Apple’s New Game-Changer: Messages For Mac

Back in the 90s and early 200x, having the ability to send a text message across to another person far away from you via an electronic device (a la SMS) was a costly affair. Back then we didn’t have technologies and innovations as we have now so we were left at the mercy of our network carriers to charge us inexplicable amounts for sending and receiving SMSes. Today, it’s a different ball game altogether.

Ideas like the BlackBerry Messenger, more popularly referred to as BBM, from RIM have found a way to bypass the carrier and instead use the data networks of operators to send instant messages, making it cheap and convenient for users all around. And while we thought things couldn’t get better than this, they just did.

As you know, Apple’s answer to RIM’s BBM is iMessage — an instant messaging service available on all iOS devices, making it a true SMS replacement so long as all your friends have iOS devices which, let’s be honest, they probably do. Now, after a great response, Apple is bringing iMessage to Mac OS. Yes!

With the release of the Mountain Lion OS this summer, Apple will be making iMessage a part of the in-built desktop experience, offering something that not even the incumbent SMS can offer and something that’s not yet possible, unless you resort to a third-party chat protocol-using app.

Ubiquitous instant messaging

With Messages for Mac you can start a conversation on your iPhone and continue it on your Mac whenever you return home. Getting cozy on the bed with your iPad? No problem, your iMessages go with you everywhere. Throw in Skype for calls and FaceTime for video chats and we don’t need these useless carriers at all. Think different.

Verizon mocks AT&T yet again with new iPhone 4S commercial (video)

Forgot their rivalry? Verizon wants to remind you that the bitterness between them and AT&T is still there with a nicely executed iPhone 4S advertisement, mocking AT&T and its iCoverage with the help of a sinking boat.

Oh my, that sinking feeling!

Carrier wars: iPhone 4S pre-orders begin today

For those of you who were caught up by a gloomy Thursday, here’s a reminder that the new iPhone 4S is available to be booked from today, 3:01am ET onwards. And for the first time, people in the U.S will have up to 3 carriers to choose from to get an iPhone — AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

Carrier Wars

There are a number of factors that influence which carrier to go for but the number one factor has to be good call network and services provided by the carrier. Take note:

  • Sprint offers an unlimited Data Plan (Through October).
  • AT&T’s GSM network will allow faster 14.4 Mbps (theoretical) data speeds and talk and simultaneous data and more international roaming options.
  • Verizon and AT&T have free hotspots on their 4GB and up plans while Sprint’s is $30/month.

If that isn’t enough, this chart from PCMag will surely help you choose the best available option.

Sprint gets an iPhone; Sales start October 14

Apple has confirmed that Sprint will finally be getting an iPhone – the new iPhone 4S – to kick-start a good long run for the carrier who has been flirting with troubles recently. The much anticipated sales begin next Friday, October 14.

Vodafone Germany lists iPhone 4S 64GB on its website

And there goes another nail in the coffin! Vodafone Germany has listed a new device named iPhone 4S with storage capacity of 64GB on its website, giving further indication of what we are to expect from Apple’s big event tomorrow. Nonetheless, we’ll be there bringing you all the news as it unfolds. 10am Pacific Time.

Via CNet