RIM launches new BlackBerry Curve 9350/9360/9370

In an effort to regain its lost glory, Research in Motion (RIM) has delivered the last blow up its stride, releasing a new BB Curve model following the launch of the new Bold, Torch and Storm variants. So, what is the new Curve all about? Is it worth purchasing? Gauge past the break for our … Continue reading “RIM launches new BlackBerry Curve 9350/9360/9370”

Apple outs iTunes 10.1.2; Update necessary for Verizon (CDMA) iPhone 4

Apple have released an update to their iTunes software, updating it to which version 10.1.2. The update is a required one if you plan to use a CDMA iPhone in future, either with Verizon or with any other carrier who gets the iPhone (Apple specifically mentions “CDMA iPhone 4” so more carriers apart from Verizon … Continue reading “Apple outs iTunes 10.1.2; Update necessary for Verizon (CDMA) iPhone 4”

Apple prepping up CDMA+GSM iPhone?

Here’s another rumor for you to ponder over: Apple is said to be working on a CDMA iPhone which has a sim-card slot, suggesting use of any carrier of users’ choice for their iPhone. This new ‘dual sim’ iPhone, dubbed the iPhone 3,2 (three comma two) is currently in “field test stage” and would mean … Continue reading “Apple prepping up CDMA+GSM iPhone?”

Tata DoCoMo getting 3G to India this November

Tata DoCoMo is all set to become the first private carrier to get 3G services in India after state owned MTNL and BSNL started the trend. This comes as a very good news for all Indians, and is the right step forward technologically for India. The Economic Times reported that Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Punjab, … Continue reading “Tata DoCoMo getting 3G to India this November”

Reliance, Tata join hands to bring CDMA iPhone 4 in India (?)

With the rumors of Apple contracting Verizon Wireless (a CDMA service provider in the USA) for a CDMA iPhone 4 hotting up, it is now time for the Indians to shine. Rumors are coming in that Apple is at last considering exploring the world’s largest telecom market (in India), and Reliance Communications Ltd. and Tata … Continue reading “Reliance, Tata join hands to bring CDMA iPhone 4 in India (?)”

Coming Soon: Samsung Galaxy i899

If you are in India and use Reliance CDMA phones, then there’s some good news for you: Reliance Mobile is set to launch the first Android-powered CDMA device in India – the Samsung Galaxy i899. Being India’s 1st CDMA Phone on Android Platform, and having 4GB internal memory (expandable to 32GB), there’s more than one … Continue reading “Coming Soon: Samsung Galaxy i899”