The iMessage prank

It always good to play pranks and here is another small kiddish iMessage prank. All you have to do is 1. Write something to your friend. Wait for him to reply and then instantly send him  2. He would be thinking that you are typing something. He would wait for a while and then think … Continue reading “The iMessage prank”

Get Slow-Mo for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C

The iPhone 5s has an amazing new feature i.e. the slow-mo feature which lets you take videos at 120 FPS and then play it at a quarter of the speed. Unfortunately this feature is not available on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C but do not get disappointed because there is a solution. The SlowCam app … Continue reading “Get Slow-Mo for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C”

Official: iPhone 5S/5C coming to India on November 1

Earlier in the day we told you that iPhone 5S would be coming to India before November 1 but now Apple has confirmed the news that iPhone 5S/iPhone 5C would launch on November 1 in India. The iPhone will be available to some countries on 25th October while some other countries will get it on … Continue reading “Official: iPhone 5S/5C coming to India on November 1”

Rumor: iPhone 5S coming to India before November 1

Apple sold 9 million units of iPhone’s in the first week – (Thanks China). This time Apple seems to be showing some love to India. According to Aptronix, a brand new Apple reseller in Juhu, Mumbai, the iPhone 5S is most likely to come out before Diwali. The reason here is simple and obvious. iPhone … Continue reading “Rumor: iPhone 5S coming to India before November 1”

Tim Cook on Twitter!

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, was out there at the Palo Alto retail store greeting customers who were waiting in the line to buy the new iPhone 5s/iPhone5c. Later Tim joined twitter tim_cook and his first tweet was about his visit to the Palo Alto store.   Visited Retail Stores in Palo Alto today. Seeing so … Continue reading “Tim Cook on Twitter!”

Apple airs an iPhone 5C AD

The iPhone 5C pre orders started on 13th September in the US and quite a few models were sold out within 48 hours. A phone similar to the iPhone 5 but with a brand new body and much more colorful has been reasonably successful for Apple. You can watch the Apple iPhone 5c ad below. … Continue reading “Apple airs an iPhone 5C AD”

Apple Event Liveblog

(Keep refreshing for updates…) Apple’s event has just begun and Tim Cook is on stage… Tim is talking about the iTunes Festival (5th year now!).. “We can’t wait to see Justin Timberlake and Katy Perry and so many others.” “We wanted everyone to join this experience, so we’re livestreaming these concerts to over 100 countries.” … Continue reading “Apple Event Liveblog”

A Sneak Peak into iPad 5..

iPad 4 hit the market much sooner than people expected. This has led many experts to believe that iPad 5 will also hit the market in the near future this year. According to leak information, Apple has made decision to launch iPad soon due to information that Microsoft’s new Surface Tablet is going to grab … Continue reading “A Sneak Peak into iPad 5..”