Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 Windows Phones leak ahead of tomorrow’s announcement at Nokia World

With just hours to go for Nokia World to kick off, two new Nokia Windows Phone devices have made their way out a little too early before they are dashed out officially tomorrow. The two devices in question are the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 — both, of course, running Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS donning … Continue reading “Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 Windows Phones leak ahead of tomorrow’s announcement at Nokia World”

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich – Features at a glance

If you are a techno buff, you must already be aware of Google’s latest and greatest version of its Android operating system finally becoming a reality – 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). And if you’re a nerdy geek, chances are you already know what ICS is all about. But if you are one of those … Continue reading “Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich – Features at a glance”

Sony teases its S1 and S2 tablets (video)

Sony has come out with the first teaser video in a series of five of its S1 and S2 tablets, which are due for a release later this year in September. The video (below) shows the S1 and S2 in a lighter vein, without spilling out too much info, but does manage to get your … Continue reading “Sony teases its S1 and S2 tablets (video)”

Nokia kills Ovi; Enter Nokia Services

Nokia seems to be in a mood to bring about changes, as was expected after their partnership with Microsoft. The most recent of these changes, it seems, is the ‘killing’ of Ovi. Nokia’s Ovi, which includes the Ovi Store, Ovi Maps, and everything else Ovi, will now be renamed to Nokia Services. This change in … Continue reading “Nokia kills Ovi; Enter Nokia Services”

Amazon Cloud Player works on iOS devices!

In a u-turn of sorts, after originally offering no support to iOS devices, the developers of Amazon’s Cloud Player have silently modified their service, adding iOS devices in the compatible devices list. This means you can now stream music from the Cloud directly on your iOS device! How does it work? Open your Safari web … Continue reading “Amazon Cloud Player works on iOS devices!”

Google Instant officially live for iOS, Android devices

iOS and Android devices have officially gained full support for Google’s Instant Previews. Instant Previews provides a fast and interactive way to evaluate search results. Starting today, Google Instant Previews is available on mobile for Android (2.2+) and iOS (4.0+) devices across 38 languages. Similar to the desktop version of Instant Previews, you can visually compare … Continue reading “Google Instant officially live for iOS, Android devices”

iPhone Nano

Apple Apple Apple!!!Apple’s news and rumors never just seem to end.The iPad 2 rumors were not even over and the iPad 3 rumors already started.Now the new trend in Apple rumors is the iPhone Nano. Earlier people said that the iPhone Nano rumors are fake and Apple will never make such an iPhone ever but … Continue reading “iPhone Nano”

MWC 11: Samsung launches Galaxy Ace

Aha! So apart from the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Galaxy S II, Samsung have packed more gifts for us in their luggage en route to the MWC 2011 in Barcelona. There are 4 android devices on offer here – the Samsung Galaxy Ace, Galaxy Gio, Galaxy Fit and Galaxy mini (notice the small ‘m’ for … Continue reading “MWC 11: Samsung launches Galaxy Ace”

AT&T = 4G. Finally.

Sigh! At long last AT&T has stepped into the 4G arena, and i must say they have done so with a bang. In a case of ‘better late than never’, AT&T, the last of the ‘big 4’ carriers in the US to provide 4G service, have set out to make 2011 their own with a … Continue reading “AT&T = 4G. Finally.”

Microsoft to unveil ‘iPad-killing’ slates at CES 2011

CES is an annual technology event which takes place in the first quarter of every year. Many new gadgets and technological advancements are showcased every year, and this year Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will demonstrate few slates, which he thinks will “offer some competition to the Apple iPad”. The NYTimes reports: Next month, at the 2011 Consumer … Continue reading “Microsoft to unveil ‘iPad-killing’ slates at CES 2011”

LIVE: FaceTime for Mac

Apple has shipped 19 million FaceTime-enabled devices in the first 4 months itself and now they have introduced FaceTime for Mac! “The number 1 request we’ve gotten is, can we please do FaceTime calling with these devices and the Mac? We’re introducing FaceTime for the Mac today.” FaceTime for Mac released in Beta today! Building… … Continue reading “LIVE: FaceTime for Mac”

Vimeo goes HTML5, and the web innovates…

The web is changing. Rather, innovating. And a good indicator of this would be the number of ‘switches’ from Flash to HTML5 we’ve seen lately. Online video giant, Vimeo, today introduced a universal video player, designed to work on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch (iOS) and on Google’s Android devices. The new player uses HTML5. … Continue reading “Vimeo goes HTML5, and the web innovates…”