Angry B**bs: The Angry Birds Bra!

What on earth is happening?!?! One of the most popular games, which is spreading like forest fire and entering every human’s daily routine, Rovio Mobile’s Angry Birds has become so popular that it’s characters have been imprinted on a… BRA! The cups have been custom made by SceeneShoes over at etsy and cost $35, with sizes … Continue reading “Angry B**bs: The Angry Birds Bra!”

Manchester United declared world’s most valuable team

With 11 Premier League titles, 11 FA Cups, 4 League Cups (Carling Cups), and 3 Champions League crowns already to their name, England’s most successful team, Manchester United, have been voted by Forbes as the most valuable team in the world. For the seventh year running. Forbes ranked United on top of the pile for … Continue reading “Manchester United declared world’s most valuable team”

Football Roundup: UEFA Europa League

Results from last night’s Europa league matches including Liverpool’s narrow escape and Juventus’ away win.