Revealed: iPad competitor Adam Tablet – price, availability and much more

The news that techno-geeks all over the world have been waiting for has finally been revealed. Yes, Notion Ink have given the pricing, availability and lot more spicy news regarding it’s already-popular tablet — Adam. The beginning We covered this story on Firstain first in February – the arrival of an iPad competitor (read killer) … Continue reading “Revealed: iPad competitor Adam Tablet – price, availability and much more”

Apple iOS Jailbreak via safari

Want to Jail break your phone. The task gets simpler and much more easier to use the apps for free without paying to apple for it. Also unapproved apps by apple can be downloaded and used. This step is taken forward by a iPhone developer team Comex after Jailbreaking became Legal All you need to … Continue reading “Apple iOS Jailbreak via safari”

iTunes hacked: Apple responds

Yesterday we had reported Apple’s iTunes store was hacked and many customers’ accounts were heavily billed as they were forcefully slapped with Apps of a particular developer (the hacker). Today, Apple have confirmed the hack, and also removed the hacker (Vietnemise developer Thuat Nguyen) and all his apps from the App Store. Here’s their official … Continue reading “iTunes hacked: Apple responds”

‘Awesome iOS4 Apps’ from Apple

When Apple themselves select a bunch of Apps for iOS4 and label them ‘Awesome iOS4 Apps’ then they really must be awesome. iTunes now has a new iOS Apps section that accommodates featured Apps which are built keeping new features in mind. At present, there are 42 of them. Just head over to iTunes and grab the … Continue reading “‘Awesome iOS4 Apps’ from Apple”

With new iPhone comes new iTunes: Version 9.2 released with iOS4 Support

After all the drama that unfolded on Day One of the iPhone 4 pre-orders, Apple, who apologized for the chaos, have acted smartly with a new version release of iTunes – version 9.2. This new version will support iOS4 and take the attention away from all the mishaps caused by Apple and its partners which … Continue reading “With new iPhone comes new iTunes: Version 9.2 released with iOS4 Support”

Key Stats from WWDC 2010

As expected, the next gen iPhone (iPhone 4) hogged all the limelight in Apple’s WWDC event. But apart from Steve Jobs and iPhone 4, there were other interesting things that were noteworthy. Here are a few key stats from Steve Jobs’ keynote at the WWDC 2010: General Stats 5,200 attendees 57 countries at this sold … Continue reading “Key Stats from WWDC 2010”

Browsing Flash websites on your Apple device

There are numerous people who own Apple devices but would like to visit flash-based websites (which Apple doesn’t allow). There are numerous people who love Apple, yet hate them for their hatred towards flash. And finally, there are numerous people who would take flash the moment Apple allows it! So has Apple finally allowed flash … Continue reading “Browsing Flash websites on your Apple device”

HTML5 is here!

Day one of the Google I/O saw demonstrations of the digital edition of Sports Illustrated done completely in HTML5. HTML5 is surely the next big thing and its benefits were clearly identified.  Instead of building separate Apps for iPad, Android, etc, developers can build it once and users can view it anywhere.  This saves a lot … Continue reading “HTML5 is here!”

Drawbacks Of the iPad

Even though the iPad has been sold in great quantities and has shown a new revolution in technology, it still lacks some of the basics required to be the PERFECT device. Some of these are: 1. Impossible to hover On some sites like the reply and retweet buttons are not visible unless you hover … Continue reading “Drawbacks Of the iPad”

Apple leaks iPad HD Apps and Games; Corrects mistake later

Apple had earlier leaked newly approved Apps and games for the iPad on their site but later removed it. Whether it was done intentionally or was just a mistake, only people at Apple can tell. But, anyway, the couple of iPad games which were leaked on the App Store looked pretty amazing and we hope … Continue reading “Apple leaks iPad HD Apps and Games; Corrects mistake later”

Planning to buy the iPad? Thing again!

Apple ipad is dated to launch on 3rd April. Thats a good news. Or is it? I just found out about the new Classmate PC and a thought came into my mind, stating, that there was no reason what so ever for me buy an Apple iPad which starts from 499$. A Classmate PC, costing … Continue reading “Planning to buy the iPad? Thing again!”

Apple to launch iPad on April 3rd; Pre-orders begin March 12 onwards

After much speculation that the Apple iPad will hit the shelves later this month, iPad fans will have to wait a little longer for the 3rd April release. Apple have released a statement announcing the availability of the news-hungry and eagerly awaited Apple iPad from Saturday, April 3rd onwards. The pre-orders, though, begin next Friday … Continue reading “Apple to launch iPad on April 3rd; Pre-orders begin March 12 onwards”