Revealed: iPad competitor Adam Tablet – price, availability and much more

The news that techno-geeks all over the world have been waiting for has finally been revealed. Yes, Notion Ink have given the pricing, availability and lot more spicy news regarding it’s already-popular tablet — Adam.

The beginning

We covered this story on Firstain first in February – the arrival of an iPad competitor (read killer) called the Adam Tablet PC from India. The tech specs not only matched that of Apple’s iPad but few things, such as the Pixel Qi Display, proved to be an additional boon over Apple’s counterpart. This got many geeks all over the world pretty excited about the Adam.

The downfall

Ever since Notion Ink received an overwhelming response for Adam, nothing has been going right for them internally. For starters, the huge demand for it, way before its expected launch put the company in a twist. Few investors started suggesting changes for which there wasn’t even any need. Internal conflicts such as these led to Notion Ink delaying the launch of the widely awaited Tablet to later dates, which was then slapped with another delay in the launch.

The Cause

In the interest of transparency and disclosure, Notion Ink has released a slide explaining exactly why there’s been a delay in the launch of Adam:

It all started when differences crept between the firm and its first investor. He was the man responsible to take the company’s graph from the Peak of Expectations to the Trough of Disillusionment by suggesting some unwanted moves such as scrapping the million dollar app competition, suggesting a shift to Intel architecture, Windows 7, and (wait for this) turning the Adam into a net-book! A year’s worth of insider details can be found on the above graph.

The Rise

Thankfully enough for all the Adam fans, the company decided against the first investor’s tactics and choose to stick to the original design and specs – bringing joy to all. Not only that, Notion Ink went with their full force in the process of recovery, signing a new investor earlier in June. Another thing which appears to be almost certain now is that the Adam will head to the US first, and then to India. Pretty much the opposite of what we had reported back in June.

Adam….and Eve?

Okay, so this was the Adam. Soon after it has been completed, work will be started on 2 new projects – Adam 2 and Eve. But what is this Eve? Well, as the rumors go, Eve will be seeing further iterations that will retain the industrial design and UI of the Adam, but expand it to options that include Qualcomm Snapdragon or Marvell SoC and a cheaper LCD screen. Impressive, ain’t it?

Finally……the Price

We’ve heard that Notion Ink is working on a deal to further reduce the cost of the Adam by $25 from the end-user price. After securing their last round of funding, Notion Ink is coming out with four versions of the tablet at launch. All versions will be running the same UI and share the same internal specs and features.

LCD Adam with Wi-Fi: $399

LCD Adam with Wi-Fi & 3G: $449

PixelQi Adam with Wi-Fi: $449

PixelQi Adam with Wi-Fi & 3G: $498

(*$25 off on all 4 versions depending on the outcome of the deal)

These prices look very encouraging, and not too far from their first declared price, which the founders later said was a misquote. If we were to do conversion on, the starting price of the entry level Adam comes to around Rs. 18,000, topping at around Rs. 23,500. Notion Ink plans to further subsidise this tablet with discounts for students and universities.

The All New App Store

The good news is that Adam will be able to run apps from the Android Market, with a separate platform for software custom-made for the Adam on an app store called Genesis. Their own store will provide apps, music, movies, and “millions of books at aggressive prices”.

Office and Email

Notion Ink is said to be working on a core set of apps that will be better suited to the Pixel Qi screen, including an office suite that promises to be a lot better than apps available on the Android market. The company has developed an indigenous email system “which can be used by an organization to secure, save and transmit data using their own servers”. Adam will also come with preloaded third-party apps, and is counting on 340 registered developers, who will receive the SDK shortly.

Unique Implementation of Multitasking

The Adam will feature a unique implementation of multitasking where a user will be able to interact with multiple applications at the same time. To complement the Pixel Qi screen, the UI will mimic the behavior of a magazine. You can also use the USB port to boot, debug, update the OS from 2.2 to 3.0 in the future, or run any OS you fancy on it!


