What is Google Chromecast?

At the Google Event today a brand new Nexus 7 tablet was unveiled. But that was not all. Google also released a brand new product called Google Chromecast.

For all the dummies out there it is important to know what is Chromecast.

Chromecast is a small USB like device that you connect to your HD TV. Chromecast lets you play the music and video files on your smartphone and tablet onto the big screen on your HD TV using your home wireless network.

The concept is similar to what Apple does with Airplay.

Currently the Chromecast is available for $35 and Google offers a free 3 month Netflix subscription with every purchase of Chromecast.

The best part about Chromecast is that once your have casted your content onto your Television you can use any other application on your device(smartphone,tablet) while the content on your Television yet goes on.

“Beam” a movie from your iPad onto your Television and watch the movie on your Television. Meanwhile you can also browse the net and check emails on your iPad.


Google working on Chrome for windows 8

According to the latest rumors Google is working hard to get Chrome on the new Windows 8. Chrome for windows is already available but Google are working on a metro-style Chrome specifically designed for Windows 8.

Google is also looking at adding touch features to its regular desktop version of the Chrome.

This is good for the final consumer keeping in mind that Google and Microsoft have bitter rivalry.

Google launches Chrome for Android, wraps it in chilly Ice Cream Sandwich (video)

After seeing a tremendous response to its light-weighed, feature-filled web browser Chrome, Google has taken things a notch higher and introduced Chrome for Android beta, allowing us Chrome-fanatics to enjoy the browser’s simplicity we’ve all been accustomed to on our new Android phone / tablet device. Requiring Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Chrome for Android beta brings along seamless sign-in and sync so you can take your personalized web browsing experience with you wherever you go, across devices. For a detailed understanding what all features are there check out this video below:

For more information check out the official announcement by Google on its blog.

Google acquires Apture

Google has continued its mammoth spending spree in 2011 with the acquisition of instant search startup Apture, a company dedicated to adding “new dimensions to the web” and enhance users’ social experience on websites. Google also acquired Katango, an automated friend sorter, along with Apture. Both these companies will now join the Google team to be a part of, and enhance, Google’s Chrome and Google+ services.

“Since day one, we’ve been working on getting the Apture experience into as much of the web as possible. While we’re proud of having helped thousands of publishers enhance their websites, we think now is the best time to expand our efforts by joining Google’s Chrome team to help build the next generation user experience directly into the web.”

Apture says they have enhanced more than a billion web pages with their products since its formation in 2007 and feels “now is the best time” to expand their efforts with another team just down the road “that shares our vision of making the web better.”

Apture will discontinue its product and services on December 20, following which users will no longer be able to highlight and search terms with Apture on websites availing of Apture’s services.


When Apture’s service is discontinued, will that break my website or cause problems for users?

Nope, your pages will continue to load normally, but users will no longer be able to highlight and look up terms using Apture.

What will happen to data Apture has collected from my websites?

All data from your website has been deleted.

What will happen to Apture AutoEnhance links and Hotspots after Apture’s service is discontinued?

After December 20th, Apture Hotspots will no longer appear on your website and all AutoEnhance links will appear as regular links.

Via Apture

‘FB Chat Bully’ bullies Facebook’s ugly Chat bar, makes our lives easy again

Last month we handed out a couple of easy-to-do but very effective solutions to get rid of the ugly Facebook Chat bar/sidebar to those of you who couldn’t adjust to the change brought in by Mark Zuckerberg and his men and the response we received was fantastic. Many of you wrote in to thank us for the tip and we appreciate it. In case you missed it, here’s the trick again.

Well today we have another easy-to-implement solution for you to get rid of the not-so-cool Facebook chat bar. The solution we have today is as effective as the previous ones we shared but is more flexible than them.

‘FB Chat Bully’ is an extension available for popular web browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (version 6 is out!), and gives you numerous options to customize as you like. For instance, you can remove the space-hogging sidebar, hide offline friends and show only the online ones, etc. You can even opt to hide your friends’ display pictures next to their names in the chat bar.

FB chat

To begin weaving magic, download the extension for your preferred browser and enable the extension’s features. For Chrome you get three options: to hide offline users, to hide idle users and to hide users’ avatars (display pictures). The extension will automatically hide the sidebar when you login without having to enable it separately.

For Firefox, the sidebar isn’t hidden automatically and has to be hidden from the extension’s options.  You can also choose to hide online friends in the left panel, hide offline users in the chat bar, hide idle users, hide users’ avatars and hide the status icon which indicates if a friend is online, idle or offline.

FB Chat Bully

You can download ‘FB Chat Bully’ extensions for Chrome and Firefox from here.

