Top 3 Weather Apps for Android

Android Market is becoming more and more popular nowadays, and after games the most popular apps are perhaps the weather apps, since they’re both useful and amusing.

There are many, many weather apps designed for Android, and sometimes it’s really hard to choose only one. I’ve tried a number of such apps on my good old Samsung Galaxy Ace in 2011, and here are the best three I’ve found, and they’re all FREE. I hope this list of mine will be helpful for you, too.

1. GO Weather

Go Weather is my most favorite weather app for Android, because it’s different from all the others. Designed as live wallpaper and very good-looking desktop widgets, this app offers some basic weather info (current weather and some forecast), but nothing more (no Doppler radar, no weather cams, no weather alerts… but I can’t say it’s a serious shortcoming – not everyone needs all these features after all). The app also offers cached data for offline viewing and 3D HD weather videos, which is also very useful.

2. MyWeather Mobile

MyWeather Mobile is another good free weather app that provides more customized info than many others. If you have an account on, you can synchronize your app with it to receive timely weather info. Unlike the first app from my list, Doppler radar is present here together with futurecast maps. The app will also let you save unlimited locations worldwide, which can be very useful for many of us.

3. Weatherbug

Weatherbug is the next free weather app for Android OS I’d like to include in my list, since it has many useful features other similar apps don’t have (I think this is the most complete weather apps including all the necessary features), and it’s very popular thanks to them. Doppler radar, weather cams, video forecasts, weather alerts – Weatherbug has it all, plus it will give you the opportunity to share your weather info and the rest of the info from the app with your friends via social networking sites.

These were the best of 2011, according to me. Lets see what 2012 has in store for us…