BREAKING: Mac OS X Lion compatible Apps list

Apple just rolled out Mac OS X 10.7 Lion beta a few days back and many of you already jumped on the bandwagon, trying and testing apps to see which all are compatible with it. But after a point you will tire out as there are thousands of apps out there and checking up on all of them is almost impossible, individually. But not when done as a group.

Roaring Apps is an “Application compatibility Wiki for Mac OS X Lion” that has arranged a list of apps compatible with the Lion. Users can view compatible apps, add new ones, report any known issues, and generally discuss the app.

Check out the list here. A pretty handy list this!

Buy Apps without a device!

Amazon’s upcoming App Store for Android will allow users to purchase apps from the store, even though they are yet to purchase a device to use those apps. It is basically to let users be prepared with their app arsenal and just pull the trigger the moment their device arrives. This one’s for the planners.

The exact time frame of the launch of the Android App store is still unknown, but we expect it to launch soon.

Meanwhile, its seems Android’s CEO has been following “pretty girls” off late 😉

RIM sweat it out on Blackberry Playbook, then completely lose it!

I guess this is what we call “falling flat on your face”. RIM, after a lot of hard work, came out with the Blackberry Playbook, an alleged iPad killer, only to kill those allegations with a, let me call it “stupid”, concept. It has been revealed that to use the e-mail and calender apps, you need. . . . . . . .a Blackberry! Seriously, WTF!?!?

This comes as a real jaw-breaker to all those impressed with the Playbook as without a Blackberry you can’t access the native mailing and calender clients. There’s of course the web browser way, but a specialized app, sometimes, feels much better.

The question is: Who, besides BlackBerry users, is going to want to buy it? The core email and calendar apps are completely tethered to a BlackBerry. Without your BlackBerry, there is no native email or calendar app—just access through the (admittedly good) web browser.

The reason we really think this is “stupid” is because RIM’s share in the market has been on a constant decline, and on top of that if you tag along your new found success, the Playbook with an ailing and just-surviving Blackberry smartphone, then you’re really risking your future success to what really is a had been.

iPod Nano hacked; to get games, videos, calendars, more apps (video)

This is incredible! Apple’s 6th generation iPod Nano has now been ‘hacked’ by a developer named James Whelton, who was able to break through the Nano’s “cache comparison” system to further enhance the gadget’s usability.

James has proved his hack (see video below) by completely removing the apps off the device! But it doesn’t end here. The iPod Nano could soon be able to support games, videos, calendars among other apps. The difficulty here, of course, is the tiny screen of the Nano!

James claimed that he found files pertaining to games, apps, videos, and calendars within the Nano’s file system, leading to the conclusion that the Nano’s OS is definitely a hybrid between the old iPod Nano OS and the iOS.

James said that more information on the “jailbreak” will be out soon, so stay tuned. (Make sure you subscribe to our feeds to make sure you don’t miss out on any latest news: RSS Feed, E-mail)

Talking about the Nano, go gift yourself an iWatch this new year!

El Jobso confirms AirPlay for Safari in 2011

Another Steve Jobs e-mail has been doing the rounds this past 24 hours which confirms that Apple IS working towards enabling AirPlay for Safari and also for other 3rd party apps. Sounds familiar? Well, you need to look back no further than 3 days as it was on 27th November, 2010 when we said:

“This is big because it means Apple could easily (and will most likely) enable it (AirPlay for Safari and other apps) in future versions of the iOS.”

You can read that article here! That article also shows a ‘hack’ which lets you enjoy AirPlay on ALL apps, including Safari, if you think Apple’s 2011 date is too long for you to wait.

Will The Gaming revolution Begin in The Mac?

Until now to be frank gaming has been poor on the Mac and a lot of gamers have shifted from Mac to Windows for gaming.

I don’t really know the reason why Developers and Gaming Companies have not yet invested in making games for the Mac. Maybe they did not find it profit oriented or useful.

It is surprising to see that games are already built and sold in million for the iOS devices but the Mac is yet far behind. With almost 90% of the world users being Windows and a lot  of them surely gamers Apple surely had to do something about the Gaming and entertainment part on the Mac.

Apple’s recent announcement of the Mac app store is a step by Apple CEO Steve Job’s in the right direction.

Surely the iPhone and iPad have been so successful because of the seamless and elite App store.

