Microsoft unveils Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview With .NET Framework 4.5, has us on the floor already

If you’ve been following us religiously you might have noticed our recent exploits from BUILD, Microsoft’s developer-oriented conference, being held at present where they have showcased numerous new technologies, including the big fish — Windows 8. Apart from the new operating system and its employment on a tablet (comparison with iPad 2 here), the next major news to break from the event has to be Visual Studio 11 (developer preview, of course) with .NET Framework 4.5.

Visual Studio has always been at the cornerstone of Microsoft’s product-related strategy for it appeals to beginners and hardcore developers alike thanks to its ease of operation and seamlessly user-friendly environment. Ever since 1995, the system has changed in the face of evolving Microsoft software, growing and advancing once again as a new era under Windows 8 looms upon us.

Visual Studio 11 has seen a major overhaul with a lot of new complex solutions easily attainable, making effortless Windows development a reality. This new release includes .NET 4.5 Developer Preview, and support for many of Windows 8′s new features, including the ability to develop Metro-style apps, which are displayed on Windows 8′s new “Start Screen”, support for HTML5, CSS3, enhancements for game development, Code Clone Analysis, Code Review Workflow with Team Explorer, Exploratory Testing and Enhanced Unit Testing.

Windows 8 Start Screen

More than just support for Microsoft’s newest platform, however, Visual Studio 11 makes the job of developing applications easier for developers, especially graphic intensive ones. For starters, there’s a new built-in image editor that supports alpha blending: gone are the days when you had to use separate tools for your app’s graphical needs. There’s also a new debugging tool that allows developers to track down visual flaws in a 3D environment and diagnose the problem. Hot!

Visual Studio 11

It doesn’t end here. Following the current trend of transitioning offline services to the Internet, known as the ‘cloud’, Visual Studio 11 includes several features that make it easier to create apps that interact with an online back-end.  Microsoft’s Server and Tools Business President Satya Nadella chirps:

Developers have long been the cornerstone of Microsoft’s success, and that relationship is now more important than ever. In today’s world of connected devices and continuous services, we are focused on helping developers build the next generation of client applications that are tethered to a back-end cloud.

It still doesn’t end here. There’s a plethora of information we can give you about Microsoft’s new IDE. But since it won’t be feasible, we suggest you check out what’s new in VS 11 at the MSDN Blog to get a good idea of how hard Microsoft is working behind the scenes to provide us with the best software for development.

You can  download VS 11 developer preview either from the MSDN site (requires MSDN subscription), or get a 64-bit developer preview of Windows 8 (includes all development tools), or just wait for the standalone release which will come out anytime today.

Do share with us your experience of using VS 11 after you download it or any project / website you have developed with any version of Visual Studio. We would love to hear from you!

Windows 8 Developer Preview (Direct Download Links)

As you might be aware, Microsoft gave a first glimpse of their new, “game changing” OS, Windows 8 yesterday at BUILD. They had also promised that a developer preview would be available soon and that it will be accessible not only to developers but to everyone. Fulfilled.

Microsoft is making the same Windows 8 developer preview it handed out to developers at BUILD yesterday available to users all around the world, free of charge and without requiring any registration — a big step forward from previous occasions where registration was required and then too it was available to everyone only after the first beta.

There are 3 version available to download:  a 64-bit version with all the developer tools built-in, along with sample Metro apps to get developers started; a 64-bit version only with the sample apps and without the tools; and a similar 32-bit version without any developer tools. All of these three versions should operate in a similar fashion, so unless you’re aiming to develop Windows 8 apps, you’ll probably be fine with either one of these.

Download (ISO)

Download Windows 8 Developer Preview (64-bit) with Developer Tools
Download Windows 8 Developer Preview (64-bit) without the developer tools
Download Windows 8 Developer Preview (32-bit)

Are you downloading Windows 8 developer preview? Which one of the three?

Windows 8

Apple seeds OS X Lion Golden Master (GM) to devs

Apple has seeded the Golden Master version of their upcoming OS X Lion software for Mac, just in time for the OS’ final version launch sometime this month. The build number is 11A511 and can be downloaded from Apple’s Mac Developer website.

Apple has also released XCode 4.1 Developer Preview 7. Get downloading, devs.

Developer Preview 3 for OS X Lion and Developer Preview 5 for XCode 4.1 released by Apple

Apple has released Developer Preview 3 for Mac OS X Lion 10.7 and is asking you to upgrade from Developer Preview 2 for more masala (spice).

Also available is an upgrade for XCode 4.1 in the form of Developer Preview 5.

The size of the package is 1.07GB. So get downloading quickly, developers!