Black Friday Sale in India! GOSF 2013

Black Friday is the day for all shopaholics. Unfortunately, there are no black friday sales in India. While the world celebrates buying things at the cost of peanuts Indian are paying full price for the same items.

Last year Google came out with a online shopping festival for India(GOSF 2012) where all the top online retailers in India gave away big discounts. It’s a kind of Black Friday sale for the Indians.

This year too Google has come up a GOSF 13 where top online retailers are providing goods at throwaway prices.

Online retailer’s like Flipkart and Jabong are giving away 30% and 36% discount on clothing respectively. Tata housing is also giving away some discounts to home buyers.

You can get more details about the GOSF here.

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 1.29.53 AM

CouponDunia, an online website that provides coupon codes, promotional codes and coupons for dining, travel, fashion, electronics and a lot more, helps you save a lot of money and make sure you get your favorite item at the best available price.

To celebate the online shopping festival in India CouponDunia has come out with a page dedicated for the GOSF. Here CouponDunia not only enriches its readers with the knowledge of the best GOSF deals but also lets them decide the best product with it’s product guide.

I am personally doing all my shopping from the CouponDunia GOSF page and I would recommend all our readers to do the same.

Happy Shopping!

P.S. GOSF is only for 3 days and only 22 hours remain in the 3 days.

Apple US store down,Black Friday Discounts coming soon to US!

This is the day all shoppers wait for-The Black Friday. It will soon start in the US,

Apple are also going to give away their amazing products at discounted rates on the auspicious day.

The Apple US store is currently down and this indicates that the new discounted pricing will come soon!

Ferrari FF hits the roads, is ready to be purchased

Ferrari FF, the company’s most powerful, versatile four-seater ever, as well as its first ever four-wheel drive car has started rolling its wheels in some areas on earth already and is expected to be available for purchase very soon.

The FF – an acronym for Ferrari Four (four seats and four-wheel drive) – ushers in an entirely new GT sports car concept and melds the new V12 to an unprecedented level an extremely sporty, high-performance character with incredible versatility, superb comfort and sophisticated elegance, guaranteeing both driver and passengers an absolutely unique driving experience.

Apart from that, this AWD Super Sedan generates 651HP and 504 lb-ft of torque, and zips through to 100km/h in 3.7 seconds.


Type 65-degree V12
Overall displacement 6,262 cc
Maximum power 660 CV @ 8,000 rpm
Maximum torque 683 Nm @ 6,000 rpm

Dimensions and weight
Length 4907 mm
Width 1953 mm
Height 1379 mm
Dry weight* 1790 kg
Weight distribution 47% front, 53% rear
Weight/power ratio 2.7 kg/CV

Maximum speed 335 km/h
0-100 km/h 3.7 sec

Fuel consumption and emissions (ECE+EUDC)
Fuel consumption** 15,4 l/100 km
Emissions** 360 g/km

* European market version
** With HELE system

General Specs

—-  Specifications  —-




6.3 liter V8


3946 lbs




504 lb-ft


651 hp @ 8000 rpm



103.3 hp per liter

1/4 mile 

0-62 mph 

3.7 seconds

Top Speed 

208 mph

The Ferrari FF is expected to retail at a whopping $300,000 when it releases.

BREAKING: Apple iPhone 4 available for pre-order in India from Rs.34,200 onwards

After launching the iPad 2 and slashing the iMac and Mac Mini prices in India recently, the country has now received some more affection from Apple in the form of the iPhone 4. The controversial smartphone is all set to arrive within the next 2-3 weeks, if online shopping site HomeShop18 is to be believed. Apparently, they are taking pre-orders for both Black and White variations of the iPhone 4 in the 16-gig and 32-gig models.

Price and availability

The 16GB model is put up for Rs.34,200 and the 32GB model for Rs.40,200 with Rs.40 an additional burden as shipping charges. The phone will be shipped to the buyer within 20 days of transaction and will come with a choice of either Airtel or Aircel as carriers.

While this is a clear indicator that the iPhone 4 is coming to India within the next 2-3 weeks, i’d suggest you don’t rush in quickly and pre-order one from the above mentioned site but instead wait and see what prices Airtel and Aircel have to offer you.

Poonam Pandey strips (at an event!)

If you thought Poonam Pandey won’t stand by her ‘strip promise‘, you are in for a big surprise. The 19 year old model recently shocked the media present at an event when she unzipped her jacket, revealing her black bikini top beneath.

The teenager shot to fame after she vouched to strip for team India if they win the World Cup. She used all the publicity to her advantage and bagged an entry into Khatron Ke Khiladi 4 to be hosted by Akshay Kumar.

At a recent event, when the wannabe stripper was introduced as the KKK 4 contestant, media fired her with questions regarding her no show after the Indian victory.

What happened after that was totally unpredictable. She unzipped her jacket to reveal a black bikini top, much to the surprise of the media. Photographers went mad clicking her.

As a contender for Khatron Ke Khiladi 4, she stands a chance to win a whopping sum of Rs 50 lakh!

BREAKING: New Trojan attacks Mac OS X users

Researchers have found a new piece of malware that’s designed to attack the Mac OS X platform — an occurrence that’s rare enough still that each new discovery is noted separately.

