RIM launches new BlackBerry Curve 9350/9360/9370

In an effort to regain its lost glory, Research in Motion (RIM) has delivered the last blow up its stride, releasing a new BB Curve model following the launch of the new Bold, Torch and Storm variants. So, what is the new Curve all about? Is it worth purchasing? Gauge past the break for our … Continue reading “RIM launches new BlackBerry Curve 9350/9360/9370”

RIM lines up 5 new phones, to run on the new BB 7 OS

Research in Motion (RIM) have rolled the last dice in hope of making inroads and regain their lost market share with the announcement of five new smartphones this evening. The phones, two of which will be an addition to the BlackBerry Bold line (Bold 9900 and 9930) along with three revamped versions of the BlackBerry … Continue reading “RIM lines up 5 new phones, to run on the new BB 7 OS”

A Bold step ahead: RIM teases us with the new BlackBerry Bold Touch

Though RIM immediately removed it from its website, the BlackBerry Bold Touch did make a cameo appearance on RIM’s virtual home, giving us a mouth-watering touchscreen+QWERTY smartphone to look forward to. The phone will run the new BlackBerry 7 OS and is expected to be unveiled by RIM at BlackBerry World next week. It truly … Continue reading “A Bold step ahead: RIM teases us with the new BlackBerry Bold Touch”

Blackberry Bold 3 and all about it!

A lot of users have been very satisfied with the Bold edition of Blackberry and a new member to the Bold family is the 9780 model which is more popularly known as the blackberry bold 3.It is quite similar is design and shape when we compare it to the Blackberry Bold 2 but when it … Continue reading “Blackberry Bold 3 and all about it!”

Blackberry 6, What is it?

If you are a trendy blogger of surfer you might have read about Blackberry 6. Now the question comes what is it actually. Blackberry 6 is an operating system for Blackberry Phones (Blackberry torch 9800, BlackBerry Bold 9700, BlackBerry Bold 9650 and BlackBerry Pearl 3G as well as future BlackBerry handsets). What is so special About … Continue reading “Blackberry 6, What is it?”