Adobe takes Photoshop to new heights with ‘Unblur’ feature (video)

Adobe has demoed a new feature for Photoshop at the company’s MAX 2011 event called Unblur which could end the problem of blurred photos forever. The demo invited gasps of amazement from a crowd that witnessed a blurred photo, retouched and perfected in a matter of seconds. Advanced algorithms calculate the movements of the camera at the time the … Continue reading “Adobe takes Photoshop to new heights with ‘Unblur’ feature (video)”

How To: Edit videos directly on YouTube

Don’t like re-uploading your videos on YouTube every time you make changes to them? Ever wanted to edit your videos directly on YouTube? Well, now you can. The folks at YouTube have now made it that easy to edit your videos online, thanks to a number of tools to stabilize, rotate, and spice up your clips … Continue reading “How To: Edit videos directly on YouTube”

NEW: Editing comments on Facebook is now possible (How-To guide)

Yup fellas, correcting your “oops-i-made-a-boo-boo” comments are now possible, thanks to the ever evolving geniuses of Facebook. After many new slight upgrades, the social network now allows users to edit their comments, if they need to. But there’s a catch. Editing comments Facebook recently updated their commenting system and secretly slipped in a new feature which … Continue reading “NEW: Editing comments on Facebook is now possible (How-To guide)”

Speed Up Windows XP

Speed Up Windows XP by Keeping the Operating System in Memory. One thing you can do to speed up Windows XP is to make sure that key operating system functions stay in memory. Memory (also called “RAM” for Random Access Memory) is much faster than the hard disk. Perform the following steps to boost your … Continue reading “Speed Up Windows XP”