The new Trojan is known as the Black Hole RAT (remote administration tool) and is capable of giving a remote attacker virtually complete control of an infected machine. It’s not clear right now whether the tool includes any exploits for OS X to help attackers install it on Macs, but in many cases malware tools like Black Hole are distributed via download sites and or torrent sites, as researchers at Sophos noted.

The Black Hole RAT seems to be in beta form right now, and has some fairly rudimentary capabilities, according to an analysis by Meths Cebrian Ferrer, a researcher in Australia who follows Mac malware. The tool enables the attacker to remotely shut down an infected machine, display a full-screen message that gives the user no choice but to reboot the computer, request admin privileges through a fake dialog box or open the user’s browser.

The full-screen message that the Black Hole RAT displays tells the user that the tool has infected his/her machine and the user has no control over its actions.

“Hello, I’m the BlackHole Remote Administration Tool. I am a Trojan horse, so I have infected your Mac computer,” the message reads. “I know, most people think macs can’t be infected, but look you ARE infected. I have full controll [sic] over your computer and I can do everything that I want and you can do nothing to prevent it. So, I’m a very new virus, under development, so there will be much more functions when I’m finished. But for now, it’s ok what I can do. To show you what I can do, I will reboot your computer after you have clicked the button right down.”

Although this Trojan targets the Mac platform, it doesn’t seem to be using any Mac-specific exploits for infecting machines. Instead, it’s likely to piggyback on a download — a common tactic for attackers to plant Windows malware, as well.

Click on image for a larger view

Apple teases Verizon iPhone plans, then pulls down page in a flash

First the goods: Apple put up plans of the soon launching Verizon iPhone on its website, giving pricing for the 2 available models – 16GB (Black) and 32GB (Black). Here’s a rundown:

Model No: MC676LL/A iPhone 4 16GB (black)
Model No: MC678LL/A iPhone 4 32GB (black)

Available plans:
Talk: 450 min/mo ($.45 ea over) $39.99/mo
Talk: 900 min/mo w/unlimited to 5 selected people (any network) ($.40 ea over) $59.99/mo
Talk: Unlimited $69.99/mo

Data: Unlimited iPhone $29.99/mo
Data: Unlimited iPhone + 2GB tethering and Hotspot 3G ($20/GB over) $49.99/mo

Messaging: Pay-per-use $.20/text $.25/video/pic
Messaging: 250 messages/mo ($.10 ea over) $5/mo
Messaging: 500 messages/mo ($.10 ea over) $10/mo
Messaging: Unlimited $20/mo

Here are links:16GB32GB

Got your doze? Now over to the hide and seek: Apple quickly removed the Verizon iPhone ordering page from their website, making us believe it is either because there are changes required to the plan (mentioned above), or they feel its too soon for everyone to know. Whatever it is, they acted too slow!

Verizon iPhone Ordering link.

Thanks 9to5mac for the goods!

No black screen bezel for the new Macbook Air.Why?

One of the most important designing part of the Mac series, infact not only the Mac but also the iOS series,the Black Screen Bezel is missing on the Macbook Air.

The simple reason for the Black screen Bezel missing from the new Macbook Air is WEIGHT.

The Black Screen Bezel is basically a glass and glass has weight so keep the Macbook Air thin and light Apple did not add the Black Screen Bezel to it.

Digital Camera Review: Fuji-film’s 12MP FinePix XP10 is cool and sexy!

We haven’t done many reviews for Digital Cameras so this one had to be special to catch our attention.

Fuji-film’s 12 Mega-Pixel Camera is not only cool and funky, but quite adorable too. And with its ability to protect itself from water, this is a must have for you if you’re looking for one.

Key Features

  • Waterproof up to 10 feet / 3m
  • Shockproof up to 3 feet / 1m
  • Freeze-proof down to 14°F / -10°
  • Dust-proof
  • 12 Mega-Pixel CCD sensor
  • 2.7 inch LCD screen
  • 5x periscopic optical zoom lens with a reinforced protective lens barrier
  • Just 21.7 mm thick
  • 720p HD movie recording
  • Automatic Facebook / YouTube Web Upload

Despite not matching up to the DSLR-level quality, the XP10 is pleasingly compact with very good features, fair price, and a sleek design. Just can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Colors Available: Silver, Black and Green









XP10 Silver
XP10 Black
XP10 Front
XP10 Rear
XP10 Front (Skewed)

Best buy: £169.99 / $199.95

Extended Review: Photography Blog

iPhone 4G pictures(Latest-Colourful iPhone)

iPhone 4G the next big thing that apple is going to come out with is going to be more personalized and even more colourful than any iPhone till date as the latest rumours suggest. Gizmodo had bought the iPhone 4G protoype for$ 5000 which it later returned to apple was in the traditonal black colour that apple has also put on its iPhones but the latest news that we get from our sources is that iPhone 4G is going to be atleast 64gb and will be available in colours like pink,blue,green,black and white.

iPhone 4G pictures

Australian Open: Paes-Black clinch mixed doubles title

Leander Paes equalled the record for most Grand Slam title triumphs by an Indian as the veteran and his Zimbabwean partner Cara Black clinched the mixed doubles Championship.

Top seeds and favourites, the 36-year-old Paes and the 30-year-old Black beat 10th seeds Ekaterina Makarova of Russia and Jaroslav Levinsky of Czechoslovakia 7-5 6-3 in just about one and a half hour.