WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone