Steve said “Apple iPad will give best browsing experience” _ Absolute Bullshit!!!

Addicted to FarmVille on facebook? You think that it will be fun to play it on your iPad? Then think again! Because Mr. Steve Jobs doesn’t think so! History repeats itself! Adobe Flash Player is not supported by the iPad. After the iPhone released, Apple promised to include Flash in the next version. So why … Continue reading “Steve said “Apple iPad will give best browsing experience” _ Absolute Bullshit!!!”

VoIP over 3G available; iCall cashes in

Great news for all iPhone carriers. You can now make and receive VoIP calls over 3G on the iPhone (and iPad?!) according to the latest release by iCall. The SDK terms were updated by Apple to allow VoIP calls over 3G even though some operators, like T-Mobile in Germany, don’t allow VoIP calls on their … Continue reading “VoIP over 3G available; iCall cashes in”

Apple iPad- What we like and what we dont

After the all awaited launch of the apple ipad, its here now and shall be available for order by march and April depending upon the country you live in . The Apple Ipad. What is it? Its a revolutionary device created by apple which is a transition between the apple ipod touch and the macbook. You would … Continue reading “Apple iPad- What we like and what we dont”

Exclusive from Firstain: iPad released!!!!

Apple Event Live Blog: The lights are dimming. The show should start soon! 🙂 Steve is out!!!! Its got it all!!!!!! Browsing the web is much easier!: iTunes Redefined!!! Check out the video streaming! Gaming takes a new level!!! Key Features See web pages as they were meant to be seen — one whole page … Continue reading “Exclusive from Firstain: iPad released!!!!”

2 Gamers on 1 Apple iTablet

With high tech gaming applications available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, gaming has already become very popular with these new devices. However, with the larger tablet on the market, it could take portable gaming to an entirely new level! The tablet , because of the larger screen (most likely 10 inches diagonally) & other … Continue reading “2 Gamers on 1 Apple iTablet”

Apple v/s Google: The latest twist

Apple v/s Google: The latest twist Well most of you might have already heard about the differences between Apple & Google. But is it all only talk or are they actually not going to work with each other ever again? The latest ‘rumoured’ action taken about to be taken by Apple is that they are … Continue reading “Apple v/s Google: The latest twist”

Leak news the Apple way !

Leak news the Apple way ! Apple rumours are on the rise! But who gives rise to such rumours? Have you ever wondered why Apple news is everywhere on the web? Well if you are still cluless, then i’m happy to inform you your search ends right here. So who leaks Apple news? To your … Continue reading “Leak news the Apple way !”

Iphone 4g

Iphone 4g Iphone 2g, 3g ,3gs and now its time for the all new apple iphone 4g. Apple has never disappointed us with its unique and brilliant design and supremacy and excellence in quality. Hopefully it will live upto its expectations with the new iphone 4g. An OLED display, 5-megapixel camera and a release date between May and … Continue reading “Iphone 4g”

Apple iTablet all set to launch this month

†  Apple iTablet There have been many rumors about the coming Apple Tablet,  although there is no official word from Apple so far. Apparently,  this tablet (iTablet) will work as an e-book reader but ,  at the same time,  it will also work as a regular computer with Internet connection.  It is expected to be available … Continue reading “Apple iTablet all set to launch this month”