It all depends on the FCC, really. With manufacturing set to begin in early November, Notion Ink plan to submit Adam to the FCC either that month or early December. Their testing can take anything between two weeks and twelve weeks, meaning there’s a November 2010 to January 2011 window in which the tablet could be launched. If approval is secured in November, Notion Ink will be shipping Adam to the US shelves as soon as possible. If approval doesn’t come through until January, however, then the retail launch will be at CES 2011, a year after the first prototype made its debut.

Firstain’s Verdict

The Adam Tablet looks set to be THE iPad killer for sure. Improvising on specs, matched with even competitive price tags, i see no reason why Adam won’t be popular. The only factor differentiating Adam and the iPad, according to Firstain, will be the quality. The user experience. Apple have known to be the kings of user satisfaction as their products, right from the moment they are bought, serve as a luxurious experience for the users – which definetely is a key factor in choosing between 2 brands. Lets hope Notion Ink can stand up to it.

Please let us know what are your thoughts on this in the comments section.

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Apple iOS Jailbreak via safari

Want to Jail break your phone. The task gets simpler and much more easier to use the apps for free without paying to apple for it. Also unapproved apps by apple can be downloaded and used.

This step is taken forward by a iPhone developer team Comex after Jailbreaking became Legal

All you need to do is go to using your iPhone or iPad or iTouch and follow the simple on screen instructions.

Isn’t it easy to jailbreak using jailbreakme. The jailbreak done using Jailbreakme has a little problem will Facetime and MMS but the developer team of Jailbreakme promises to give a software update to fix it within 2 days.

Apple iOS jailbreak using Jailbreakme

iTunes hacked: Apple responds

Yesterday we had reported Apple’s iTunes store was hacked and many customers’ accounts were heavily billed as they were forcefully slapped with Apps of a particular developer (the hacker).

Today, Apple have confirmed the hack, and also removed the hacker (Vietnemise developer Thuat Nguyen) and all his apps from the App Store. Here’s their official statement (via Engadget)

Screen shot 2010-07-06 at 11.30.10 AM.png

The hacker is gone, but what about those who suffered? Will their money be refunded to them?

Were any of you the victims of this sad attempt?

‘Awesome iOS4 Apps’ from Apple

When Apple themselves select a bunch of Apps for iOS4 and label them ‘Awesome iOS4 Apps’ then they really must be awesome.

iTunes now has a new iOS Apps section that accommodates featured Apps which are built keeping new features in mind. At present, there are 42 of them. Just head over to iTunes and grab the ones you like as Apple adds more Apps to its ‘Awesome’ list.

Via: 9to5mac

With new iPhone comes new iTunes: Version 9.2 released with iOS4 Support

After all the drama that unfolded on Day One of the iPhone 4 pre-orders, Apple, who apologized for the chaos, have acted smartly with a new version release of iTunes – version 9.2. This new version will support iOS4 and take the attention away from all the mishaps caused by Apple and its partners which resulted in a temporary suspension of further pre-orders for iPhone 4 and left many fans stranded. And yeah, iTunes 9.2 is the only way you can sync if you’re one of the lucky ones who managed to pre-order your iPhone 4 on time (you’ll anyway want it if you’re using iOS4 on any iPhone).

Official Apple Press Release

iTunes 9.2 comes with several new features and improvements, including:

• Sync with iPhone 4 to enjoy your favorite music, movies, TV shows, books and more on-the-go

• Sync and read books with iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 4 and iBooks 1.1

• Organize and sync PDF documents as books. Read PDFs with iBooks 1.1 on iPad and any iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 4

• Organize your apps on your iOS 4 home screens into folders using iTunes

• Faster back-ups while syncing an iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 4

• Album artwork improvements make artwork appear more quickly when exploring your library

For information on the security content of this update, please visit:

So upgrade to the latest version of iTunes as iOS4 will release on June 21st and the iPhone 4 will reach your hands on June 24th (which reportedly Apple has delayed to a 2nd July release).