Also we understand that the apps at the app store are cheap and inexpensive i.e. Games are normally for around $3.99 to $9.99. This is quite cheap when you compare it with Windows Games which normally cost around $19.99 to $29.99.This may see the gaming industry boom in the Mac. Reasons are obvious and simple-Cheap games,Plenty of games to choose from.

The other thing that people have on their mind is the success of the Mac App store. It will be a treat to see the Mac app store being as successful as the other Apple app store because it will then revolutionize the Mac completely.

A few question that arise in my mind to which there are no definite answers. You can surely write your opinions in comments.

1.What will happen to my Mac. Will i have to JailBreak it too or can i use pirated apps or apps not excepted by Apple or will Apple have control over my Mac too just like it has in the iPhone,iPod touch and the iPad.Currently cracked apps work on the Mac

2.Will the 64Gb capacity in the new Macbook Air be enough for the never ending app store.

3.Is Apple trying to introduce Flash Memory because it has big plans of the Mac App store and its obvious that Apps work better with Flash Memory??

Secret iOS Developer Summit to be held by Apple next week

Secret iOS Developer Summit to be held by Apple next week. It will probably start on Tuesday and should last a few days. It will happen in California. Other details are yet not known. And the main question on why this is happening is yet to be known but we have some assumptions

1.Apple is not happy with the work done by mot developers. Apple thinks they need better support

2. A new iOS 4.2 is going to launch soon. Maybe Apple want’ws developers to learn about exploiting the amazing new features of the new iOS 4.2 which include Airplay,Airprint and a lot more

3.The Apple iPad has very few apps when you compare it with the Apple iPhone.Maybe Apple wants developers to focus a little more on the iPad.

4. With the growing Android Market Apple want’s to professionally train Developers so that they can create better apps and Apple can have an edge over Android.

5.Help Developers solve their doubts or some problems

6.Get more interaction between Apple Engineers and the developers.

Lets wait and see what it is.

Looks like Facebook is not building a phone after all

The web was abuzz on the news that Facebook is building its own mobile device (as TechCrunch reported), but news is coming in that Facebook has no such plans and is concentrating more on integrating their apps more nicely with leading mobile manufacturers.

It all began when TechCrunch reported that a “source close to the project” has informed them that Facebook is building its own secret mobile device, headed by Joe Hewitt and Matthew Papakipos, which would do wonders in one’s Facebook life. The news spread like fire. And why not? After all, the last time TechCrunch reported on a secret mobile device, they were right with that secret being unveiled a year later as the Nexus One.

But, despite that fact, Mashable have come out and said that a “spokesperson” for Facebook have told them that all this will remain what it is now – a rumor. The spokesperson went on to add that Facebook really had no plans of getting into the mobile industry and that they are just happy providing other services such as Facebook apps to leading mobile manufacturers to help Facebook-ers connect with the social network.

To sum up, both TechCrunch and Mashable have made claims they have been informed on the issue by a reliable source, yet they both have news which is poles apart.

What do you think will happen? Will Facebook come out with its own mobile device and shock the world? Would you actually like to see such a phone by Facebook? Would you buy it?

Special Microsoft Apps coming to iPads soon

This comes straight from Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott: “Microsoft is working on iPad apps”.

Though there’s not much info as to what kind of apps will be made available, we have a feeling it will be pretty much similar to Microsoft’s already existing apps for iPhone [Bing, Windows Live Messenger, etc] (which run on iPad too), except that the newbie will be a lot bigger since it will be designed specifically for the iPad. At least we hope so.

Via Twitter

iOS 4.2: A quick glance

Around 72 hours back, Apple announced in it’s “special event” the release of iOS 4.1 (currently rumored to roll out Wednesday, September 8 ) and iOS 4.2 (coming in a couple of months) for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Now, they have updated their website with the features that iOS 4.2 will bring to your iDevice. We share a quick glance:


The feature everyone had been waiting for! Multitasking support for your iDevice lets you switch between your favorite apps, simultaneously on the go, without any side-effects.


Organizing your favorite apps just became more simple and fun. Arrange all your favorites in one place with a drag-and-drop feature, and let the smart iOS name the folder according to the type of apps you place inside the folder. Neat!


Print mail, photos, web pages, and more directly to a printer on a wireless network. Whooosh!


Streaming your multimedia from your favorite iDevice just got more a bit more exciting. You can now seamlessly and wireless-ly stream videos, music, and photos to the new Apple TV, and stream music to AirPlay speakers or receivers, including AirPort Express.

iOS 4.2 is set to hit your iDevices this coming November.

Via Apple