Facebook launches shared Photo Albums

A photo says a lot more than words do and from today onwards Facebook is allowing shared photo Albums. Earlier only one person could upload photos to the album i.e the creator of the album and only 1000 Photos could be uploaded. But Facebook has changed this now. A Photo Album can have photos uploaded … Continue reading “Facebook launches shared Photo Albums”

Facebook’s app centre now in India

   Facebook has recently launched the ‘App Centre’ in India and other six countries. The App Centre will help to find music services, games, apps and media content at the same junction. The social networking monster Facebook is planning to launch the ‘App Centre’ in other countries like Brazil, Spain, France, Germany, Taiwan and Turkey … Continue reading “Facebook’s app centre now in India”

Breaking: Facebook to launch app store

Its just raining app store’s from the time Apple reinvented the mobile phone. Google,Nokia,Samsung all have their app store. You can add Facebook to that list in a few days from now. Facebook has said that it would launch an app store in the upcoming weeks. Developers would build social apps which would use Facebook … Continue reading “Breaking: Facebook to launch app store”

Angry Birds finally on Facebook!

Earlier we told you that Angry Birds will soon be available on Facebook and the worldwide famous game is now available on Facebook so go out there and enjoy the game. Invite your friends,compete and excel. http://apps.facebook.com/angrybirds/ is the link to Angry birds on Facebook. The game is currently in beta.

All details about Facebook IPO

We all knew that Facebook is the largest social network but after Facebook filled papers for an initial public offering we came to know some amazing facts about the great company. The facts : 1. Facebook seeks to raise around $5billion in an IPO. This would value the company anywhere between $80 billion – $100 … Continue reading “All details about Facebook IPO”

How To: Use Facebook on ANY mobile without GPRS or internet connection

More than half the world’s population can’t avoid but use Facebook and connect with friends and family the world over. It’s like the in thing these days. People use the social network to connect and interact with friends, read and share news stories, interact with their favorite brands, listen to music, share videos and do lot … Continue reading “How To: Use Facebook on ANY mobile without GPRS or internet connection”

Angry Birds on Facebook soon!

Rovio shall launch Angry Birds on Facebook soon. Valentine’s day will be the special day when angry birds will be available on Facebook. This year Angry birds is spreading like wild fire. After being available on Chrome, Google+ and Nokia Asha phones(Apart from the hardwares it was already available earlier) Angry Birds will now be … Continue reading “Angry Birds on Facebook soon!”

How To: Underline or strikethrough text on Facebook

There have been a lot of times you might have wanted to underline and strikethrough text on Facebook but did not know how to do it. Don’t worry anymore.Below is a perfect guide to underlining and striking-through text on Facebook. There is an awesome web tool here which lets you underline and strikethrough text for using … Continue reading “How To: Underline or strikethrough text on Facebook”