How To: Bring back the old Facebook chat system

We’ve been receiving unhealthy reviews of the new Facebook Chat a la Sidebar system ever since Mark Zuckerberg’s men launched the feature in their ‘Something Awesome’ event last month. Many users complained that the sidebar occupied a large chunk of their page, squeezing the other bits around to fit in. This looked ugly and caused … Continue reading “How To: Bring back the old Facebook chat system”

INNOVATION: Test-Driving a Volkswagen in a print ad (video)

This is technology at its best! In a stylishly innovating move, Volkswagen Norway, with the help of a smartphone app, came up with a print ad that lets you test-drive their awesome car virtually. The whole experience is awesome so just take a look yourself: P.S. Back in September, last year we covered a similar … Continue reading “INNOVATION: Test-Driving a Volkswagen in a print ad (video)”

Honeycomb-Android for tablets at CES

CES is bringing up some awesome gadgets like always and the most expected one is finally out. The Honeycomb tablet. Earlier we told you that Google Android’s Andy Rubin showed an Android Honeycomb Motorola Tablet at the DIVE INTO MORE interview. Very soon we also told you about the new CES motorola ad which clearly … Continue reading “Honeycomb-Android for tablets at CES”