BREAKING: Unlock ALL levels of Angry Birds with this small trick

Yesterday we told you that you can now play your favorite game, Angry Birds, on your computer thanks to Google and Rovio Mobile’s partnership, announced at the Google I/O 2011, and today we have a big news for you which will make you dance on the roof. Yes, we have a priceless master key for you with which you can unlock all levels of Angry Birds so you can jump ahead in enjoy and enter a more advanced stage in the game.

The trick is very simple. All you have to do is enter this piece of JavaScript code on your address bar and you’re good to go. The code is:

javascript: var i = 0; while (i<=69) { localStorage.setItem(‘level_star_’+i,’3′); i++; } window.location.reload();

To revert back, use:

javascript: var i = 1; while (i<=69) { localStorage.setItem(‘level_star_’+i,’-1′); i++; } window.location.reload();

The JavaScript reaches into the HTML5 localStorage used by Angry Birds and fiddles with the bits which tell the game which levels you’ve opened up. Cool!

Do try your luck with the code and let us know of your success. We’ll be glad to hear.

P.S. Visit http://chrome.angrybirds.com to play the game. As is obvious, the game works like a charm on the Google Chrome, but apart from that, Internet Explorer 9 renders the game quite handsomely as well. The audio in IE9 is both clearer and louder than in other browsers. Firefox 4 and Opera 11.10, though worked fairly nicely with the game, are a bit more sluggish.

Breaking::Google Offers Chrome OS notebooks as a service!

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For years and years software has been a part of the service industry and a lot of companies have heavily invested in this but for the first time in the history of technology a hardware is been given as a service of a large scale.

Yes, you have read it correctly.Google is now giving away Chrome OS Notebooks without any upfront payment.These Chrome OS notebooks will be distributed on a monthly subscription basis which will cost $28 per business user and $20 per school user. The image below shows the features of the Chrome OS.

To add more to the amazing Pie, Google has also announced that all further software as well as hardware updates shall be free. Isn’t that just amazing. As a user you can keep up with the latest technology in terms of hardware as well as software for just $28 a month.Seems quite economical, isn’t it?

According to many tech experts and bloggers this new Chrome OS notebook hardware service will be a boon to the education sector.Some experts also go ahead and say that Chrome OS in course of time will beat Apple who are currently pioneers in education sector with regards to notebooks. Though i would personally not agree to it since Apple’s cloud based service plans are yet to be out. Any assumption in this regard can only be made after Apple comes out with its own cloud based service.



Google updates Chrome 9 to stable build

Google has updated Chrome 9 from its beta version to a stable build.

Today, we’re excited to bring several new features from Chrome’s beta channel to the stable build, including WebGL, Chrome Instant, and the Chrome Web Store.

WebGL is a new technology which brings hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to the browser. With WebGL in Chrome, you can experience rich 3D experiences right inside the browser with no need for additional software. Curious about the three-dimensional possibilities? Try out these demos to experience the power of WebGL in the latest stable version of Chrome.

Download it now!

Note: Google’s Instant in the Omnibox has to be enabled manually.

P.S. I am currently using Chrome’s 10.0.634.0 version, which is a beta of Chrome 10.

Google activates 0.3 million phones EVERYDAY!

We know Google is massive, but this recent news still very much makes me go WOW!! Google’s VP of Engineering, Andy Rubin, last night tweeted that Google has been activating 3,00,000 Android phones on a daily basis. This certainly puts them on par with Apple. Hats off!

On a side note, Google has been gaining a lot of publicity recently. First they unveiled their ebookstore, then they announced Honeycomb is arriving soon, and then their Tuesday’s Chrome event which saw a redesigned Chrome Web App Store, and unveiling of the Cr-48, the first Chrome OS notebook. They also announced they have teamed up with Verizon to give you free 3G data – 100MB of it free every month for 24 months!

Google’s Nexus S has been another reason why the search engine giant has been in the news a lot lately.

Google-Verizon partnership brings free 3G data, other allowances

Oh Boy! Google have just announced in their Chrome event that they have struck a deal with Verizon to provide you with 100MB of free data for use every month, for 2 years running. That is 2400MB (100Mb x 24 months) of free data to use! Pay $9.99 and you get unlimited access for a day. The real deal? This offer is valid when you buy Google’s Chrome OS netbooks (more on Chrome OS coming up). And yeah, as always, this is sadly a US-only deal. Booyaa!

Google event on December 7: Lots of Chrome goodies on offer; We do a rundown

Google has invited everyone for an event, at a rather short notice, to reveal some news on Chrome. The event will be held on Tuesday, 7th December in San Francisco and promises some “exciting news about Chrome.”

Possible announcements expected

Here are few ‘big’ announcements we expect Google to make, or at least shed some light on:

  • Google-branded Netbook, running on ChromeOS
  • Chrome App Store
  • Redesigned Google Chrome browser
  • Chrome Mail (integration with Chrome browser[Outlook-like w/tabs])

What do you think is up Google’s sleeves? Let us know in the comments.