Exclusive:Apple to announce iPad 2 next week!

We all know that the rumors suggest that the iPad 2 shall launch in April(2/9) but rumors just never seem to end and the rumors are even more intense when it’s an Apple product. According to a brand new rumor from some iPad accessory manufacturing company the iPad 2 will launch next week. Some people … Continue reading “Exclusive:Apple to announce iPad 2 next week!”

Secret iOS Developer Summit to be held by Apple next week

Secret iOS Developer Summit to be held by Apple next week. It will probably start on Tuesday and should last a few days. It will happen in California. Other details are yet not known. And the main question on why this is happening is yet to be known but we have some assumptions 1.Apple is … Continue reading “Secret iOS Developer Summit to be held by Apple next week”

Preparing for life without Flash . . .

About 75% of the total video content on the web is based on Flash, yet we are preparing ourselves for life without Flash! According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), more and more developers are giving up Flash because clients want their sites to run on Apple’s revolutionary product iPad and also on the all … Continue reading “Preparing for life without Flash . . .”

HTML5 is here!

Day one of the Google I/O saw demonstrations of the digital edition of Sports Illustrated done completely in HTML5. HTML5 is surely the next big thing and its benefits were clearly identified.  Instead of building separate Apps for iPad, Android, etc, developers can build it once and users can view it anywhere.  This saves a lot … Continue reading “HTML5 is here!”

iPad Apps might require large storage space

We were somewhat expecting this and now it’s almost sure that it is going to happen. So what are we talking about? With it’s latest announcement, Apple has just proved that its iPad applications will be data hungry. They have announced the upping of the over-the-air 3G app download limit from 10MB to 20MB. Victory … Continue reading “iPad Apps might require large storage space”