BREAKING: iPhone 4S release date, price in India

Our sources have bought in some amazing news for iPhone lovers in India. The new iPhone 4S will soon come to India. In fact it is launching as soon as December 2011.

This new iPhone can be a good new years gift for many of us Indians, isn’t it?

This new phone is expected to launch for only Rs35,500 (as against the high prices we are used to for Apple products).

So all you guys who pay astonishing prices in the grey market, wait for a while and you might just save some bucks.

Update: Our source has updated us that the iPhone 4S might avail for 40,000 in Mumbai (12.5% VAT [Value Added Tax] as per Maharashtra Government). Not good!

iPhones get $50 cheaper for a week. Cash in, we say!

From today, Saturday, 4th December till next Saturday, 11th December, you can avail your favorite smartphone for $50 less, through Radio Shack. The discount is available on ALL models of the iPhone Radio Shack has on stock, which includes the 16gig and 32gig iPhone 4s and a 99$ iPhone 3GS. Here are the discounted prices:

  • iPhone 4 32 GB – $249
  • iPhone 4 16 GB – $149
  • iPhone 3Gs 8 GB – $49

There is also a “Trade and Save” offer for those who would like to exchange their oldie for a newbie. The deal runs as follows: you get $75 of credit for an iPhone 3G and $125 in credit for an iPhone 3GS, with your device required to be in a working condition, without ever being jailbroken, unlocked, etc. If you fulfill these requirements then you are eligible for the trade.

More on Jailbreaking here.