Apple releases Safari 5.1.4

Apple has released an update to its leading browser Safari, updating it to version 5.1.4, bringing along several improvements and bug fixes along with it. You can download the update through Software Update or from here. Release notes follow… Safari 5.1.4 contains improvements to performance, stability, compatibility, and security, including changes that:  For Lion: Improve JavaScript … Continue reading “Apple releases Safari 5.1.4”

Firefox 9 is ready to roll [DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINKS]

Mozilla has completed work on the final build of Firefox 9 and is ready to roll out the update to users worldwide, just over a month after Firefox 8 was released to the public. While they’ll put up the download links on their revamped website tomorrow, you can be the first one to download it today! … Continue reading “Firefox 9 is ready to roll [DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINKS]”

Mozilla unleash Firefox 8 for Windows, Mac and Linux [DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK]

…Sort of. Though set to open for public tomorrow, Firefox 8 final has hit Mozilla’s ftp servers already and includes speed and performance enhancements among other updates. This update is part of Mozilla’s quick release plans in which they plan to release updates pretty frequently to users so they can keep up with the latest. Hence, … Continue reading “Mozilla unleash Firefox 8 for Windows, Mac and Linux [DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK]”

Apple updates Mac OS to 10.7.1 [Direct Download Link]

Apple has updated OS X to 10.7.1 which is available for download right away. The update addresses a few minor issues including the Wifi issues some people have been complaining about.  The update also incorporates the recent Migration Assistant update among the fixes. Release notes: The 10.7.1 update is recommended for all users running OS X … Continue reading “Apple updates Mac OS to 10.7.1 [Direct Download Link]”