BREAKING: iPhone 4S release date, price in India

Our sources have bought in some amazing news for iPhone lovers in India. The new iPhone 4S will soon come to India. In fact it is launching as soon as December 2011.

This new iPhone can be a good new years gift for many of us Indians, isn’t it?

This new phone is expected to launch for only Rs35,500 (as against the high prices we are used to for Apple products).

So all you guys who pay astonishing prices in the grey market, wait for a while and you might just save some bucks.

Update: Our source has updated us that the iPhone 4S might avail for 40,000 in Mumbai (12.5% VAT [Value Added Tax] as per Maharashtra Government). Not good!

A new bird to join the Angry Birds clan this Halloween?

In the middle of the morning, the dead of the night, three Angry Birds went for a ride. As they were walking in the lonely forest, they spot something moving. The presence of someone unknown. Who is it? What could it be? A monster? A friend? An angrier creature? Oh wait, something just fell in the bucket there.

*The three birds move towards the bucket*

Whoa! It is…

Skype ‘definitely’ coming to Windows Phone 7 ‘this fall’

Microsoft’s very own Joe Belfiore has confirmed that popular video chatting service Skype will be available on Windows Phone 7 ‘this fall’.

“Skype will be coming to the Windows Phone 7 platform this fall”

“…definitely coming this fall.”

…were the words of Joe while speaking live at MIX 11.

Now, if only a WP7 phone would ship with a legitimate front-facing camera…

Angry Birds coming to attack Facebook

Good news for all Facebook-ers and Angry Birds lovers – the highly popular animal-friendly game is coming over to the largest social network in the world this coming April. Rovio CEO Mikael Hed was delighted to inform everyone about the game’s entry into the social network, also announcing, with a big smile, the game is coming with “completely new aspects to it that just haven’t been experienced in any other platform.” It is expected that “the pigs will have a more prominent role” to play in the Facebook version.

Also check out Angry Birds for BlackBerry

Motorola Droid X 2 specs, pictures leak

The Droid family is all set to welcome a new member among their midst, the Droid X 2, a successor to the Droid X. The rumors are coming in from The Mobi Zone that the Droid X 2 will resemble the appearance of its predecessor, run on Android 2.2 with MOTOBLUR, and feature an 8 megapixel camera – everything same as the Droid X. Some of the leaked specs include a 4.3-inch qHD (960 x 540) display, 1GHz Tegra 2 dual-core CPU, and 1GB RAM. Not satisfied with this, Engadget came up with their own expectations: “We did some digging around and one of our trusted sources confirmed that the Droid X 2 aka Droid X “squared” is indeed coming to Verizon in Q2 2011 without LTE. However, it appears to be a refreshed Droid X, with the same 4.3-inch WVGA (854 x 480) display, a 1.2GHz single-core CPU, and 768MB of RAM.

Apple seeds Xcode 4 GM to developers, pulls it back, then puts it up again

After iOS and Mac OS, Apple has seeded Xcode 4 GM to developers – all within this week! With all updated goodies for devs coming out in a hurry, is Apple planning something major? Is the iPad 2 really coming next week?

Anyway, it was interesting to note that soon after releasing Xcode 4 to devs, Apple pulled back the release, but then soon after made it available again. What’s cooking?

What’s new in Xcode 4?

  • Xcode 4 has a brand new, single window interface for all major workflows
  • Interface Builder is now integrated within the main Xcode IDE
  • Assistant shows a paired editor with complementary files (headers, UI controllers, etc.)
  • Fix-it highlights code where an error is detected, as you type, and can even fix it for you
  • Version editor shows a live comparison through SCM history, using Git or Subversion
  • LLVM compiler 2.0 includes full support for C, Objective-C, and now C++
  • LLDB debugger is faster, and uses less memory than the GDB debugging engine ( see notes below on how to enable the LLVM compiler or LLDB) debugger
  • Instruments adds System Trace, and new iOS instruments including OpenGL ES

LIVE: Apple unleashes the ‘Lion’

As expected, Apple’s new OS X is out and is called Lion. We’re just getting started boys…

“We’ve had seven major releases of OS X in the last decade. We’re improving with every release. We’re happy with Snow Leopard, but we’re going to take it even further. We’re going to give you a preview of the next version… and we call it Lion.”

“What is the philosophy about Lion? That’s where Back to the Mac comes from. We started with OS X and we created a new version called iOS — it’s now used in the iPad as well. We’re inspired by some of those innovations. And we want to bring them back to the mac. Mac OS X meets the iPad.”

Seems like Mac is getting a dose of the iPad. All of the iPad’s ‘good’ features are coming to Mac with Lion. What else could you ask for?

Following stuff is coming to the Mac now…


Facetime for Mac is now available.Also have a look at the new iLife 11 and a new Macbook Air is launched.

Talk and Browse the Web at the same time with Verzion soon!!

Yes, after AT&T now Verzion will also soon come out with a technology that will let you talk as well as browse the web at the same time. The main feature that gave AT&T an edge over the other carriers is now coming to verzion soon. Probably this is the reason why the Apple iPhone 4 is coming somewhere at time only when this new feature is launched by Verzion.

Hope all Verzion subscribers will enjoy this.

Below is the difference between the AT&T network and the Verzion network but soon this difference would not last.

difference between at&t and verzion network.jpg

iPod Nano iWatch arrives: Buy now!

We all saw it coming. Heck, even Steve Jobs himself saw it coming the moment he was announcing the new iPod Nano on September 1st. And today it has finally arrived, all set to honor your wrist.

The new multi-touch iPod Nano has been put into a 22mm Maratac Nylon band (which slips through the Nano’s clip), transforming it into an iWatch which delivers full value for money. It is available in various colors to suit your needs.

Best buy: $17

Availability: You can buy one from CountyComm

iOS 4.2: A quick glance

Around 72 hours back, Apple announced in it’s “special event” the release of iOS 4.1 (currently rumored to roll out Wednesday, September 8 ) and iOS 4.2 (coming in a couple of months) for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Now, they have updated their website with the features that iOS 4.2 will bring to your iDevice. We share a quick glance:


The feature everyone had been waiting for! Multitasking support for your iDevice lets you switch between your favorite apps, simultaneously on the go, without any side-effects.


Organizing your favorite apps just became more simple and fun. Arrange all your favorites in one place with a drag-and-drop feature, and let the smart iOS name the folder according to the type of apps you place inside the folder. Neat!


Print mail, photos, web pages, and more directly to a printer on a wireless network. Whooosh!


Streaming your multimedia from your favorite iDevice just got more a bit more exciting. You can now seamlessly and wireless-ly stream videos, music, and photos to the new Apple TV, and stream music to AirPlay speakers or receivers, including AirPort Express.

iOS 4.2 is set to hit your iDevices this coming November.

Via Apple

iPod Touch – The Number One Portable Game Player, and holder of 50% Market Share (amazing stats here) [LIVE…]

More stats coming out of Apple’s event here. Steve claims that the Touch has become the most popular iPod all over. It is the number one portable game player claiming 50% of the world market and outsells the portables by Nintendo and Sony combined! WOW!

Over a billion and a half games and entertainment downloads have been made just for the iPod touch alone.

And as if this was not enough, Apple has squeezed it even further, giving it a more slimmer and beautiful look.

iPhone’s A4 chip has also mustered its way to the Touch along with 3axis gyro, iOS 4.1 and a front facing camera with FaceTime.
There was also space for a rear camera, allowing the iPod Touch to boast of HD Videos and 40 hours music playback.

The 8GB model costs $229 while the 32GB and 64GB ones cost $299 and $399 respectively. The new Touch will available from the coming week.