Key Stats from WWDC 2010

As expected, the next gen iPhone (iPhone 4) hogged all the limelight in Apple’s WWDC event. But apart from Steve Jobs and iPhone 4, there were other interesting things that were noteworthy. Here are a few key stats from Steve Jobs’ keynote at the WWDC 2010:

General Stats

  • 5,200 attendees
  • 57 countries at this sold out event
  • 2 million iPads sold
  • 19 countries will have iPad by end of July
  • 8,500 apps for the iPad now
  • 35 million native iPad apps downloaded so far
  • 17 apps per iPad
  • 5 million books downloaded in first 65 days
  • Apple now has 22% of the US ebooks market


New to iBooks today will be Notes, Bookmarks and a page “displaying notes and bookmarks”. PDF viewing also built in to the app.

  • App Store now offers 225,000 apps
  • 15,000 apps submitted weekly
  • 5 billion apps have been downloaded via the App store (as of last week)
  • Apple has paid out one billion dollars to developers


  • iPhone is second biggest mobile OS after RIM
  • Observes “58.2% of US mobile browser usage”
  • 2.5 times more than Android

iPhone 4

  • New iPhone – 9.3mm thick, 24% thinner than the iPhone 3GS
  • 7 hours 3G talk, 6 hours 3G browsing, 10 hours WiFi, 300 hours of standby
  • iPhone 4 – black or white. $199 for 16GB or $299 for 32GB model
  • AT&T upgrade offer. If your existing iPhone contact is set to time out any time in 2010 you can immediately get an iPhone 4 (for $199 or $299)


  • $60 million worth of ads booked for the second half of 2010
  • 48% of mobile display ads market


WWDC attendants also witnessed an App for the next generation – FaceTime. It is a video chat app that will enable video calling in your iPhone.

iPhone 4 FaceTime commercial Ad

Video Demo of iPhone 4 running FaceTime

Browsing Flash websites on your Apple device

There are numerous people who own Apple devices but would like to visit flash-based websites (which Apple doesn’t allow). There are numerous people who love Apple, yet hate them for their hatred towards flash. And finally, there are numerous people who would take flash the moment Apple allows it!

So has Apple finally allowed flash on its devices? No, not yet. And the way things are, it doesn’t seem likely that Mr. Jobs will allow flash on its devices. So how then can one browse flash websites on its iDevice?

With Apple devices, and its increasing popularity, emerged the App store. With the App store came many wonderful and useful Apps which made life easier. In fact, the bottom line of the App Store is: There’s an App for everything! Yes that’s right. And here comes another App, right from the App Store, which will enable you to view flash content on your Apple device.

Are you kidding me?

Well there was no way flash content could be viewed on an Apple device. Not even jailbreaking could solve the problem. Enter CloudBrowse – an App presently available in the US App Store which enables browsing full Flash-enabled websites via a shared web browser on a remote server.

Flash on your Apple device is now possible

Although not the perfect thing you would ask for (like Skyfire for Android and Windows phones), it is more than a handful. And after all, something’s better than nothing!

How does it work?

You visit a flash-based website and all the Flash content on that website is processed on an off-site CloudBrowse server which then displays the Flash content in a format which your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad is capable of displaying.

Here’s a video which will help you understand this better:

HTML5 is here!

Day one of the Google I/O saw demonstrations of the digital edition of Sports Illustrated done completely in HTML5. HTML5 is surely the next big thing and its benefits were clearly identified.  Instead of building separate Apps for iPad, Android, etc, developers can build it once and users can view it anywhere.  This saves a lot of time and rather than creating duplicate Apps for every platform, one global all-platform App can be created. And the fact that it can be cached for offline viewing is an icing on the cake!

Drawbacks Of the iPad

Even though the iPad has been sold in great quantities and has shown a new revolution in technology, it still lacks some of the basics required to be the PERFECT device.

Some of these are:

1. Impossible to hover

On some sites like the reply and retweet buttons are not visible unless you hover over the tweet and that is not possible on the touchscreen

2. No settings for iWork apps

There are many setting that many people like to make in the keynote,pages and numbers but the iPad version of the iWork does not allow all this.

3. Poor Wifi

Wifi does not work as well as it does in the iPhone and the Macbook. The receptor is a little poor.

4. Iphone apps do not rotate

This means that iPhone apps which are used on the Ipad have to be used only in portrait mode

5. No Flash Support

Around 75% of the modern day websites are flash based and absence of the flash player is a big blow. It reduces the productivity of the iPad by a large extent.

