Why a new era of Leadership is Dawning in Silicon Valley for Internet Users

It seems that Silicon Valley has had a few major changes. Yahoo, Google and Apple all saw their former CEOs step down, resign or rest in peace. These CEOs include Yahoo’s Carol Bartz, Apple’s Steve Jobs and Google’s Eric Schmidt. It seems a new era of leadership is dawning in Silicon Valley for internet users and here are the reasons why.

Carol Bartz

Carol Bartz was a CEO at Yahoo and Autodesk. She was also on the board of directors at both Intel and Cisco. However, it seems that most analysts were correct when they stated that Bartz had no real vision. Analysts stated that Yahoo needs a CEO who has imagination and has a clear vision for the company’s future not just the expertise to run a company.

In fact, a very interesting fact is that after Carol Bartz had left Yahoo, their shares increased by 6%. Since she joined at the start of 2009, Yahoo’s share prices have practically stayed the same. She tried to fix many problems by cutting down expenses but it seems that was not enough. Internet providers by zip code were infuriated at some of the cuts.

Many analysts state that she tried her best to run a company. However, Yahoo did not need to be run; it needed to be led by a creative, imaginative and passionate CEO. Unfortunately, Bartz was not what they were looking for. Even the partnership that Yahoo had with Bing was not enough to save her. Most experts believe that it was a good idea but Bartz took it in the wrong direction and lost her way.

Yahoo was then under the management of the ex CFO, Tim Morse. Scott Thompson is currently the CEO of Yahoo. Unfortunately, analysts believe that Yahoo is still not under proper management.

Steve Jobs

Apple is one of the biggest names in technology to date. Its founder, ex CEO and visionary, Steve Jobs, passed away. However, According to the new CEO Tim Cook, Steve’s spirit still lives on in Apple today. During Steve’s reign, Apple transformed from a company to a technological titan. During his reign, he oversaw the launch of some of Apples biggest products. The iPhone 5 was in production before his death.

However, most of us will have to wait for 2013 to see how Apple really does without Jobs. Most of his projects were well under way during his reign so they are literally his, not Tim Cooks. According to the new CEO, nothing in Apple has and will change after Steve Jobs’ passing. He states that he cherishes Apple just as much as Steve and his employees. He also stated that Apple was still going to make the best products in the world; products Apple could be proud of and customers will enjoy.

Eric Schmidt

Google is still playing with the big boys. Unfortunately, Eric Shmidt has stepped down as the CEO. Google is a company that was founded in September 4, 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Google is best known as a technology company that has always seemed to struggle in the media department.

In recent news, CEO Larry Page has had to deal with a large number of issues ranging from the successful launch of Google+ to the unfortunate US$500-million illegal drug-selling lawsuit. However, Larry has stated that it will now divert Google’s resources in a smarter direction. According to Page, the company will invest in fewer projects but make more success out of them.

Although it has helped millions of business and customers, it seems that its resources are constricted at the moment. This means that Google will have to work harder than ever to keep up with other technology giants.

The Change

All three companies form a huge part of Silicon Valley. In fact, all three companies are giants on the internet; giants that we need to search, browse and interact with the world. With the change in 3 CEOs, both Silicon Valley and our lives may change forever. Even internet providers by zip code may face major changes.

Three of the biggest players in Silicon Valley have either stepped down, been removed or have passed away. Google, Apple and Yahoo! are three big names in the technological industry whose futures now remain unseen. Only time will be able to tell whether the new CEOs take their respective companies to new heights or see it fall.

Eric Schmidt blabs Google Tablet coming “in the next six months”

This former Apple employee sure does blab a lot. At the opening of Google’s new offices on the former NABISCO bakery, the search engine giant’s chief executive officer told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera that “in the next six months we plan to market a tablet of the highest quality.” Now, this either means we’ll see a Google branded tablet soon, or he just meant to say the company will be launching an extensive “marketing” push with all of its hardware partners in the next two quarters. We really don’t know for sure and unfortunately, being patient is the only dish on our plates.

Via Corriere Della Sera (translated)

Eric Schmidt, Marc Andreessen and Walt Mossberg talk on Steve Jobs’ legacy (video)

Eric Schmidt, Marc Andreessen and Walt Mossberg talk to Charlie Rose on Steve Jobs’ legacy, his hatred for travelling (he never traveled to China!) and more.

Via Bloomberg

Video: Eric Schmidt blabs about Ballmer, Jobs

I was on the board until I couldn’t stand the board anymore.

Ex-Apple man and current Google CEO, Eric Schmidt came down clean on why he left Apple, though that’s the only thing he said on the issue, without elaborating on it.

Eric was on stage at Salesforce.com’s Dreamforce 2011 conference with CEO Marc Benioff at San Francisco’s Moscone West center, Apple’s preferred venue for product launches. Apart from speaking of his Apple exit, he went on to appreciate Steve Jobs’ contribution to the field of technology, attracting applauds from the crowd.

What Steve has done at Apple is certainly the best performance of a CEO for over fifty years, maybe a hundred years. But not only did he do it once, he did it twice. We’ve all benefited from the tremendous innovation at Apple. And I say this as a very proud former board member at Apple.