Apple releases first iPhone 4S Siri commercial (video)

The first Apple iPhone 4S TV commercial has gone on air. The advert concentrates on Siri, the 4S’ intelligent personal assistant, giving a few real-world uses of the feature.┬áSome Siri examples from the commercial:

  • Looking up Google Maps directions (to a hospital)
  • How to do something (tying a bow tie)
  • Checking the weather
  • Location-based reminders
  • Playing music from the iPhone music application
  • Setting up alarm clocks
  • Sending text messages

What is a cron Job?

A Cron Job, what is it.?? if you are a beginner it is indeed difficult to know what’s a cron job. The cron job is used for running a script or a command automatically at a particular time.

Cron Job is developed for Unix and Linux Systems.

Common uses:

1. Running scripts

2. Re-indexing web pages

3.Backing up database

The Cron Job has different options which help you to decide how often you want to repeat the command. You can choose between hours,minutes and days of the week.

The hour is set between 0-23, with zero representing midnight.

The minute field runs from 0-59

The days of the week run from 0-7, with both 0 and 7 representing Sunday.