Even after all this the iPad rocks!!!!

Apple leaks iPad HD Apps and Games; Corrects mistake later

iPad HD Apps and Games

Apple had earlier leaked newly approved Apps and games for the iPad on their site but later removed it. Whether it was done intentionally or was just a mistake, only people at Apple can tell. But, anyway, the couple of iPad games which were leaked on the App Store looked pretty amazing and we hope the iPad turns out to be a wonderful gaming platform for gamers.

The full leak

  • – Ammoin HD
  • – Azkend HD
  • – Children’s Animal Sounds for iPad
  • – Children’s Vehicle Sounds for iPad
  • – Cogs HD
  • – Collage HD
  • – Coloring Book for iPad
  • – Cro-Mag Rally for iPad
  • – Flight Control HD
  • – Galaxy Collider HD
  • – Glow Hockey 2 HD
  • – Grind HD
  • – HD Recovery
  • – JellyCar 2 on iPad
  • – Labyrinth 2 HD
  • – London Tube Maps for iPad
  • – NaviCAD for iPad
  • – NBA Hotshot HD
  • – NBA Spin
  • – Numba HD
  • – Plants vs Zombies HD
  • – Rocket Solitare for iPad
  • – Sherlock Holmes Mysteries for iPad
  • – Sinterra HD
  • – Sparkle HD
  • – Worms HD
  • – Zen Bound 2

The interesting thing to note here is that several titles are marked as ‘HD’, a label used to indicate an iPad specific version of the app. Apart from ‘HD’, labels like ‘XL’ and ‘for iPad’ are also used.

Credits: PadGadget

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Planning to buy the iPad? Thing again!

Apple ipad is dated to launch on 3rd April. Thats a good news.
Or is it?

I just found out about the new Classmate PC and a thought came into my mind, stating, that there was no reason what so ever for me buy an Apple iPad which starts from 499$.

(A better image will be uploaded)
Classmate is a better option than the iPad

A Classmate PC, costing about 245$, comes with a brilliant 10 inch rotatable screen which is also touch enabled.

With flash that is missing in the iPad and a physical keyboard which helps to keep the typing smooth, i do not find much reason to go for the iPad. And to add more points against the iPad, the classmate has it all.

Check out the classmate specs below and u will understand what i mean at

SO we conclude that the Classmate has got everything that the iPad has except for the apps where apple can take the advantage but when it comes to keyboard, flash and other utilities i would go for the Classmate. Overall one can say the classmate beats the ipad.

Sorry apple !!!

Points that favour the classmate pc

  1. Flash
  1. Physical keyboard
  1. Intel atom processor

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Apple to launch iPad on April 3rd; Pre-orders begin March 12 onwards

Apple iPad - a magical and revolutionary product

After much speculation that the Apple iPad will hit the shelves later this month, iPad fans will have to wait a little longer for the 3rd April release.

Apple have released a statement announcing the availability of the news-hungry and eagerly awaited Apple iPad from Saturday, April 3rd onwards. The pre-orders, though, begin next Friday onwards from March 12.

Apple iPad will be available from April 3rd onwards

The 3rd April release will, however, be a non 3G version of the iPad, which will, with another limitation, be released only in the U.S. For other countries (Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK), the release date is late April.

April end will also see the availability of the 3G version of the iPad but thankfully at least the iBookstore will be ready for action on the April 3rd launch. For other countries, iBookstore will be available later during the year.

You can pre-order your iPad from March 12 onwards, either at the online store or at an Apple retail store in the US.

Quoting a delighted Steve Jobs: “We’re excited for customers to get their hands on this magical and revolutionary product and connect with their apps and content in a more intimate, intuitive and fun way than ever before”.

U.S pricing will be as follows:

  • 16GB WiFi only — $499
  • 32GB WiFi only — $599
  • 64GB WiFi only — $699
  • 16GB WiFi + 3G — $629
  • 32GB WiFi + 3G — $729
  • 64GB WiFi + 3G — $829

For more info, read Apple’s press release.

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