Amazon is selling content and not Kindle Fire,Will it Work?

Amazon has received a warm welcome when it comes to the sale of Amazon Kindle Fire but a lot has to be yet understood.

A few weeks ago there was a news which said that Amazon is selling the Kindle Fire at a loss.Why would any company sell anything at a loss.It can be a short term loss for a long term gain but it can not simply be a loss making device.

The Kindle Fire is more about content as we all know and it is quite clear that Amazon will want to make it’s money via content(Amazon Prime and other content).

But Amazon is only selling it’s content in the United States due to licensing reasons.This means that Kindle cannot make money on content(apps,movies,games,tv shows etc) anywhere else in the world except United States.

Yet Amazon believes that it will make up for the loss on Kindle Fire. We are not sure how Amazon would manage it. We hope that international stores open up soon so that we can make use of Amazon services and Amazon can make the required money.

So far the Kindle Fire sales have done very well but how far has content sold we have no idea.The Amazon app store has not broken any records in sales as yet.

Video: Apple airs new iPad 2 commercial – “Love”

Apple has released a new iPad 2 commercial titled Love which has now gone on air. In the ad, Apple demonstrates how the device is used by people in their day-to-day activities, such as editing videos through iMovie, mixing and editing music, designing, etc. In short, the holidays are coming and Apple wants to prove to you why buying the iPad 2 will be a wise call, fending off competition from cheaper alternatives like Amazon’s Nook and Fire, and the various Android tablets out there. Love.

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 vs Nook Color… Fight!

As you are aware, Amazon finally launched their own answer to Apple’s iPad in the form of Kindle Fire which is far less than an iPad competitor in my own humble opinion. For instance, there is no camera, no microphone and no 3G support in the Kindle Fire. You can access the internet only through WiFi and be able to read e-books,  listen to music, watch movies and play games available for download through the Amazon Appstore for Android. But still, for the pure tech moguls, here’s a side by side specs comparison of Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Apple’s iPad 2 and Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color:

The biggest plus side of the Fire is that the device will come with a 60-day free trial of Amazon Prime (a $79 a year value) membership and pre-registered with your Amazon account, so you can literally use it right out of the box. But still, it is far too less to entice anyone to opt for the Fire, again, in my own humble opinion.

You can get more of the Fire at Amazon’s new Fire page and over at

Amazon’s Kindle Fire TV Commercial (video)

Amazon: “From Kindle, the Fire is born” …

The voiceover quotes French writer François-Marie Arouet Voltaire.

The instruction we find in books is like fire. We fetch it from our neighbors, kindle it at home, communicate it to others, and it becomes property of all.

The new Kindle Fire tablet costs $199 and ships November 15. Visit for more details.