Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 Powered Surface Phone Concept [Exclusive Pic]

When Microsoft unveiled its awe-inspiring Surface tablet, the whole world went gaga over it. It was as if a real tablet was finally born to compete with the Apple iPad. And continuing that banter is a DeviantArt artist known publicly with the name YrOnimus, who has come up with a concept design for a Surface … Continue reading “Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 Powered Surface Phone Concept [Exclusive Pic]”

3.95-inch iPhone 5 concept design (video)

Just days ago we brought you the story of how suddenly ‘sources close to the supply chain‘ have been indicating the next Apple iPhone will sport a larger 4-inch display panel and today we already have a new concept design, showcasing a 3.95-inch-screen studded iPhone 5. Here’s a dekko:

iPhone PRO: Yet another iPhone concept

Well guys, we have yet another iPhone concept to drool over, this one coming from designer Choi Jinyoung who names it the iPhone PRO. Amongst the usual, the ‘Pro’ features a 1.2-megapixel 3D camera, mount for DSLR lenses, a removable hard disk, a built-in projector system, and a 4.5 inch edge-to-edge display. Here are some of the … Continue reading “iPhone PRO: Yet another iPhone concept”

iPod Nano Touch: The smartest iPod nano ever (concept)

When we talk about Apple, we can’t really reach to any sort of conclusion, no matter we discuss about the company’s success and future plans or any of its products. Talking about its products, one of the company’s best and most loved innovations, a cute little music player called iPod, has got a rare concept … Continue reading “iPod Nano Touch: The smartest iPod nano ever (concept)”

iWatch 2

For a long time now we’ve been sparing a lot of time thinking about a multi-purpose iWatch from Apple that does much more than just show time or even play music. While there are plenty of 3rd-party manufacturers who put a watch strap on the new iPod Nano and sell  this ‘iWatch’, working around Apple’s … Continue reading “iWatch 2”

iPhone SJ opens up a bit more, takes the world by storm (video)

A little over a week ago we highlighted ADR Studios” founder Antonio De Rosa”s new iPhone concept design which he emphatically called the iPhone SJ. There were some awesome designing skills implemented by De Rosa in the concept, which featured a total capacitive glass screen on a slavishly light polycarbonate body and included a 10 megapixel camera … Continue reading “iPhone SJ opens up a bit more, takes the world by storm (video)”

iPhone SJ: A classy new iPhone 5 mockup

A classy new iPhone 5 mockup, designed by ADR Studio’s Antonio De Rosa, has started surfacing online, giving birth to fresh disappointments over Apple’s current ‘realistic’ designs. To be frank, we’ve seen plenty of iPhone mockups before, specially from ADR Studio itself, and to be honest they sure entice you to want to have one … Continue reading “iPhone SJ: A classy new iPhone 5 mockup”

Designer shows off sleek iPhone multitasking gesture concept (video)

We’ll be lying if we say we didn’t see this coming. Ever since the iPhone 4 arrived, talks of Apple removing the only piece of hardware on the iPhone – the overused Home button – and replacing it with software-based gestures began doing the rounds. And add to it the current not-so-convenient multitasking method employed … Continue reading “Designer shows off sleek iPhone multitasking gesture concept (video)”

Anyone seen this funky iPhone 5 concept?

A ‘funky’ new iPhone 5 concept by YouTube account holder adrstudiodesign is the latest entrant to the ever growing list of mock-ups and concepts surrounding the next iteration of Apple’s popular smartphone. The design, a “result of the author’s imagination”, is based on the ongoing rumors which suggest a larger 4.3-inch screen (highly unlikely) and a wider … Continue reading “Anyone seen this funky iPhone 5 concept?”

iTV: Apple TV mockup

With excerpts from Steve Jobs’ bio all over the internet now, i assume almost all of you must be aware of Steve’s now-so-famous quote “?I’ve cracked the TV.” In light of this, the rumor mill has started speculating the arrival of a new product from Cupertino — an Apple TV, or iTV as everyone would … Continue reading “iTV: Apple TV mockup”

Video: Dear Apple, this is what i want in iOS 5

Apple’s next major operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, iOS 5, is set for release shortly and, though we already know what iOS 5 has in store for us, some Apple enthusiasts still expect some secret last-minute inclusions from Apple to accommodate the soon-to-be-releasing iPhone 5. Jumbled up in your imagination? Take a look … Continue reading “Video: Dear Apple, this is what i want in iOS 5”