Verizon shows off 3G network in new iPad 2 commercial (video)

Verizon have gone one step ahead of Apple and released their own iPad 2 commercial, showing off their fast 3G network. The TV commercial shows the iPad 2’s ability to quickly connect to Verizon’s 3G network by giving examples of the Twitter app and Apple’s iBooks. Check them out in the video below:

I used Reliance 3G in Mumbai,India today

I was using the Reliance Net connect today in the train and suddenly my phone got connected to 3G and i noticed it. I thought of using the 3G services and ya they worked.I could Video call a friend who too got connected to Reliance 3G too. After 2-4 minutes i again got connected to normal mode and 3G got deactivated.

I called up Reliance to ask that have they launched 3G and the answer I got was amazing-NO.

I think Reliance has already set up its 3G and this was surely a security loop in Reliance 3G tower which let my phone automatically connect to 3G.

I did not check my balance before so i do not know how much it cost for 1 video call per minute

Reliance officials said 3G will be launched in Diwali. I think me and my friends were the lucky ones.

3G was nice.

Apple iPhone to computer video calling!

Yes, this news is great and will enormously help every Apple iPhone user in the market to video connect with people who do not have an Apple iPhone as yet. This is possible with the new Yahoo Messenger app for the Apple iPhone. The new Yahoo Messenger is yet to launch.

Hope you will enjoy Apple iPhone to computer video calling. Until now Fring and Movicha was used for Facetime between different smartphone s but this time the new Yahoo Messenger will let you video connect to the PC or MAC as will.

Also maybe Facetime is soon going to come out for Mac and Windows

Also you can use Apple Facetime over 3G now. Click here to know more

Alternate Google Voice App comes racing ahead to the App Store

When you talk of a Google Voice App coming to the app store, one might think of GV Mobile+, the very first Google Voice concept by Sean Kovac. But not all ‘firsts’ win.

Today a Google Voice app was approved to the App Store but not Sean’s GV Mobile+. It’s Andreas Amann’s GV Connect which does all things the former could like GV Calling, voice mails, text messages, etc.

While you await the original – Sean Kovac’s Mobile+, which is awaiting approval from Apple, you could try your hand on the Connect for $2.99 if you please.

XBox360 launches in India

Here is some really good news for the gamers out there in India: Microsoft have launched a sleeker and smaller variant of the XBox360 in the country, priced slightly under 22k.

The console boasts of 250GB of memory and is totally WiFi enabled. It comes with a Wireless Controller, a headset (for Xbox Live) and a composite AV cable. It is even Kinect ready,  meaning it will seamlessly connect to the Kinect Sensor as and when you wish, to convert your body into “the controller”.

“The new 250 GB Xbox 360 console will bring about a paradigm shift in the way gaming is perceived in India as it comes prepared for the future. With this new Xbox 360 launch, we are enabling our customers with the best connected experience making gaming more entertaining and interactive. With more storage space one can store many more blockbuster games on the console itself and can also connect with others on Xbox LIVE, the world’s largest gaming social network” said Ashim Mathur, Marketing head for Microsoft’s Entertainment &  Devices Division.

  • Best buy: Rs. 21,990
  • Availability: Available at all leading electronic stores throughout the country