Launched: India’s Rs.1500 ($35) Laptop

The world’s cheapest computer is now made in India, and was launched yesterday. You may not be able to buy Apple’s iPad, but you may easily get a made in India ‘Sakshat‘ computing device at a throwaway rate. The Union Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal unveiled a low cost computing-cum-access device yesterday, touted as … Continue reading “Launched: India’s Rs.1500 ($35) Laptop”

1.7million: number of $188-worth defected iphones apple has sold till now

Yes you have read it correct the Apple iPhone 4 cost is around 188$ out of which the most expensive part is its screen costing around $28.50 while the A4 processors cost around $10. But this does not include marketing,advertising and distribution cost which i assume shall not be more than $100 a Apple iPhone … Continue reading “1.7million: number of $188-worth defected iphones apple has sold till now”

Give your iPhone a Royal Treatment with the cool Cordless Wall Charger

Now here’s a device which all you iPhone users would like. Not only is it a great solution to break free from your wired life, it is also a sign of luxury. But buying image-appreciating and luxurious items might not be possible without burning those pockets. Well don’t worry as now you can fulfill your wish, without … Continue reading “Give your iPhone a Royal Treatment with the cool Cordless Wall Charger”

iOS 4 for download now

Remember this is a hack so please do not blame us if Apple does anything to your device. Guide: 1. To commence, download and install iTunes 9.2 (Mac only, download links here, here, or here). 2. Now you need to download the right gold master for your device and save it on your desktop: If you have an … Continue reading “iOS 4 for download now”

Sennheiser PX 210 BT : New Bluetooth headphone on the rise

In today’s fast moving and technologically advanced world, we take another step in our journey to make it a completely wireless one. Sennheiser has launched a set of Bluetooth-enabled mini-headphones with a range of 33 feet – The Sennheiser PX 210 BT. Now roam where ever you want, without the hassles of a wire/cord. And … Continue reading “Sennheiser PX 210 BT : New Bluetooth headphone on the rise”

MAC i : The Smart Machine

Doctors can now diagnose heart disorders with a simple one-touch operation on a small, handheld device called the MAC i. This machine conducts and prints results of an ECG (ElectroCardioGram), used to measure the heart’s activity, within minutes. Key Features Makes early detection of cardiac problems easy through its simple, one-touch operation Its single-channel ECG … Continue reading “MAC i : The Smart Machine”


MagicJack MagicJack is a well-known computer peripheral which provides Internet-based telephone service (VoIP) and was marketed widely on TV last year.  Now, another MagicJack gadget has appeared: A new device that allows users to make free calls by using cell phones. Thus, potentially this device could be setting a new trend and affecting the mobile … Continue reading “MagicJack”

† iHome iA5 and iA100

†  iHome iA5 and iA100 These devices boasting of speakers,  alarm-clock and charging base for iPhone/iPod have an attractive design and can be very handy too. Plus,  they also include a free application called iHome+Sleep, which allows users to synchronize the device with their iPhone or iPod in order to be able to program their waking … Continue reading “† iHome iA5 and iA100”